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Clubbers have been reminiscing about nights spent at one of a city's major venues following the news it has closed.

It emerged this week that Faces Nightclub, on the corner of Bilston Street and Garrick Street, in Wolverhampton has shut its doors three years after first opening.

The closure has left dozens of people without jobs. The club had previously operated as Oceana, between 2006 and 2012, and before that as Atlantis. Many people have used Faces' closure as a chance to take a nostalgic look at the former clubs.

And others have delved even deeper into the past and called for the venue to be reinstated as a cinema. The former ABC Cinema was open at the site until 1991.

A comment by Lee Fullard posted on the Express & Star's Facebook page calling for the building to be converted into a cinema was well received.


He said: "How about turning the venue into a cinema or bowling alley? Three clubs have been and gone now, although I loved Atlantis and Oceana."

Both Atlantis and Oceana have been fondly remembered by many on social media, in contrast to Faces which was largely ridiculed. Mikey Bacon, posted about Faces: "Was a poor nightclub which was overpriced and didn't have a very good atmosphere to it at all."

Kev Mckellar, added: "Was overrated anyway. Used to be good when it was Atlantis and Heroes was downstairs."


Facebook user Maxine Mcvey raised concerns about the wider impact of the club's closure. She said: "It's ok to slate the club saying good riddance, but think. Say 60 jobs gone. Some will now have to claim Jobseeker's Allowance. The knock on effect to suppliers and promoters in lost revenue. Lost taxes. A place where many enjoyed going who will probably, like others, start travelling out of the town to other venues. More lost money."

Bosses at Faces said they were left with no alternative but to shut because of the costs of running the huge venue. Dozens of workers, including bar staff, managers, cleaners and security were told that the closure was going ahead.

The Facebook page for the venue was removed ahead of last weekend, when the doors were shut to the public. This week an online poll conducted by Native Monster, the Express & Star's entertainment website, has found 88 percent of people do not think Wolverhampton's nightlife is good enough. Derick Jones, said on Facebook: "There are plenty of places in Wolverhampton, always have been, but some people will not give them a chance because they only go to the big clubs that give nothing less than commercial music and a place to get drunk and pick up a date for the night."

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