Lynx effect: Dudley Zoo animals can't get enough of aftershaves and perfumes

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Animals are falling for the Lynx Effect in a big way at a Black Country zoo.

Sumatran tiger Joao smelling the perfume

The residents of Dudley Zoo can’t get enough of their aftershaves and perfumes which have got them purring with delight.

Whether it be Yves Saint Lion or Roarmani – different animals prefer different scents, according to the keepers.

They have been spraying it on posts and climbing frames around the animals’ enclosures as part of an animal enrichment programme at the Castle Hill attraction.

Snow leopard Taiga smelling the perfume

And some have been showing more expensive tastes than others (the tigers).

Keepers say the strong scents from the fragrances encourage ‘natural behaviour’ among its animals.

However stocks are running low so Dudley Zoo is on the look out for new bottles of spray to use.

Assistant curator Jay Haywood said: “We have got a female tiger that has got an expensive taste so she likes the expensive brands.


“We spray it on their scratching posts, on their climbing frames, on enrichment devices such as barrels, bowling balls for instance.

“You’ll see them playing a lot, rolling over, head rubbing, they get very excited by it."

Asiatic lions at Dudley Zoo

He continued: “The majority are big cats so (we have) the snow leopards, the tigers, the lynx.


“For the likes of our lynx, lions, tigers and leopards, we squirt perfumes and aftershaves on posts and climbing frames around their enclosures to encourage them to track the strange scent, while we squirt blankets and sheets with different fragrances to give to primates, including our chimpanzees, who will pick up on a smell they like or dislike.

“We also use them for some of our big apes like our orang-utans and chimpanzees as well,” said Mr Haywood.

Mr Haywood added: “Unfortunately our stocks are running low, so if any of our half term visitors have unwanted bottles they can donate to us, we’d be very grateful.”

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