Kenny Jackett confirms Richard Stearman and Ranjiv van La Parra imminent exits

Wolves boss Kenny Jackett confirmed Richard Stearman's imminent departure from the club after the 2-1 win over Charlton.

Richard Stearman
The 2015 sale of Richard Stearman led many to question Morgan's commitment to Wolves

Stearman was left out of the squad after Wolves accepted a £2million bid from Championship rivals Fulham.

The popular 28-year-old was the club's player of the year last season and has been captain so far this campaign, but Jackett said the decision was down to footballing reasons.

"We've accepted a bid from Fulham," Jackett said.

"As far as we know he's discussing personal terms now.

"It's a football decision, we feel with the quality of our young centre halves and Danny Batth coming back that it's something we can do.

"We wish Richard all the best, we thank him for some xcellent years service for the club and we all wish him the very best of luck in the future."

Jackett admitted selling Stearman was a 'big call' but said it was important to get his squad sorted early in the season.

"He's done very well for me," Jackett added.

"But I didn't feel the mix was right necessarily in the early days.

"And I think we have to make some big decisions. If it's getting some money in and strengthening in other areas it's best to do it early.

"The early games there's been some promise but we do need to get sorted out, we do need to improve.

"The season is still early enough, if we make the key decisions and the big calls. Obviously we all realise within the club this is a big call."

Dutch winger Rajiv van La Parra is also heading for the Wolves exit door.

He too missed the game as he was discussing personal teams with two other clubs, one of which is believed to be Leeds United.

And Jackett said he may need to bring players in before the transfer window shuts on Tuesday.

He added: "Rajiv van La Parra was talking to potentially two clubs today, that was why he wasn't involved.

"If it does break down obviously he's still a Wolves player, but there's potential on that front.

"I'm pleased with the group of players we have but yes if possible we want to improve."

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Comments for: "Kenny Jackett confirms Richard Stearman and Ranjiv van La Parra imminent exits"


Hope theyve got thi one right. There were some very agitated supporters before and during todays game who couldnt beleive that this was happening when rhe rumor brke. I hope Wolves dont live to regret this move but I dont think its sound thinking - too much empahsis on youth presnr

tly - hope it doesnt backfire on us.

Hatherton Beerwolf

Robert....Stears did not want to leave, he's a wolf and was happy with his position at the club , he's been forced to leave by the board.

The hard thing to take, is that he was forbidden to come to the ground today.......we're talking about a player who was not only our captain, but also a player of the year. He only wants the best for Wolves, but the powers that be obviously know the value of everything.

Don't forget........we've got two players for every position and the squad is stronger than last season. Make your own minds up about that last sentence.


HB; how do you know that he doesn't want to leave, and that he was forbidden to come to the ground mate?

If it's true, then surely all he has to do is fail to agree personal terms!!

I still don't get what's going on at the Mol, so let's hope we do strengthen before 6pm on Tuesday... Not sure what we will get for £2M though!!



What a load of rubbish, apparently Stears wants his last decent transfer cheque.Fulham throwning money around like confetti. Premier league clubs after our young centre halves,Stearman coming to the end part of his career. Lets wait and see who comes in.

Hatherton Beerwolf

Yeah, his old man often makes things up like that!!


It was certainly reported that Stearman would not sign a contract extension that was offered to him, which would indicate he would prefer to move or was hoping for a better offer. It would seem the club called his bluff and he is on his way, better £2 million in the bank than a disgruntled senior pro on the books for a year and then get nowt for him. Thought the defence on Saturday was fairly steady and when Baht is back everyone will have forgotten about Stearman. Good to see VLP on his way did nothing against QPR except run lose the ball when going forward also thought team performed much better on Saturday after the 3 subs came on.

Dubai Wolves

Robert, you and I know they have got this wrong!

There is no way the Board are about to back Kenny with new signings. His comment about "footballing decision" is laughable . It is another KJ comment in which he states the complete opposite of what he believes ( seen it several times on selection) but he is trying to stem the abuse from fans against the Board as he knows how disruptive this can be.

Even those anti Stears fans know without doubt he has his heart on his sleeve and in this division adds enormous amount of experience. If I was KJ, I would be looking for another Club, one which actually wants to progress in the field and not just in profit terms.

I have never been one of the fans calling for a new Board, but the time is fast approaching where even I can see fans are being sold a story that has no chance of being delivered, and worse, is not even on the drawing board.


Squad is much improved from last Season, Stears wants his last good deal, lets wait and see. Van le parra aint good enough, another player that tries his best but cant cut it in the Championship.


is it? must be watching different games mate, havent seen much improvement just a load of sideways football, not direct enough and we dont have a solid back four, we havent had a solid back four in a long time.

positives we won yesterday which affects the afobe bids and the window, and we are only 3points off automatic.

sam allardyce was at the mol? why thought he wanted to chillout? we need a new direction some fresh faces, a new back four but would keep lorfa. Not sure bath will be good enough on his own and doesnt have much pace, was in a great partnership with stearman.

felt the past few games it been a one man defence in stearman v all, he cant defend corners and set pieces on his own man end of. TO KENNY!! to see stearman having to make runs from defence and go direct down the middle late on in games isnt on, when youve got tons of centre midfielders, your losing the plot man, and a fan base.

£24-30 ticket

£5 parking (long walk to ground through crackhead central)

£5+ for a beer and refreshments, crowded concourses that will soon be empty.

£5+ petrol for me

i aint paying £45+ to watch a load of tripe, bar a few awesome players. your taking the p&^5 drop tickets to 10-15 and i'll be back.


oh and we cant keep a clean sheet to save our lifes! well done kenny & m&m

Molly Knew

How is the squad improved????????

Sir Billy Quiet

If this is a good or a bad thing for the football club cannot be judged until the transfer window closes and we will all see how the squad looks with exits and additions completed.

If KJ has driven these sales for 'footballing reasons' it means he has players lined up to come in, we will see in the next few days because the truth cannot be hidden.

Chillo Wolf

Got to agree here SBQ ... the club must be judged on this decision once the market is closed. If there are no additions then this will be seen as a very bad decision and rightly so. Questions will need to be answered. But lets wait and see.

Hatherton Beerwolf

SBQ.....there's something got me puzzled.

Sako on fire, how much is he worth now, Afobe worth 14 million, Stears gone for 2 million, Leeds and another club scrapping for Van la Parra, Charlton supposedly keen on Henry, Dicko on the Everton radar, Mc'Donald interested Fulham and our two young centre halves are under close question the hell did we not manage to get into the playoffs last season ????


Wow what a way to pee off 75% of your fans few games in.

Does Morgan want any fans at the mol? Hope he cashs in soon takes off our scarf and sods off back to Liverpool.

19000 and panic button! Serves him right.


noticed noone's blaming ikeme for letting a silly goal in, another mistake from such a supposedly great keeper, was a basic save to make and he let it in.


Kenny shouldn't have dropped him in the first place. The morale must be really low in the dressing room at the moment. The reason we are all over the place defensively is because Kenny shelled our best keeper to blood an Arsenal reserve player, captain is out injured and now the other first choice centre back is being sold, no wonder we can't keep the ball out of the net. Five attacking players, including our best, have left in the last couple of months and only two loans and Jed Wallace in to replace them.


In my opinion Stearman's always been a liability. With regard to VLP, we will have sold our top two assisters from last season. If Afobe does go over the weekend I will be very worried about our prospects.

The Flying Winger

Liability! Cannot agree at all.

jensen wolf

agree we need stears simple


Disagree m8 he was THE WEAKEST LINK !!



Then you didn't see him play in the Prem!

jensen wolf

yes I did plus your talking about stears from years ago not the player now like any job you learn as go become better or do you just settle for what you know and never want to improve like stears has he has learnt and improved.


He is a liability, and he's been found out at set peices this season so far. Always capable of an absolute clanger, and saturdays game without him was probably our best defensive performance this season.

jensen wolf

it's hard to defend set pieces when its stearmen vs all not the 4 full backs vs just strears gd luck to him and lol lets see how this plans out in coming months.


liability jog on! player of the season 2years in a row, its the whole back four that needs to defend not 1 v all.

not to keen on golbourne or hause, but stearman and lorfa were ok, serves the club right for not bringing any defenders in, weve had all summer to sort it out, not impressed kenny at all.


He beat sako and dicko to player of the year, solid last and this year, ridiculous sale, may have been at fault a few years ago, but not anymore, so we sell our 2 best wingers and drop the highest goalscorer in England to a deeper position, can I have KJ drugs tested please, cos I think he is off his head, sorry M & M are off there heads, KJ is just under orders

jensen wolf

kj picks the team not m and m as well with buys sales kj must also agree I question him first its getting weird and scary to be a wolves fan and we only in august.

Hatherton Beerwolf

Hoff....and there are still some who think the squad is stronger.


Come on Somerset; Stears hasn't always been a liability, and over the past few seasons he's been one of our most consistent players.. Player of the year last season !!!

