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Slade legend Noddy Holder sets record straight over Dave Hill 'firing Don Powell by email'

Slade fans can finally sleep easily at night after Noddy Holder confirmed Dave Hill never sacked his friend of 60 years Don Powell by email.

Noddy Holder set the record straight

The story from 2020 upset Slade fans across the world but the band's former frontman put the tale to bed at his homecoming concert in Walsall.

Noddy was talking about his life at Tom Sears Presents at Walsall Arena when he took time out from the jokes and anecdotes to address the issue which upset so many Slade fans.

There had even been a few boos at the mere mention of Dave's name which showed how the story had taken hold in the public consciousness.

Noddy said: "One story I want to put right, and as I am in the Midlands I might as well put it straight. It is one that came out a couple of years ago, which was upsetting for all of us. This story was fake but has become fact despite being untrue.

"The story was Dave Hill sacked Don Powell by email, but the story is totally untrue.

"So a fan told newspapers and radio stations Dave Hill sacked Don by a dry email. And it got printed, and it went viral. And this massively upsets Dave Hill, as it should."