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By Kirsten Rawlins | Birmingham entertainment | Published:

Inspired, uplifting and brilliantly bonkers, Blue Man Group put on a phenomenal show in Birmingham last night.

Blue Man Group at Birmingham's ICC. Pic: Jas Sansi

In what was the first of a series of UK-exclusive shows at the city centre's ICC, the unique trio provided crowds with a feast for the senses, with tremendous visuals, eccentric displays and superb music.

The New York-based arts group challenge perception; poking fun at consumerism, highlighting the triviality of technology - on which society has become so very over-dependant - and showing the wonder of human nature and planet Earth.

Blue Man Group at Birmingham's ICC. Pic: Jas Sansi

Through a series of weird and wonderful displays, the three men brought wonder and wit to the stage with a beautifully simple, child-like humour and incredible, wacky art and music exhibits, backed by a highly-talented band.

Not only was the show immersive, it was also interactive with members of the audience being pulled into the performance. Examples of this included a couple being hilariously - and very loudly - shamed for being late, a woman being led on stage to join the three men and a man being used to create a piece of artwork.

Blue Man Group at Birmingham's ICC. Pic: Jas Sansi

The endearing trio approached the world as innocent and uninhibited aliens or children, each of them curiously intrigued by the most basic of things - from the crowd's reactions, to simple foods and the wonders of sound. This sweet, inquisitive guise saw the group experiment with paint, pipes, drums and more, to create an excellently zany, colourful and outlandish display, which had crowds both intrigued and amused.

What was so lovely about the performance was its ability to turn something so simple into something so spectacular, though that's not to say the show wasn't very clever and astounding in parts (I dare not reveal more for fear of ruining the experience).


It was also extremely unique, in that the entire set was highly entertaining for the whole room, made up of a huge range of ages. Blue Man Group's show is ideal for the middle aged, teenage, elderly and infant alike.

Blue Man Group at Birmingham's ICC. Pic: Jas Sansi

If you're looking for something to intrigue and entertain this December and January, I would urge you to see this show. It's nothing like anything else I've ever witnessed and not one I'll forget any time soon.

Blue Man Group's latest show runs until Saturday, January 6.

Miss it, miss out.

Kirsten Rawlins

By Kirsten Rawlins

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