Regarding VLP, I personally won't miss him, to lightweight, cant get to the byline, and when he does poor delivery.. I wish him well, but he's not impressed at all last season or this so far.

Lets hope KJ has some targets in place, and we get them in before the deadline closes.



Fear is the killer.

Faith is the winner.

Get real bud.

Kenny knows what he´s doing.

Don´t get stuck in the mire.

Set yourself free.

Still another 41 games to go.

Hang on to your hat...

the ride hasn´t even got going yet.


Ha ha can I have you drugs tested too, put the wacky backy down



Farmer Ted

Somerset, Have you actually watched a Wolves match or are you guessing from down there in cider apple country? To say that Stearman is a liability is in my opinion a very poor observation, but to describe La Parra as one of our top two assisters is just laughable. He just couldnt hit a decent cross to save his life. Time and time again he failed to get round his fullback and either lost possession or played an innocuous pass with his left and when he did get a chance with his right foot he put it into the crowd. Couldn't take a corner and even the ONE league goal he scored was a fluke (Brighton)

Yesterday Ojo put more decent crosses over in half an hour than La Parra has during his Wolves career!


Farmer Ted,

VLP had the second most assists last season, after Sako.

Farmer Ted

Soggy, just goes to show you the truth behind 'Lies, damned lies and statistics' no wonder our goals for was so poor.

I know what I saw.


Kenny says .... "And I think we have to make some big decisions. If it's getting some money in and strengthening in other areas it's best to do it early." Early??? Er .... Kenny ... its August 30th tomorrow!! Is it just me or does this comment make no sense at all. Perhaps another slap in the face for the highly loyal followers of a club which has let them down so consistently during most of the last 30 years or so ... meanwhile, as the excuses flow these supporters get to observe Crystal Palace and Leicester in the top four of the premier league whilst looking admiringly upwards to the likes of Bournemouth and dare I say it, West Brom ... all clubs with lesser potential, but in possession of far superior management, leadership and ownership.

jensen wolf

footballing reasons. is this the new excuse to anything they do. afobe if sold let me guess footballing reasons. have a laugh this season I am now starting to question Kenny j's leadership I really am.

The Flying Winger

Early, well there you have it.

Other teams are powering on and we are still looking for the right mix, tactics and players.

Now sold our most experienced CB at a time when the other part of the duo man not come back door weeks.

Our decisions get stranger and stranger, less than 20000 today, speaks volumes.

jensen wolf

AGREED, and yes it is early that's the shocking part this time last season I was happy so was season before but this 1 I'm starting to think twice now prove me wrong to the questions and thoughts I have right now is all I'm going to say because right now you don't want to know what I'm thinking I accept VLP I accept Sako but this one shocked and more.

also did you watch match of the day last week with martin keown if not try to find it and see how he explains how important it is to have at least 1 experienced cb in the team, well marting must be laughing at us saying idiots because soon we won't


Sell, sell, sell, go on Jez line yours and builders already FAT pockets. Better have some replacements lined up otherwise expect a tough time... Moxey and Morgan OUT!!!


Hmm, given the problems in defense & KJ's constant tinkering, it seems a strange statement from our manager. Relying on Batth being fit enough & not breaking down is a gamble &, although our young centrehalves are good, they are still learning. To jettison experience at the back when it's what a lot of fans have been calling out for is a massive risk.................................unless KJ knows something we don't.

jensen wolf

watching match of the day last night and martin keown, points out that during the man u game the young CB is playing well but struggling then he shows how he is improving by playing next to the experienced CB and shows how the experienced player gets the ball goes on a run and then passes the ball, and shows the younger CB watching and then starts to follow suit in doing the same thing, then martin keown says see this is the key to making good young cb's playing them with an experienced one and let them learn by playing side by side. well that makes complete sense,

so thank you wolves sell our only Cb and hope we don't cock up as our kids now have no one to look to great nice well done.

old golds worth more

A football decision! Aren't they all, when you manage a football club? We will need a least one more wingman if VLP leaves, and depending on the extent of Dicko's injury, at least one more striker. I am becoming more and more disillusioned, I have defended Morgan and Co a lot recently, but if we don't get some quality in over these final days of the window, I shall be joining those who disapprove of him and his methods. We still haven't splashed the cash on an adequate replacement for Sako, despite pre-season assurances that we would do so. Now we sell our player of the year, I hope to God Batth doesn't suffer a breakdown, or we will really be in the poo. I suspect that the loan window will be where we do most of our business as surely its to late (except panic buying) to do things right in whats left of this window! Come on SM and KJ surprise us, especially as you recently had already said, its unlikely that anyone else will be coming in, incidently isn't VLP a forward at this club, you know the one's you said we wouldn't be selling during this window?

jensen wolf

me 2 old gold plus jacket on that 1 I am starting to question he's ledership with what we have seen so far this season it's scary is he out of his depth idk but I am becoming uncertain to his leadership right know. trying to bite my tongue but its just one thing after another right now.


Unbelievable you could not make this up could you, little club mentality happy to remain where we are and be a laughing stock MORGAN OUT.

Silver Wolf

There's so much in this item that contradicts statements in the recent past, or simple commonsense, that I'll simply wait to see what happens. The spin we are being treated to is worthy of the political scene. Note:-

"It's a football decision, we feel with the quality of our young centre halves ...."

Oh yeah? Are they the youngsters who aren't good enough to displace Stearman?

"If it's getting some money in and strengthening in other areas it's best to do it early."

Good grief, it's at the back we need strengthening first, other areas later! Yet again, today we couldn't manage a clean sheet.

By all means have a clear out and play the youngsters, but remove those who are putting half a shift in first and have deals waiting for them. Whatever one might think of Stears, you couldn't fault his commitment or loyalty.

There again, maybe KJ doesn't write his own script, and he simply does his best with what he's given.

jensen wolf

maybe he's to old now they only like young hungry. maybe that's why ikeme was dropped to old for kj bring in a youngster who struggles instead of a steady hand lol, this season we going for promotion. are we are we? I am now really really questioning jacket and co if they do this.

jensen wolf

and I agree henry is the better option.

how is it fans can see these things from miles away but takes manager god knows how long to see.


Premier league clubs enquiring about our young centre halves, maybe thay have more of a clue than you. Sell Stears now and van le parra now, not good enough for the Prem.

Lets see who the club brings in,remember Bath is nearly fit.

Hatherton Beerwolf


Jacko Mac

No we missed out with a team that had Sako Afobe Dicko but also Stears VlP and MacDonald. We could not get a point at Boro or Brum and could not beat Ipswich. Some stuff changed without us having a choice and some stuff needs to change.

jensen wolf

and when and if they did sign them they would be loaned straight back out to league 1 get real. plus the young's you are on about are hause with Everton which only 1 tabloid posted as they do every season it's called rumours it sell's papers my friend because if they would only report on fact it would be few and far between much less interesting, the only other is bath via Villa who have such dropped interest. and was never confirmed by club they wanted him again paper talk, don't believe every rumour would you as we would have messi beckham and suraze by now,


Unbelievable good luck Richard i just hope we have replacements lined up we need more experienced players like stearman not to be selling what we have , I've starting to wonder if kenny has any choice in theses decision's as it looks like the squad is starting to look very very thin on the ground

jensen wolf

so in one transfer window we have seen, our best player leave on a free Sako (although this was a given).

now it looks like within 3 days to go our best defender and player of the season Stearmen could go who declared he wanted to stay btw.

then to add although not popular our second leading assist player could be sold in van la parra.

well let me say well done wolves just get rid of our best players iv never pulled the club up before but this is insane I can except sako as was a given, I can except la parra . but stearmen c'mon might as well just add ikeme in the deal and send afobe to Norwich wouldn't make much difference at this rate.

I'm shocked they have accepted this, but given saying all that there was a clue when the club said afobe would not be sold non of our first team attacking players will be sold key word ATTACKING PLAYERS.


jensen wolf

Sako agreed

Van la parra just hasnt cut it for me. Ojo in the few games I have seen looks more of a threat and tries to beat the full back

I could be wrong but henry and mcdonald would have as may assists if not more that van la parra.

Henry certainly scored more goals

jensen wolf


that's why I did say vlp was not popular as fans just haven't taken to him me included.

my main point was to outline the fact we let our best player go free (sako) but we knew that would happen. like him or not (I don't) vlp is our second best assist player now going and then to add stears who has been our rock for years and best defender going , I can accept sako vlp but stears that 1 is just not right and leaves me fearful of what to come what happens if bathh turns out like boukari and just cant get fit again!


Excuse me Jensen you are quite laughable !! your quote "he has been our rock for years" oh deary deary me take off those rose tinted glasses please and wipe the crap from your eyes !! I have never seen such a USELESS nerk in a Wolves shirt !! Praise be to god that he is going many will agree that he is crap and always has been, especially this season !

Fulham are welcome to him and hopefully we will get in a decent defender WHO KNOWS HOW TO TACKLE !!


