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Midland actress Sophie Bould is starring in High Society at Wolverhampton Grand. She reveals what makes a perfect weekend.

It’s Friday afternoon, what's on your mind?

Probably my first thought is 'I have a show tonight so I have to completely prepare'. I like to be at theatre by 5pm and give myself two-and-a-half hours to get ready.

I psych myself up. I try not to speak during the day so that I can save my voice.

Who normally has the pleasure of your company at the weekends?

At the moment, it's split. I do two shows on Saturday and if I'm lucky enough, I head home to North London to spend time with my husband.

On this tour we have Monday as a travel day, so I normally have Sunday and Monday to be at home.

If I can't get back to London, I stick around in Shropshire with my family. I've got two sisters and they've both got children, so I love to catch up with my nephews.

How do you prepare for a big night out?


I don't really have massive nights out at the moment because of work. If I do it's a lovely long bath, then I'll sort out my hair and apply copious amounts of make-up.

What's your favourite party outfit?

If I'm going out, I love to be really naughty and go out and buy something new. At the moment, I wouldn't be able to pick a specific outfit that's my favourite.

I bought a lovely leather jacket recently that I wore for the press night of High Society.


I wish my wardrobe was bigger. I hang onto my clothes; if I invest in a good dress for a certain occasion I hang onto it. I'm a big fan of Burberrry – not that I can afford it – and I follow their designs.

You've just arrived at the bar, what's your first drink?

It would be a toss-up between a lovely glass of red wine or a whisky and ginger.

What is your favourite night spot and why?

It would be Paris. I don't need to go to a club or café, I'm entirely happy to simply walk along the river. You can go and sit in cafes in the middle of winter and it's perfectly fine. I love people watching.

It's a sunny Saturday, what are you up to?

On a sunny Saturday, if I'm at home, I'd go to Hampstead Heath. We don't live too far from it.

I'm in the process of getting my husband to get a dog, but it's not working. I want a Bassett Hound but he wants a Collie or a Labrador.

What's your most memorable weekend ever and why?

My answer is so predictable, but I'd have to say my wedding weekend. It was wonderful.

It's the only time that I've been fortunate enough to have everybody that I love under one roof. It was in the parish church, in Church Aston where I was christened.

What's your recipe for the perfect night in?

A bottle of red wine. The terrible thing is I don't really drink when I work, but when I don't I like a glass.

I'd have some friends over and I'd cook a very good meal. I'm not a bad cook. I'm experimental, I make it up as I go along. I'm much more of a baker, I would have prepared a nice big fat cake.

Favourite DVD and what would you eat while watching it?

I love a pick and mix. That makes me sound like I'm five. As to the DVD, I'm not sure. I have such an eclectic taste in film. I am a huge fan of documentaries and BBC dramas, like Birdsong..

Sunday breakfast: cooked or continental?

Full English, I'm a full-on meat eater.

Sunday lunch: home cooked or down the pub?

If I'm in London, I'd go to The Wrestlers, in Highgate, which does an amazing Sunday lunch. If I was in Shropshire, I'd be at home with my mum.

Wrestlers is my piece of Shropshire, it's like home. It's a beautiful country pub in a beautiful part of north London. It has an open fire and great food. It reconnects me with Shropshire.

You have the whole weekend off and a wad of cash. Which country or city would you head to?

If it wasn't restricted, I would love to go back to St Lucia, where we had our honeymoon.

It's the most stunning picturesque, beautiful place. The people are lovely. We felt so at home and so relaxed. It was beautiful, we felt as though we were in another universe.

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