'I've killed a babby': Jury see video of man accused over baby Ciaran

The man accused of killing baby Ciaran Morris left the scene of the crash to say goodbye to his own girlfriend, telling her he would be imprisoned immediately, a court heard.

Ciaran Morris
Ciaran Morris

In a dramatic day at Wolverhampton Crown Court on Tuesday, jurors saw footage of James Davis being told he had killed 18-day-old Ciaran and apologising to his own girlfriend for his actions.

Davis is charged with causing the death of Ciaran Leigh Morris on Easter Sunday last year when his pram was hit by a car as his parents walked him along Brownhills High Street.

Bodycam footage from two policemen showed Davis in the aftermath of the tragedy.

When officers told Davis that Ciaran had died, his legs buckled, he put his hands to his burst into tears.

He can be heard sobbing: "I can't believe it, I've killed a babby. I've killed a babby."

James Davis

He also told officers: "If I killed someone, I will go, I will go to prison."

Davis, of Croxtalls Avenue, Bloxwich, claimed he and his passenger were both attacked by passersby and members of Ciaran's family at the scene.

He told traffic policeman Pc Richard Adams: "They were screaming at me "You killed a baby" so I just wanted to see my baby before I go."

Davis can be then seen hugging his girlfriend, apologising profusely, before being taken away in a police car.

Between the crash and him being apprehended, at least half an hour elapsed, the jury was told.

Davis was very talkative, though obviously upset, throughout his time with the traffic police before and during his arrest, and on the way to Oldbury Police Station, the court heard.

However, when officially interviewed about the crash on Easter Sunday last year, Davis decided to comment throughout.

The court also heard the evidence of Dean Athersmith who was approached by Davis as he fled the scene.

Mr Athersmith said: "The man looked very rough, like he had been in a fight, he had blood running down his leg. He was big, and kept on pulling up his T-shirt to show his belly. I gave my daughter to my son's girlfriend because I was not sure what he was going to do.

"He said 'I've just run someone over, I need to phone my missus, I am going to go down for a long time'."

Mr Athersmith added: "I wouldn't give him my phone, but I put the phone number in my phone, the number just rang out and then he tried again and a woman answered.

"He told her 'I'm really sorry I've ran over a baby, I've killed it. Please look after my baby' which made me think he had a child."

Two cardiologists, Dr Bhavesh Sachdev for the prosecution, and Dr Michael Norrell, for the defence, also gave evidence.

They both said it was "unlikely" that Davis fainted due to cough syncope - where someone can lose consciousness during coughing episodes. However, Dr Sachdev was asked to consider whether "pigeon fancying lung disease" could have caused a coughing fit strong enough to make Davis unconscious at the wheel.

The jury was shown footage of Davis violently coughing and wheezing during an examination by a nurse on the day of crash.

Davis denies causing death by dangerous driving, causing death while uninsured and causing death by careless driving.

The case continues.

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