Karlis = Bet you are over the moon but I think you are in the minority,I think you are very disrectable,Stearman has been a great servant to the Wolves.By the way what is a nerk?

jensen wolf

any cb would be useless when its 1 vs all not 4 vs all plus stearmen has even made runs down middle to do cm job at times last season and this season yes you are right we all of what 70-80-90 % of us are wrong young man you are right.


Karlis; You really don't disappoint do you.. You generally post the most ridiculous comments, but you have surpassed yourself with this one...

"Useless nerk" !! Take a look in the mirror, and you might just spot one!!


The Flying Winger

Sounds like robing Peter to pay Paul, the mix not right in the early days, let me tell him the mix is not right now, if they are going to use the money to do what we need doing then so be it.

This is a big call Stearman saved our bacon so many times with tackle's that had to be made due to the midfield not defending, he covered for poor Full Backs, we have learnt the folly of not replacing Sako let's not do it again.

Boy do we need to improve, Doherty still struggles, Coady goes missing in games.

Well perhaps there is a master plan after all!!!


I can't recal Doherty ever played well over any sort of sustained period for me he's a poor player.

However clearly the plan is for Iorfa & Hause to play CH which IMO is a v poor management decision, in this league experience is needed at time and whilst Hause may be a fine athlete he is average at best as a footballer currently.

Talk of the Stearman sale being a footballing one is 'B-S' as Jackett has made him captain and player him all season.

Seriously, don't be surprised if Afobe isn't a Wolves player by Wednesday morning, this club under the current regime is clearly at a crossroad the squad is paper thin with a lot of so called senior players still needing to prove themselves in the Championship such as Saville, Rowe, Doherty, Hause, Wallace............


chris h

Rightly concerned.

The Flying Winger

Grace you have summed up well, very concerning


Please excuse the Saville Row pun just amusing myself at a time of concern.

Seriously hope the club have a back up plan.

And are not relieving upon these youngsters.

The rumour regarding Flannaghan is also a concern as he's not even fit!!!


Load of rubbish, Premier league clubs after our young centre halves, maybe thay have more of a clue than you do. Bath will be fit shortly, i for one will be surprised if Afobe is not a wolves player, another so called fan trying to stir up resentment.

2 million for Stears is a no brainer, Van la Parra cant beat a carpet.

Trust in Kenny, i do.

The Flying Winger

How do you known PL clubs are after our young CB's

How do you know Batth will be fit shortly

Jackett has said he cannot find the right mix, we don't know our best midfield, we are still experimenting with the defence, we keep changing the keeper, we haven't replaced Sako, we play Afobe too deep.

The crowd was less than 20000 think that is the biggest reality of what fans think who keep shelling good money out to watch a poorer team and set up than last season

I hope your trust in Kenny is rewarded in the meantime look not only at the top of the table but the football being played.


well done morgan again throw b/s at us well the young players we have ect ect sold out by this souse git urns my guts to see his house name redrow named after a street by the liverpool ground

Thats what she said

You've gone mad. Moxey moxey blah blah blah. Look at what wolves have..... If the promotion challenge depends on a central defender it's a poor promotion challenge.


I don't understand any of this. Footballing decisions? That can only mean he wants to play the youngsters come what may, sink or swim, fair enough but if they sink who carries the can? Not sure if van the Parra is the real deal think he needed another season. If its only £500k God help us if we're that desperate for money. Sounds to me like it is partly a money decision, we've brought more money in than out unless you include loan fees.


Methinx Kenny´s got a couple of deals on the go. Not convinced we should sell Stears but VLP is a no brainer.

See Tuesday arvo, all the doubters will think he´s King again.


Dude; agree with your Stears and VLP comment... And God I hope your right !!


Molly Knew

Biggest load of c**p I ve heard in 54 years watching this team. Fulham pay wages and will get players- we okay peanuts and get ******s !!! Including the Manager who is a yes man for Morgan- no back bone - no ability and and no promotion for a few years yet! Allardyce was at the game today - do we read anything in that???? With the money from Stearman our spend this season to date is NIL!!!!!!!!!!! !!! Now there's a surprise!!! Interesting few days before the window closes! Always the cheap option of the loan market- what a surprise!

When will us pay up fans learn that the club has shafted us again and the promised spend on a Sako replacement has not happened - what a surprise!!!

jensen wolf

don't know if you watch match of the day molly, but I think it was Swansea's manager who said live on TV in a interview when asked if he was happy with he's team he said NO if the chairmen is watching no I'm not we need at least 3 more players Mr chairmen, that's the type of manager we need one who will just come out and call the chairmen out and say yes I need money to buy.


Molly Knew. First of all, Kenny isn't our manager, he's our head coach, big difference. He doesn't have the final say on these transfer issues, Morgan and Moxey do; so calling KJ a yes man for them two is wrong. Stearman has a year left on his contract with Wolves and he declined his new offer recently, Wolves have obviously decided to cash in now for 2m rather than let him go in the summer for free. What's hard to grasp here? with this happening now then surely Wolves will make an adequate replacement, Kevin Thelwell would have made contingency plans, surely? If not, however, then feel free to judge, but until the transfer window is closed then why moan? it's like you almost want us to fail. Wait until the 2nd until you start your winging.

Also, for the record, you do know that Sam Allardyce supports Wolves right? (or at least used to as a kid anyway), and as he doesn't have a job at the minute he has free Saturdays so could simply have been watching his team play?


KJ is a yes man!!!

And as for Thewell?? Do me a favour!!!

Big Sam wouldn't come here and work under Moxey & Morgan, though he would get us up and keep us up, as he likes to work with a decent budget.


Grace; thank goodness "Big Sam" didn't come to Wolves !!!



Please, do tell me, how can KJ be a 'yes man' when he doesn't really have the power to say yes or no in these situations? he may have a very small say in terms of who he would like to get in and like to work with, but M&M have THE final say and KJ will be on the fringes during these conversations and appointments; all he can really do is get on with it or walk. As aforementioned in an earlier post, he is a head coach, not a manager, and i implore you to look up the difference and you'll see he doesn't have any power regarding recruitment, he just works with the players, that's all, nothing more. Yet KJ has done an amazing job for this club yet it seems like it's been so easily forgotten already by so many, it's a disgrace!

And please, do ME a favour! and sort it out love, Thelwell has helped bring in some decent people during his tenure too, KJ being one of them!

Also, I never said Sam Allardyce would come to this club to work, but was merely responding to Molly Knew's comment that he was spotted in the ground yesterday with them reading into it, so i just pointed out he supports Wolves so was probably just coming to watch his team play as a supporter, that's all.

Apologies if i come across as slightly derogatory with this comment, it is certainly unintentional; i'm quite tired now and my bed is calling me i think!

Thats what she said

Excellent response.

Molly Knew

Manc - simply by the number of question marks in your replying statement tells us all that even you are unsure of what is going on. I do not have a problem selling Stearman as a player he was average for this division. The real bug for me is the KJ ALWAYS ALWAYS says on all his interviews we need to improve. He said it 5 times on one interview. Regardless of Stearmans contractual position, is selling your player of the year, current team captain and most experienced defender when our defence is what will probably fail us on, the act of a club with promotional intent? No it is not!! I will take it all back if we sign four players in the next three days - oops there goes another flying pig!!! Four players required -

CB, left back wide man and cover striker for Diko.

jensen wolf

and yet we've needed a lb during kj's entire reign and yet it has never been filled rather just play players out of position e.g. left midfielders or cb's surpised we haven't played a forward like afobe or dickho at lb yet.

Thats what she said

How have wolves shafted you? You need to understand the bigger picture and halt this narrow minded nonsense. I didn't want to see sako depart but to be fair wolves did not cash on him......they kept him and paid his premier league wages whilst in league one and the championship. I'm sure if you supplied the details of a replacement for sako wolves would take a look. Great wingers aren't on offer at argos matey.

Molly Knew

Get real - it was the boards decision to keep him and also the boards decision to release the statement that what ever it took to replace Sako they would supply the necessary money! Our net spend this season - Nil - and by God it shows.


If they are no longer interested in playing for us, move them on. We want %110 commitment and effort here, we can forgive most everything else.

jensen wolf

stears already stated he wanted at least 3 more years here called it home and wanted to serve at least 10 years for us, its not him who wants to go its the club it takes the p selling him I won't be returning to see pay for games anytime soon if they don't do this 1 correct meaning sell 1 very good cb replace with 1 very good cb.


I don't think it's jackett I thinks it's m and m who's in charge they don't want to invest apart from there pockets want to get bigger


Lescott coming back?


Him and his dodgy knees can stay away, rather have stears, the titanic turns quicker than lescott now


wasnt he caught screwing an underage girl who was related to a gangster in birmingham? lucky they went kindly on him, another bloke would of had his legs cut off for that s^&%

Woodsetton wolf

Well us VLP doubters having been chastised by Sir Billy and others are now shown to be singing off the same hymn sheet as the club so we might not be such bad judges of football flesh after all.

