'Simple test could have saved my baby’: Tragic mother suing Walsall hospital

A heartbroken mother is taking legal action against a hospital because she says a ‘simple’ blood test that could have saved her son’s life was not done.

Sabrina and Dataeo Scully
Sabrina and Dataeo Scully

One-year-old Dataeo Scully died at Walsall Manor Hospital in March. An investigation carried revealed the cause of death was a lack of Vitamin D.

The tragedy came five months after the little boy was taken to hospital with a high temperature after suffering a seizure for nearly 30 minutes. On that occasion he was sent home by medics.

Danico Brown, Dakairo Brown, Sabrina Scully and Dataeo Scully,

His mother, Sabrina Scully, is now planning legal action against the hospital, accusing the NHS trust that runs it of negligence because she claims more investigations, including a blood test for Vitamin D, should have been done.

As part of a post-mortem examination it was discovered he had a deficiency.

An investigation was launched by hospital chiefs after Miss Scully issued a complaint to confirm this was the cause of death.

Bosses at Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust have defended Dataeo’s treatment, saying it is not procedure to check.

Sabrina holds Dataeo's hand

Ms Scully, aged 34, has met with the trust to discuss the results of the investigation.

She said: “I hit rock bottom when he died. If he was my only child, I would not be here right now.

"I asked them if another child was presented to them would they do anything different and they said no. I feel disturbed about that.

“My son dying has not made any difference. One little blood test could have saved my little boy’s life.

Brothers: Dakairo Brown, Danico Brown and Dataeo Scully

“If a doctor had not thought outside the box and not checked his Vitamin D levels, it would say Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) on his death certificate.

“But if they had thought that and tested him, he might still be alive. It is heart-breaking.

“They told me it is not protocol to check Vitamin D but it is important and there is not much out there about it. I want to raise awareness by telling Dataeo’s story.”

Miss Scully has two other sons, aged six and 12, who she has since taken to a clinic so their Vitamin D levels could be checked.

Dr Karen Dunderdale, Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust Director of Nursing, said: “We would once again offer our condolences to Ms Scully following the loss of her baby.

“We have met with Ms Scully to discuss our response to the concerns she has raised and can do so again if there is anything further she would like us to clarify.”

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