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England cricketer Ian Bell tells us why he enjoys nothing more than relaxing with a pizza, DVD and his wife Chantal –  and the odd trip to watch football at Villa Park.

England cricketer

Ian Bell

tells us why he enjoys nothing more than relaxing with a pizza, DVD and his wife Chantal – and the odd trip to watch football at Villa Park.

It's Friday afternoon. What's on your mind?

If we're involved in a game, we'll be trying to finish that off – the last over is usually bowled by 6pm. Then I tend to head back home and get some food at Brindleyplace. I would definitely look to see where Aston Villa were playing over the weekend and try and watch them on the Saturday if I was free. I try to go to watch Villa as often as I can, especially if they're playing at Villa Park.

Who normally has the pleasure of your company at the weekend?

My wife Chantal. Or I'm on the golf course! I like to play at The Belfry.

How do you prepare for a big night out?


I don't normally get too dressed up for a night out – I'm quite relaxed and casual – and I usually end up having a nice meal with my wife at Bank Restaurant or Cielo in Brindleyplace.

What's your favourite party outfit?

I would normally be in jeans, trainers, shirt and blazer jacket. You'll always find me in my jeans and trainers!

You've just arrived at the bar. What's your first drink?


It depends if it's a game night – if I'm not playing, then probably a lager. If I'm in the middle of a Test, then I'd opt for sparkling water.

What is your favourite nightspot and why?

I enjoy Nuvo and Bank Restaurant – both have great food and I always like the atmosphere there. They're both in close proximity to where I live too, which helps!

What tune always gets you on the dance floor?

No tune can get me on the dance floor. I'm not a keen dancer!

It's a sunny Saturday. What are you up to?

On a non-match day, I would generally go and visit family – my wife Chantal has got a couple of sisters with young kids, so we'd go over and see them.

What's your most memorable weekend ever and why?

My wedding at Mallory Court on the outskirts of Leamington Spa – the best day of my life.

What's the recipe for a perfect night in?

Film and a pizza!

Favourite DVD? And what would you eat while watching it?

I would have to say CSI and, if I'm not eating pizza, then I'd pick something nutritious. We've really got into watching all of the series – New York, Miami, Las Vegas – they're perfect to sit down to on a game night. DVD box sets are also great when I'm on tour with the England team.

Sunday breakfast – cooked or continental?

It would definitely have to be cooked. Egg white omelettes with brown toast are particular favourites during the season.

Sunday lunch – home-cooked or down the pub?

I would generally choose to go down the pub with my wife.

Where and how do you like to relax?

It's great to be able to relax at home, because I'm on the road so much. To able to sit on my own sofa in my living room or sleep in my own bed is quite rare as I only play in Birmingham once or twice a year.

You've got a whole weekend off and a wad of money in your back pocket – which country or city would you head to?

If I could pick anywhere in the world, it would have to be the Maldives, the location of our honeymoon. Somebody said to me once that I couldn't go there for more than a week, but I disagree – I could stay forever!

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