However the club comes out of this with no credit whatsoever having reiteratd an official statement a couple of days ago that "no first team forward player would be sold this season". It seemed a stupid thing to say at the time and it has taken 3 days to implode. Whilst I will not be sad if VLP does leave us the more important thing is to get in another wideman and as someone has mentioned, Albert Adomah from Middlesborough would be a good buy if available.

The Stearman transfer is a totally different matter and given the praise that Kenny has heaped on him this decision raises a question mark over his integrity, or is he just having to parrot whatever M&M tell him to say. "But I didn't think the mix was right necessarily in the early days"...what the hell does that mean?....Is he talking about Stearman and Bahht or more recently with the younger defenders? If the mix was wrong I would think that Stearman was the last person to blame....he's not the worlds greatest defender but he's put himself on the line time and time again for the good of the team. The other KJ quote beggars belief..."it's best to do it early"'s three days before the window shuts Kenny! Perhaps we could have your definition of late! I really do hope that there are some positive things happening in the background because fans are starting to doubt the clubs ambition and long term intentions. It was the first "proper" timed match of the season today (3pm Saturday) and a crowd of only 19,500 tells it's own story.

Warm congratulations to Bakary Sako on his second MOTM performance and goal...two out of two ain't bad.


I also don't understand this,doesn't make sense.


So long as Moxey and Morgan can keep their gravy train going they don't give a monkey about the club, the team or the for KJ he seems to have lost the plot, punched above his weight last season.


Go support the Albion mate. No room for you here.


Everybody has an opinion get your gold tinted glasses off


Oh really? Just cos I'm passionate about my club and have been for over 50 years, you feel you can dismiss it just like that? Sorry pal, I'm being honest and realistic. Are you happy with the current regime and their running of the club, especially these guys being sold at this stage?

Seems like your idols M&M have given up on this season already....but you keep clapping I and many others will not because, we love our Club!

And..... when they are finally gone you can jog on too and support whatever enterprise they milk next. See ya!

jensen wolf

bright one thing you must take in new young supporters like the dude are always right as they no clue apart from hearing or reading about what our team has gone through seen and done high or low he probably only knows the golden palace as what sir jack made, not the grass banks, not the wooden stands, not the team playing on a car park or dressing in flooded rooms before games, so yes he has all right to dismiss you and me and tell us to go to wba. as In his head because we don't agree with him and his minority, and with how things are going as we have seen this before god knows we have, so that's how he has right to tell us to bogg off, because he's the dude he know's all, well except the word ignorance because that's what he is, I would never tell you or any wolves fan to go to wba just because we disagree but this is the modern day youth, god help the team and country with these lot.


There was something obviously wrong when we lost 2-3 to QPR after leading 2-0. Fans cannot know everything that goes on behind the scenes but I was mad as hell and started questioning K.J's suitability. I was even more annoyed with the capitulation against Cardiff but then two players are left out of squad for Charlton game, we win 2-1 and then it's revealed the two are to be sold. I repeat, fans cannot know everything that goes on behind the scenes.....

old golds worth more

Very true, us Fans do not know what goes on behind the scenes. But regarding the result, we could just as easily have lost 0 - 1, and had that happened the uproar over the sale of Stearman would have been that much louder I suspect. As to VLP, I have never been a fan of his, and am quiet happy to see him go, but, and this but is the crux of the matter, KJ stated we would not be selling our forward players during this window, by that I took his quote to mean this included not only Afobe and Dicko but also the wingers, so he says one thing and does another thing entirely, this is what irks me. He seems to contradict himself on a regular basis, his do it (transfer Stearman) early quote being an example, how can two or three days before the window closes be called early for Gods sake? Goodness knows what he would call late then, one minute before the deadline I suppose! The fans as a whole, are bemused, perplexed and down right annoyed in equal measures over the transfer of Stears it seems, but as usual we will all wait patiently (and in a lot of cases impatiently) for the window to finally close and see what developments have or have not occurred before delivering our verdicts.


lets face it today was a game by two poor sides .Stears came as a shock but thats WWFC

Again Morgan showing no ambition for the club and has spent no money to improve the team

Ikeme again suspect

going for promotion more chance of knitting fog

KJ has done nothing for Ikeme or martinez by swopping got to be great confidence booster

chris h

I was in the Family Enclosure for the first time in years today, the game reminded me of the last period I spent there. That was in the late 90s, just after the golden tit proclamation from Sir Jack. We were going nowhere, senior players were being sold, a few kids were being introduced ( one with immense talent) and we finished mid table for a few seasons at most. You looked around the stadium and there was a lot of forlorn hope and a lot of empty seats, and there was a feeling a number of players were not that interested, and if given the opportunity would move on. '' Senor, Senor can you tell me where we are headin' Lincoln County Road or Armaggedon ..... seems like I have been down that road before.'


Dylan, Street Legal, track one, side two------ some great individual songs, like Señor , but overall, poor recordings and poor production values.

Mmm--sounds a bit like Wolves current patch of form.

Still, it could be worse. His Bobness who for me should be beatified, did worse with some albums, and yet he came good again. We stuck with him, didn't we? Just remember, our love is not in vain.

By the way, I find I play Pat Garrett and Billy The Kid a couple of times a month without fail.

Hatherton Beerwolf

Isn't it about time we had the promise of a new stand, we haven't had any new seats for a bit............just out of interest, how many houses could you squeeze onto the Mol?


Were you in Desolation Row??

chris h

Brighton, Perhaps it was just 'A Simple Twist of Fate'.


Typical wolves stearman going, la parra going afobe next. Robbie Keane springs to mind in we won't sell but he goes they will all go that is what they do best, happy being a play off challenging team but never any more. in my opinion batth was a liability last year the Derby Game and Forest game for example. Van la parra good but his crossing poor. Stearman being sold unlike Craddock who went on loan to stoke and it took them how long to realise they made a mistake this time they cannot recall him.


This is a very brave move. Not necessarily the right move, but a very brave move. Stearman is a good centre half, at the moment, probably as good as we have got, bar Danny Batth. I think Kenny has taken a view that £2m is good business for the club to progress. He is in a far better position than most of us to judge this and based on past calls I trust him to get this right. Every fan has an opinion which is different to the bloke standing next to him, but it's Kenny's opinion which counts and we should back him. Come on the Wolves !


Can I just point out that without Stearman and Van La Parra, we won 2-1 against a previously unbeaten Charlton team. It looks like Jon Flanagan is poised to join us for the rest of the season. I'd be happy with that as he has proved himself in the 1st team at Liverpool and was a regular until he got injured. Hopefully he can get back to his former self with us. In regards to Van La Parra, lets be honest, he has flattered to deceive since being here and has never fulfilled his potential. He have signed Wallace and Ojo and also have Rowe who can play on the wing. I do agree that we need another Centre Back with experience but who is available other than Lescott. I am 100% behind the manager and board and am sure that they'll get someone in.


Mate Flanagan has been out with a bad injury don't you read these things before you post I give upwe need experience


There is something seriously wrong at our football club. Selling our most experienced defender two days before the window closes is madness. If Kenny really thinks this is a good idea then he's lost the plot. If he's covering for Moxey he needs to wake up. Whichever way you look at it, it's madness.

Sako gone, Stearman gone, Jacobs, now RVlP, how does that make us better.

As far as I can see, all we want to do is get rid of our top earners and replace them with kids. I supported Wolves for over 40 years, travel almost 300 miles each home match but I've had enough. I'm sad to say I'm fed up with it. How can much smaller clubs manage to buy decent players and we can't. I know that everyone will point to Afobe but if he has any sense he'll be off soon. Now someone should come up with the Poundshop song because that sums us up.


Mr Morgan please read Suffolkwolf's last post thats what we call COMMITMENT hats off to you suffolk

Old Gold Heart

Its sad seeing Sako pushing palace up the table. but we had no real choice. VLP is a waste of space in my view so a good deal. Stearman is an odd one. Player of the season and a steady influence at the club. I imagine (hope) that they have someone lined up who we dont know about yet. I am worried about team spirit a bit but i havent completely lost faith yet. lets see what the next few days bring


If we make 12th this season I'll be amazed.


this deal only makes sense if KJ has a really good replacement coming in. Otherwise we will struggle with an inexperienced back four particularly centre backs. Batth will be fit in a few weeks we hear but it will surely take him a couple of months to get back to anything like good form.

I'm not surprised to see van la parra poss going. He has struggled and not made the impact we need especially with sako gone.

Stearman will be a big loss if he goes, but fans need to think whether to improve the team and raise funds we should alternatively sell afobe,iorfa or mcdonald instead? It is a choice, but i do think we can get defensive cover for stearman. Replacing the others would be a lot more difficult and fans would be up in arms.


I wish Stearman well. Hope he is getting BIG BUCKS too. As for M & M & J. It's scary to say the least.

From what Jackett said, doesn't sound like there is anyone going to be stepping in.


In a state of shock, at the same time good luck spears and thank you so much.


yep spears not stearman thats how big a shock.


spears sign him up lol, can do no harm, my nan could partner him on the cheap, least we would look at top class outfit then and to not be messed with.

