Look-out caught on camera as three cars are stolen while family sleep

Burglars made off in three cars worth more than £80,000 after breaking into a house and stealing keys while a family slept.

A look-out was caught on CCTV while this BMW and two Audis were stolen
A look-out was caught on CCTV while this BMW and two Audis were stolen

One of the two intruders, acting as a look-out, was captured on camera hiding in a neighbour’s garden. The pair returned after 45 minutes to steal the third car.

Police have launched an investigation into the theft in West Bromwich – involving a BMW and two Audis – which took place as the occupants, including young children, slept inside.

The family has put up a four-figure reward for information leading to the recovery of one or more of the cars, or the arrest of either of those responsible.

CCTV stills showing the look-out hiding his face

Paul Green, owner of the BMW, said: “I’m angry – and I’m taken aback by the cheek of it. It concerns me the effect this may have on my niece and nephew who were in the house.”

The burglars struck just before 4am last Monday while Mr Green, his parents, sister and her partner and their two children, aged seven and two, were in their beds.

CCTV footage from a neighbour living opposite the semi-detached house in Oldbury Road, Greets Green, showed one of the offenders standing and crouching behind their front garden wall, keeping a look out.

The BMW that was stolen from the drive

After 20 minutes, his accomplice emerged from the property and the pair spoke briefly on the drive before making off in the Audi A6 and Audi S3.

Around 45 - 50 minutes later, one of them returned on foot and drove off in the BMW 3 series, having stolen the keys earlier. The total value of the cars is estimated to be £80,000 – £100,000.

Mr Green, aged 30, who works in sales for Laidlaw in Willenhall, said he got up at around 7.30am to find the front door wide open and his car missing but assumed another member of the family had borrowed or moved it.

In the kitchen he found cupboard doors open and went upstairs to check with his sister.

She looked out of the window to find the two Audis were also missing.

Police officers attended the scene and carried out forensic tests.

Mr Green said: “It’s the first time I’ve owned a car of that nature and I want it back. Failing that, I want to see those responsible caught and justice done.

“No one was hurt but it makes me angry that they coolly broke in to our home while we were asleep.”

Anyone with information about the crime is asked to call West Midlands Police on 101 giving crime reference 20SW/39906L/18.

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