The Flying Winger

Jackett is going to wait, yes wait to see if he needs to sign a player if Dicko's injury is bad, what can you say!

Thats what she said

2 million for stearman? Let him go. Perhaps he would like to go? Good business. Van la Parra..... I'll drive him to leeds myself.


I do think this move makes sense if we have someone lined up to replace the two of them. Stearman always has a mistake in him, and the defence has looked shakey so far this season, up until saturdays game. probably our best defensive display today. As for VLP, he has always looked like he didn't fit in at Wolves, always sulking and moaning, which you see if you follow him on social media. The truth is though, even though I'm not sorry to see these two go, we need to replace them before tuesday. I still believe Kenny is the man!!


I cannot see how the board will sell Stearman without having a replacement ready, even if it is through a loan deal, there surely has to be a replacement, especially for this season, with only a few days remaining of the transfer window. There has been speculation around Stears to Fulham for a while now so they have had plenty of time to sort something out, i am putting my trust in the board to have made the right decision here, with him only having this year left on his contract and refusing to sign a new deal, deciding to sell him is kind of a no-brainer as it looks like KMac will be leaving on a free at the end too and a 3rd player doing so would be a kick in the teeth. So surely they will spend the money to bring in an experienced CB before the window shuts? i do hope so anyway!

If all things were done our way then obviously we wouldn't want him to go but with him and KMac seemingly looking to join Sako in leaving Wolves for a free at the end of the season then maybe their hands were tied? personally i think contract issues should be resolved before players run into the last season of the current contract, but what do i know!? haha. I just hope this doesn't come back to bite Wolves on the...

chris h

Manc, He has one year left PLUS an option for a further 12 months in the club's favour. So your logic is flawed. Your flawed logic, blind support of the Board and the use of 'ha ha', reminds me of another poster, some Frenchie who calls himself Anti Hat or Morgan's socks. Any connection?


Total negativity and cynicism, again, by yet another poster on this site. I must confess, however, i didn't know about the extra year add-on, and in that respect, my facts, not my logic, were flawed as what i said was perfectly acceptable if the extra year wasn't applicable. As for the blind support of the board, i would have to politely disagree with that statement as well; i just simply wish to believe that my club is in the hands of competent people, contrary to what most commentors on this site clearly believe, and that's fine. Yes M&M do frustrate me sometimes but i would hardly say i blindly support the board for simply not jumping on the bandwagon of 'M&M out' or scolding them for this decision. The fact that they have decided to sell, surely means they have a replacement lined up? that's what my point was intending to portray. As for the connection with this other poster and i, no there is none. And just to help you out, the 'ha ha' was simply there to signal sarcasm, which is hard to spot without intonation, but prey do continue with yet more insults my friend :)

old age pensioner

brilliant reply to chris h , but beware of the shadow dwellers who love to hate anything posive, name a few...... flying whinger .....brighton wolf .....etc


You can wish all you like but you seem to be in the minority at the moment the club is being stripped of its best players simples how people can be in denial confuses me,and a lot of others I suspect.


Bob The Scouse Builder has got a replacement lined up after he gets rid of all the other players, another few bloody hundred houses on the Mol !!

chris h

Manc, Yes, a good response. Sorry I mixed you up with the French Connection. I also hope the club is in good hands, and have said on a number of occasions we could have done far worse with the double glazing guy who once owned Stockport County and was an interested party in buying the club at the same time as Steve Morgan.

Although I do think it is valid to question the ambition and judgement in football matters of our owner, whatever way you look at it we should have done better with the opportunites presented to the club and be on an equal par with the likes of the Alboin and Stoke.

As for a replacement lined up I don't think it will be a defender given Kenny has indicated that the current younger players are ready to step in.


Norwich back in for a 4th & final bid of 14.5 million. Laurel and hardy will let him go now surely ? Jez will be on Sky sports on Tuesday evening explaining the late deal means we didnt have time to pursue a replacement. Why does Mr Redrow travel from Liverpool every home game if he aint interested in investing and taking us forward ? The end is nigh.


R I P sir Jack Hayward.


John Stones from Everton on loan!

Jacko Mac

Too young and inexperienced. Needs to be thirty and from Wolverhampton.

Ye Olde South Bank

In truth, I'm not overly fussed about VLP's possible departure because he just doesn't cut it for me. However, hours later, I'm still in shock about the club selling Stears.

"Crazy, barmy, daft, stupid"....I heard all those descriptions at the game today (plus a few more besides that aren't fit to print!), but I think the word that best exemplifies this ludicrous situation is 'insane'.

God knows what's going on behind closed doors at Molineux, but I find it hard to believe that KJ is the main protagonist, here - it's surely more likely that KJ is being left with the job of sacrificial lamb while M & M hide in the shadows, as usual. You know, I've a funny feeling I've seen this kind of scenario develop before, down the Wolves. It all descends downhill at a rapid pace and usually precedes a carefully-worded statement that the apportions all responsibilty to the freshly sacked manager. Meanwhile, long-time club undertaker, Jez, comes out of the saga whiter than white, and smelling of fresh roses. Okay, I admit I'm probably jumping the gun, but nothing would surprise me where M & M are concerned. I've got little faith in either, and I certainly don't trust them.

Silver Wolf

Hi YOSB, In my earlier post I almost included the possibility of the Manager/Head Coach walking in the not too distant future. I was still shocked about Stears and thought I might be over-reacting.

However, I feel the same this morning and your post suggests you are thinking on similar lines. After all, some pretty strange moves have taken place and not all of them can have been to the liking of any rational footballing man, which can only mean KJ isn't writing the script, more likely he's trying to make sense of the message as he reads it out - in truth maybe as dumbfounded as we are!

Ye Olde South Bank

Hi, Silver Wolf. Yes, it seems we're thinking similar things, bud. You observed the merits of "....any rational football man", and, where Kenny's concerned, he's certainly one of the most rational guys Wolves have employed in years. Similarly, why our Player of the Year is suddenly expendable when we've a clear paucity of experience in the defence is beyond me. Likewise, Ikeme's gaffes this season are so atypical of the fellah that it's mind boggling. There are other issues, too, that just don't make sense - not least Wolves failing to build upon a very good season when we ended it in a position of strength.

No, we obviously both feel that something's amiss and that KJ may prove to be the scapegoat. Let's hope we're both wrong and merely misreading the signals. If not, it could soon be a case of the gaffer either walking or being pushed. Unfortunately, nothing's impossible where WWFC's chequered, recent history is concerned.


STEARS.. Not someone for the future, too slow and very average for this league at best. I was surprised when we offered him a new deal after he did ok in Lg 1 and also surprised that we didnt off-load him earlier, however I do admire his effort. I would rather our attacking players came up against him than had to rely on him keeping things stable at the back (rabbit in the headlights)

Often a liability but some happy clappers won't see it that way,, for me this is a good call from the club if we want to progress, .. but as much as I don't rate him very highly, he needs to be replaced by someone better or we are just selling ourselves short again, in terms of numbers.

Good luck Stears, but you shouldda gone with Mad Mick,, quality-wise, you only qualify as a bench warmer asset in a lower to mid-table championship side IMHO but also a loyal servant who I do wish well.

Danny B isn't going to learn anything from you except panic defending,, time to move on.


When I saw this last night I was livid. All I can think is that he must be our highest paid CB, and we are freeing up a little funds, but more importantly salary for something much better.

We now need two wingers, a CB and a good holding midfielder.

What concerns me is with so many kids in the team who we pay peanuts, why do we not have money for signings and salary's.

Where has all the money gone.


We never sign anyone on transfer deadline day nor just before. So I really don't know how we will replace Sacko, Van La Parra and Stearman with 3 days to spare. We will end up with no wingers and an inexperienced defence. If I hear any mentions of loan signings I will be physically sick with all the drivel. If everything said here is true and happens, only an investment of about 4 million on 2 or 3 players over the next 3 days will fix the issue. If nothing is spent God help Morgan and Moxey!!!

Severn year itch

I'm going to go against the grain by saying this might not be a bad deal for the club overall. Okay so stearman was player of the year last season and there is his experience which can be priceless. However I believe there is enough quality to more than fill a void. It also reiterates the belief to our young players that there is a genuine pathway to the first team based on hard work. Sometimes it's good for both employer and employee to part ways for a fresh challenge, after all RS would be approaching 9/10 years service for the club. VLP appears to be the equivalent of a free range headless chicken I'm afraid. Good luck in Yorkshire. On the matter of Morgan as owner. He remains the lesser of two evils in my opinion.


In the Summer Doyle, Sako, Margreitter, Jacobs (750k), Kuzczak and Ricketts come off the wage bill and if you now add Stearman (2 million) it means we've brought in 2.75 million in transfers and saved approximately 150k a week off the wage bill.

We've brought in Coady for 2 million and Wallace for the club have made a profit of 500k over the summer.

Now, I'm all for giving the lads from the Academy a chance to grow and play but they need experienced heads around them. I think Morgan has to come out and tell us if he's committed to getting us promoted or not.

I wonder what Afobe is thinking now, seeing our player of the year and our top 2 players for assists being sold. Morgan and Moxey have decided to cause divide between the board and fans again and Jackett is seeming more like a Yes man by the week!


Still feel Wolves are lucky to have such firm support (though it seems to be fading) as they have not had much encouragement from the top for many seasons. 19000 plus yesterday and loads of empty seats again - we just arent cutting it and supporters must surely be weighing up their continued loyalty when it always seems to be one way from Wolves hierachy. I cant see my lifetime club having reasonable success soon - there isnt enough ambition from those running the club - they seem happy with Non Prem status - we just seem to plod on whilst other what I consider lesser clubs seem to improve and build. Oh for a few experienced players and a settled side but I am beginning to doubt the clubs ambitions after supporting for 67 years home and away ST..


These are testing times for some supporters and like you would love to see the Billy Wright and even the Derek Dougan days back. A time when players were proud to put on a Wolves shirt and the club did have ambition. A lot of supporters have never seen those days and for them, sadly, this is the norm!!


Doog; agreed.... And I fear one of those types of players is about to be sold to Fulham...


Jacko Mac

Already very impressed with Alf clear quality as a finisher and bringing others into the game. Brilliant bit of business getting him on loan with a purchase option of 750k. Ojo looks sharper each time he plays excellent loan business. Two young centre backs need experience and of course the only way you get that is playing. They will make mistakes but they are ready for this division. Looking forward to seeing Wallace develop he will become a regular in the meantime dangerous continues to confound us all. We have to get over Stears yes he is an honest brave local lad but he has been dragging his feet over a contract for months. Good luck to him but this is a big project that KJ has set out on he has not just opted for more of the same with an attempted Sako replacement. Stay true to the project KJ don't get distracted.

The Flying Winger

The rumour this morning is that Henry will be next to leave and McDonald's injury could be bad on top of his bad back.

Not strengthening and now this on top of Dicko and Batth still out, football decisions rule.....

jensen wolf

don't play injured players simple, even I know that, so why play a player with a bad back!


I must admit that the news about Stearman came as quite a surprise when I was told about it just after I got to my seat. At first I couldn't quite get my head around it, as he has been a fairly consistent player over the last couple of years under Jacket.

Unlike many supporters on this forum, I did not believe we needed to bring in another centre back, and have said so a few times over the last few weeks. Indeed, I thought with so many options there was more likelihood that one of them would go out on loan once Batth was available again. However, part of my reasnoning was that in Stearman we had a very experienced centre back.

The decision to sell Stearman would almost certainly have been Jackett's call. The valuation would have have been made by Moxey probably in conjunction with Thelwell. I don't know the exact bid proceedure, but It would something along the lines of; Fulham calls Moxey with an offer - Moxey infoms Jackett who gives his approval - Moxey informs Fulham with the clubs price. Steve Morgan would probably been kept informed of events, but would not have been involved in the decision.

Kenny Jackett clearly believes that his young up-and-coming centre backs are the future for this club. Stearman provided some breathing space while players such as Ebanks-Landell, Iorfa and Hause gained experience. Whether or not the time is right for them to take over is a matter of opinion, and we can all have our different opinions about that. But the one opinion that really counts is that our of our head coach.

Good luck to Richard Stearman, I wish him well, but we must now move on.


Dirk; great post as usual..

I do agree with you that KJ would have had to give his approval to sell, and although I am still gutted that Stears looks like he is on his way, I was very pleased to see how well Kortney and Ethan played together yesterday.

There will be better forward lines that we play against this season, but they still looked solid.



Stokewolf64 - Yes, I thought both Ebanks-Landell and Hause looked pretty solid together at the heart of the defence, as they were in midweek in the capital cup. I'm sure that at some point in the coming weeks, one or both of them will make mistakes, and some supporters will post comments along the lines of; if only we had kept Stearman it wouldn't have happened. The truth is that all players, whatever their positon, make mistakes - experienced or not.

At what point do young lads become men? John Terry was 17 when he made his debut and by 20 started to become a regular for Chelsea's first team. Jackett seems to have come to the conclusion that the Ebank-Landell, Hause, Iorfa and Batth will provide backbone for the foreseeable future. Supporters can have their opinions about that, but they don't have to put their head on line - Jackett does.


Dirk!!!!! Sorry Dek, bl**dy predictive text!!


In truth I think the majority view is that RVP's impending disappearance is no great surprise.

I tend to respect your views on this website and agree that your evaluation of what has happened is reasonable.

My concern is the timing of all of this especially if the Club has no Plan B. Given that Baath is close to being available it will probably still be several weeks before he is truly at peak match fitness. Plus it assumes his recovery goes without forward without incurring further injuries.Our defense is quite young - an older more experienced head is of value and Stearman tended to provide that much needed quality.

Wallace appears to have potential at this level but has only played in a Cup match against opponents he is used to dealing with and got hardly anytime yesterday. Again, it will be several weeks before we really know if he can consistently contribute at this level. If he does not deliver we will need further cover on the flanks.

KJ has been a breath of fresh air for this Club and I tend to trust his judgement. He cannot be right about every player or situation but given our indifferent start the idea of bringing in a new defender at this stage could be problematic.


Mpear3118 - I can well understand your concern at the timing, and to be fair Jackett's comments about it being a big decision reflect that he himself has some doubts about it. Only those inside the club will know fully about Batth's injury and recovery prospects. The medical team and fitness coaches would presummably have imparted their opinions to Jackett, and he would I'm sure have taken that into account before making the decision on Stearman.

There's always a risk that a player coming from injury will have setbacks, but there's also a risk in buying an experienced player only for him to be injured in his first match. Football is far from being a risk free industry.

Jackett (in conjunction with others), assesses not only the physical strength of players but also their mental strength. He must see something in these young men that makes him believe that they have the right qualities to step up to the mark. I'm backing Jackett's judgement.

chris h

Dek, We have been told on a number of occasions that Steve Morgan is in almost daily contact with senior management at the club. I think he must have been involved in the decision making process to sell our captain and player of the year. He probably had the final say on the matter, surely?


Chris h - He may well be in daily contact with senior management, and he may well have expressed his own personal opinion - which he has every right to do. But I do not believe he is directly involved in decisions regarding who the club should buy or sell. That's what he pays Jackett and others to do.

chris h

Dek, I don't think that is how it works. Remember last Jan, Jez said Sako would not be sold in that window, because Steve Morgan was determined to hang onto him, and that ' demonstarted his ambition for the club'. It would be unthinkable that a sole owner who was actively involved was not consulted and did not sign off any proposal to sell your team captain and the fans player of the year.


Chris h - with all due respect I think you putting slightly biased view on the events last January. Despite what people think, the club (and particularly the owner), were determined to gain promotion. Wolves best chance of doing that, was to hold onto Sako until the end of the season, even though there was a very real risk that they may lose a very valuable player for nothing should they fail. It's inconceivable that Jackett would not have wanted to hang onto Sako to try and win promotion. In that particular case Morgan was prepared to back Jackett and gamble on losing a valuable asset for free. It was perhaps a slightly unique situation which might well have been discussed by all concerned - Morgan, Moxey, Thelwell and Jackett.

The more usual situation of buying and selling players would not I'm sure have to be sanctioned each time by Steve Morgan.

Farmer Ted

A'dek, completely at ease with what your summary. The Chris H scenario involving Sako is an entirely different set of circumstances. Morgan and Moxey knew Sako was an integral part of the, then, promotion push and most importantly Jackett wanted him to stay. In Stearman's case the offer has been on the cards from Fulham for some weeks, but this time Jackett feels the time is right. (It could well be that he's been promised the cash for new blood... and like Martinez, Le Fondre and Ojo players may already be lined up, we shall see). Of course Morgan will be aware what is going on and undoubtedly would give his approval, but surely he trusts his head coach to make these sort of football decisions.

The one thing everybody seems to have missed is that Fulham have the second worst debt after Blackburn Rovers...thirty three million pounds! That's an interesting one to follow over the next few weeks when FFP get the reports.

chris h

FT and dek, I wonder what it is with you guys, always attempting to protect the integrity of the owner and chief exec. My daughter works in the wonderful world of PR, you guys do a better job without the commission.

FT you say it has been going on for months? And yet the owner has not been actively involved ? You say with Sako we were chasing promotion. So we are not doing that now, are we. We are talking about selling the club captain and player of the year to a competitor with obvious ramifications on team morale, prospects in the league for the forthcoming season and last but not least the views and concerns of a large number of season ticket holders. And yet you seem to think the involvement of the sole owner of the business and his chief executive has been minimal in all this. Not so says I. Next you will be telling me Pilate had nothing to do with putting that man on the cross in AD32, and with his new haircut Stears looks a bit like him these days. Are you guys on a percentage or something ? I am not saying the decision will turn out to be right or wrong, time will tell, but it is unthinkable in my mind that this decision has not been endorsed at the very top.


I've said this before to those who believe we can achieve great things relying almost on our youth policy alone, Southampton are not the model that outsiders at other clubs like to think they are. They did not escape League 1 and rise to the PL with a team made up mainly of their own "products". They bought in quite a number of experienced players as they progressed up the leagues. Even today, you will be lucky if you find two players in the first team who have come from the academy. I think there may be six in the whole squad. The academy is first rate in the country and yet Koemann is apparently dissatisfied with what is currently coming through. We are not PL but everything is relative - for me we cannot achieve our target this season without experience in defence. Look at the forwards - I wasn't there but from what I've picked up, Le Fondre made a difference and got the much needed goal. He is what I mean by experience, "been there, done it". We need some of that in defence. With Stearman, we had it - so what do they do: sell him. This issue has resulted in divisions amongst supporters. Some are accusing others of being perpetual moaners, etc. etc. But it isn't as black and white as that. One should be allowed to criticise without being immediately dumped into a particular category. It doesn't mean one feels any less about the club than anyone else. People have concerns and should be allowed to voice them as best they can. Certainly over the previous two seasons I posted positively, always. Right now I do not feel as positive and feel inclined to express that view. If my fears prove groundless, no one will be happier than me - and I will say so. In closing, I wish Stearman all the best at Fulham, my mother's birth place, and thanks for the memories, Steers.

The Flying Winger

Good post Solent


Have you looked at how many home grown players Southampton have sold, you do not mention that list and how much money that bought in to strengthen their squad.I think you need to have another look at the way Southampton operate and come back with a more informed post.


paulpip - you do make a good point. Yes, I have been on these threads before and actually stated the figure made over the past seven years - many millions. I do not have that figure to hand and so will not risk a guestimate, but it was eye-watering. Proud as we are of our academy, we have got some way to go to get a turn-over to come near that. However one looks at it, some of us would like to see some experienced figures brought in in certain key positions. Paulpip, different opinions, eh? Respect to you for yours. UTW


Excellent post Solent.

Ye Olde South Bank

As always, a very good, considered post, Solent.

I fully agree with your thoughts about fans being haphazardly categorised as "moaners", etc. No two fans will ever hold identical opinions, nor are they under any obligation to do so. Freedom of speech is to be welcomed in an open society - after all, we all love the same club, no matter how we show it.

However, varied viewpoints aside, it will be the size of Wolves' gates that ultimately reflects wholesale customer satisfaction or dissatisfaction with the club - and there's no hiding from that.

jensen wolf

and I agree there's no way we can all agree, what bothers me is such fans like THE DUDE who tells fans to go to WBA just because we don't agree with him, he must be a joy to be round I don't agree so go to Germany basically. that's the type he is. where as I just simply put my point out and that's that. and if someone else's is different I don't tell them to go away, just shake my head and say ok.

jensen wolf

I myself have not gone as far to be negative before but with this 1 and recent happenings I have becoming very negative. ,


Having read of Kenny's tenure at Millwall (there is an excellent book following that club for a year) then I know he does things for a reason and can be ruthless.

There is no way these decisions have been forced on Kenny, or he would walk out. He's on a one-year rolling contract and many clubs would put the red carpet out for him.

I think he's probably decided that VLP is too erratic. I think he's made a ruthless decision with Stears but believes it is in the best interests of the club.

Transfer money is coming in, the wage bill has been pruned significantly during Kenny's reign. We're at a crossroads. It will be interesting to see if Kenny has anything up his sleeve. My guess is that a defender is coming in, and it may even be the Flanagan guy from Liverpool. Of course, Kenny may also pull another rabbit out of the hat and surprise us all. From reading the Millwall book, Kenny will have target list on his desk. I'd love to see it.


Dance with wolves,

i think you make some great points.

KJ is a tough cookie and shrewd and I trust his judgement and i think the board do too which is more important.

Fabio had van la parra in the palms of his hands last week at cardiff and he is on the edge of too many games. We need more with sako gone.

2 million is a good price for stearman as long a we get additional cover in

I expect a least one or two new players coming in before the deadline and possibly more loans after that.


I keep saying Premier league clubs sniffing round our young centre halves,play them or lose them. Bath nearly fit.

£2 million for Stears is a no brainer,how can the club possibly turn this down. Van la parra tries his best but cannot beat a carpet.

I think Kenny has done a fab job, this is another long term step forward, i am amazed that so many fans think this is a backward step.

Looks like we will need another striker, i feel for Dicko.

Maybe we will need another defender, theres rumours of a defender coming in on loan from Liverpool.

Lets wait and see.

In Kenny i trust.


some good points there paulpip, I for one have mixed feelings over stears been fantastic for us over the last two seasons,but as you pointed out we have good young players and perhaps now is their time to shine(lets hope so).

got to say we have a manager who isn't scared to death of playing youth and its been a long time since we have had a manager who does this,its no good keep nurturing young players and not give them a chance to show what they can do,you never know how good they will turn out unless you play them.

one more thing to say is all these clubs that keep coming for our players of recent shows that the club are doing something right,anyone seen the rumour th

at villa are interested in hause and him being loaned back to us for the season?

Jacko Mac

Spot on Dances Paulpip and South bank we have never had so much interest in our squad and all the reported offers well in excess of what we paid. That does not mean that you have to cash them all in but sometimes the sums and situation mean its the right option. Stears is a grand lad but he had the chance of a new contract and decided against it. Fair play he wanted the best money he could get because he knows his next contact after this will take a hit with the youngsters coming through. Same with MacDonald he wants the best three years money before it dips. Neither would thrive in the prem. Too soon to lose them and the ten assists from VlP, who knows. Maybe its a short term gamble and maybe it feels uncomfotable but either way the club moves on. For me this is clearly the best managed we have been in decades. There is clearly a plan and its building on a solid platform of high quality young players and excellent coaching.


Kenny only very very recently you were saying none of the first team are for sale! Can we ever believe what you say? I would think that means Afobe is next out!!


I may be wrong, but I thought he said none of our forward players were for sale.


Hard to understand in one way, but from other reasons it tends to make sense. But on that thinking Afobe will go before the end of the window and then we end up with a hole(s) in the team and money in the bank doing nothing. Trust they have targets ready and lined up or we are mid table fodder again.


Stearman has arguably played his best football under Kenny Jackett and IMO has earned himself the right to command a decent sized transfer fee. He has worked tirelessly since returning from a loan period at Ipswich and has won over, I have to say the majority of fans, who previously considered him to be a bit of 'a donkey'. Who would have thought, with the other players we have in the squad, that Stearman would be Player of the Year - what an achievement!

I wish him all the very best of luck and please save your worst games for when you play us!!

Cheers Stears!!

"Keep the Gold Flag Flying High!"


Here are the facts .... Norwich have now made a 4th and final bid of 14.5 million. Stears was no international but kept the 3 kids alongside him in check. James henry is on his way to Charlton. KJ will resign out of frustration within the next 10 days. Big Sam Allardyce was at the game into this what you will. Can someone explain to me why ojo dont start. Different side when he came on. Give up . Steve ( bhatti) morgan invest or go simples.

Cookley Wolf

Mystifying decision to sell Stearman - last year he was by far our best defender, gave 100% every game and for my money appeared to be much more of a captain and leader on the pitch than Danny Baath (who by the way makes quite a few mistakes and still has a lot to learn). Even if he is on premier league wages, Stearman has way more experience than any of our other defenders, and although I agree with the philosophy of building a young side, every pundit going will tell you that you definitely need that sort of experience in a team.

Still, let's see if there are any incoming arrivals before the deadline that will shed more light on the decision to let Stears go. I wish him all the best - he has played as if he is proud to wear the shirt and also played as if winning matters. That'll do for me.

As for La Parra, for all his pace and potential he has consistently failed to deliver. The guy simply cannot cross the ball, period. Which is a pretty big problem for a winger. He isn't good enough for the side so let's move on.

Hope we can bring one or two in by Tuesday, and hope we can hang on to Afobe!


other clubs get players in before window closes not wolves sod all will come in before tuesday off to the bank mr morgan more money to put in

Mid Wales wolf

Just watch this space,nome thing else is going on in background......don't be shocked if one new face coming in happens to be one Harry Mcquire! they rate him as we know, and even though they failed to get him last year, as we know they don't give up .....e.g Coady!

Also don't forget Wallace, thought he looked good when he came on yesterday! Also thought Adam le fondrie was also class, can see Afobe and Le Fondrie being a great partnership, with the truly exciting young Bright Eno forcing his way in to. Felt sorry for Dicko yesterday getting injured , hope it's not bad, but oh he did have an awful game, never seen him so poor and completely lacking confidence.

Thought Dangerous Dave was immense, Golbohrne brill, and two centre backs also superb. It's not all gloom and doom. Hopefully the win will bring back some confidence


Stars is a player who divides opinions. Never a favourite of mine but cannot fault his commitment over the last two seasons. I wish him well. We are very thin on the ground with experienced players and need an organiser on the pitch. I know we should never go back to old players once they have left, but Sako had another good game yesterday even clearing off the line. Think he will be happy at CP. And I wish him well. PS reading my post back Stars meant to be Stears.

Black Country Wanderer

Cant believe some people on here,they have been deriding Stears for years,now we sell for what seems a decent amount,and they deride the management

As for VLP,i think we will regret this sale at some stage,ok hes not been consistent,but has bags of potential,more game time and and a settled role would put most of his failings to bed im sure,as obviously at least 2 more clubs believe

What is for sure, is the need now for at least 2 additions,a center back with some experience and quality,and a wide man with pace,we may also need another striker if the Dicko injury is as bad as it seems

The squad is unsettled by a few things,this transfer window,which imo needs to close on the day before the season starts to avoid this madness,plus im afraid KJs seeming inability to know his best team,and bewildering lack of tactical awareness in many games this season

Ive said before i appreciate KJs tenure ,and success, so far in turning this club around,but i do fear he has found his level and cant take us much further

Seen some comments on Big Sam being at the game,well hes been a supporter since his childhood so nothing to read into that,but what a move it would be to bring him in,as we should have done some years back,hes no yes man and has all the experience to take us to the next level

Weve not been convincing so far this season,but still around top half and a win or two from top six,so once we do sort things out,which needs to be fast btw,its not all doom and gloom is it?


Stearman has played better at as a central defender than as a fullback, and he has improved with age. Yes he was at fault in the past for mistakes, but he was young, inexperienced and played out of position. Most of the moans about him have died down the last 2 or 3 years. I really cannot see it as good business in selling him so late in the transfer window, unless we have 3 or 4 quality signings lined up. If Van la Parra goes, we will have less options going wide this season, without a replacement. It sees we had a plan A last season and no plan B, now we have worked a plan B, we have lost our plan A. We are left not knowing what to do. The biggest worry is that we are willing to sell players that have been in the first team at the beginning of the season, it is like Jackett does not know what his best team is. I really worry that Morgan will invest any money made in the next 3 days. It will be a first if he does!!


In emy opinion this club other than flirting with the Premier League has totally underachieved in league and cup competitions throughout the last 15 years ..... 2 people remained untouchable until 2012 when Terry Connor was sacked (a lovely bloke may I add) .. only one remains Jex Moxey and he has continued to fleece the fans throughout this period ... I always wonder if Steve Morgan had taken over Liverpool would he have head hunted Jez Moxey. .. I think it is time for that change to happen. ... but of course Jez has already got his fall guy Kevin watch your back


The natives are restless I see. I have been asking for some time in these columns what the strategy is? KJ has been tinkering with the team on a game by game basis. Does he know what his team best is? Does he know what system he wants to play? Has he got the players to do it? Send your answers on a postcard to Morgan and Moxey, c/o lackofambition avenue, soontobeshit street, keepheadsdown, don'tmentionthe'p'word'


Norwich 3-0 down need a striker up top with jerome , bye bye benik thanks for your efforts


Stop it please.


We all love a local lad to play for WW. Let's not get too emotional about Stearman. He is the last of the 2 relegation failures to leave. Remember how oor he was in those seasosn. He has had 2 solid seasons under KJ. £2m for him is a great and generous fee. He is relatively experienced but not much of a leader on the pitch. I believe the younger defenders would force Stearman down the pecking order as they have bags of potential. Glad to see VLP of the worst winger we ever brought, too scared to go to the byline, barely any decent crosses, no goals and over-hyped from day one. Let's go ofr somebody who can actually give service to Dicko and Afobe. Kenny - you MUST change that lopsided, wingless system. What is wrong with directing the team to play wide for a portion of the game. Too squeezed in formation with a liablity of a holding player in McDonald


Footballing decisions - well, we make of that what we will. Many on here faulting Jacket, I'll keep playing the same old tune and point the finger at one man. Moxey. Jackett is yet another "yes" man at this club, like all the managers we've had in recent times and even his "Head Coach" tag keeps him firmly in his place. Anyone on here that thinks he has much say in final decisions on transfers is sadly deluded. That's why Moxey has his right hand man Thelwell. Why do people think the likes of Bruce, Curbishley and others wouldn't come here? Solbakken talked quite openly when he left about the set up at Wolves and always wanted a Director of Football. Wonder why. There are rumours that McDonald's contract has stalled over a few hundred pounds a week, which I do take with a pinch of salt to some degree but given the penny pinching at the Molineux it wouldn't surprise me. We're heading for another fall here unless we get some ambition at Board level and serious experience into this squad, by replacing players like Sako and Stearman PDQ.

Why is Moxey still here

I'll wait for the transfer window to close before I comment. At the moment it looks like total mis management but thats to be expected from Stevie Blunder and Poxey. Dont hold your breath lads


I also watched Norwich game and thought how poor they were up front,it made me think,if they want to stay in Prem,do they take the gamble on Ben10,i personally think they will up there bid to whatever price we have put on his head.And that is very worrying.I have and always will encourage the idea of bringing homegrown and youth players into the 1st team squad,but we also need that experience that the likes of Stears brings to the team. What really annoys me is the fact we are selling players to championship rivals,if they're good enough for them,they are good enough for us.Am i right or wrong.

I also feel KJ is a YES man and is reading from the M & M script,i hope i'm wrong but i don't think i am.I am very worried about our long term future.I hope i'm barking up the wrong tree.I don't get to many games due to my commitment to watching my son play,so rely on these blogs from the best fans in the world in my opinion.

PS. We need a leader on the pitch,a BIG voice and character,another PAUL INCE.



Hey at least Redrows new site at Telford can go ahead without any problems we have been taken for mugs again especially the season ticket holders


On a totally different subject altogether, academy youngster continues to make a name for himself. He played in the Engalnd U17 side that played against in the final at Burton. Sadly the young lads got well beaten by Portugal, but it seems Niall Ennis had a good game.

This from the official FA report on the game:-

Back came England to regain the advantage, and the strike was all down to the efforts of Wolves youngster Niall Ennis’s sheer desire to chase a lost cause. The Portuguese full-back was attempting to usher the ball out of the play near the right corner flag, when Ennis nipped in, powered into the area whilst holding off two defenders and finishing across the keeper.

Well done Niall.

Hatherton Beerwolf

Don't big him up too much Dek, he'll be sold by Tuesday.


Lol... UTW


Was'nt he the fella who did urban spaceman with the bonzos? He must be worth a few quid or greggs sausage rolls!UTW


Spears did he jump or was he pushed ?


I must declare various interests from the outset: I have great trust in KJ’s judgement, am an unabashed fan of Stearman, and have never been a fan of VLP. I quote from my post following the away game at Hudds last season:

"...were it not for some dreadfully mis-placed and ill-judged passes from van La Parra, some teething troubles in the understanding between Dicko and Afobe - which is still in its infancy but should surely blossom into a thing of beauty - ...we could easily have had eight. But Huddersfield were no push-overs. They have fast and inventive wide men and they were not afraid to shoot - as the stats suggest. But they were wasteful…. We had heroes aplenty last night. So stand up, Kuszczak - an excellent shot-stopper with great positional sense who pulled off four or five first-rate saves, including one in the first half where a wickedly deflected ball was spinning goal-bound, seemingly out of reach, and his athleticism to get up and push it round the right hand post was quite fantastic. We are lucky indeed to have him on the books. Stand up, Doherty and Batth - they both seemed back to their best last night. Some of Batth's last-ditch tackling was quite awe-inspiring. Stand up, particularly, Stearman. He is now turning in consistently excellent performances and showed one piece of sublime skill in deftly dinking a tricky ball over the head of the advancing attacker and running round him to collect and pass it: it really was quite something, and we gave him a huge cheer. Reminded me of Frank Munro. Hause looks strong and comfortable when pushing his winger out wide but is susceptible to a fast break inside, where he needs back-up. Price worked tirelessly and tidily; McDonald was more expansive. But we tend to overplay and will get torn apart by teams who run straight at (and through) us. We desperately need a midfield stopper/enforcer..."

Does any of this continue to ring any bells? Seems to me that, with the departure of Stearman, the whole club is in danger of turning into an episode of “Where are they now?”... except that we know the answer.

I can only hope that the decision to let Richard go at this stage of the season is, indeed, for footballing reasons related to the suppressed development of our youngsters, because it defies all other logic. As ever, however, I am consoled by the fact that KJ must surely realise this, and appreciate the dangers – to sell our player of the season to a potential rival is either the folly of a lunatic or a move of sheer (but unidentified) genius…and I don’t regard KJ as a lunatic.

I wish both players all the best at their new clubs.


Where are they now, we know the answer?

Roger Johnson, i aint got a clue where he is.

Kevin Doyle, i aint got a clue where he is.

Bjorn Sigurdson,Jamie o hara,Stephen Ward.

In KJ we trust, on wards with the revolution.


Just returned from holiday. (Yes shewolf another one lol). Whilst away I have done my best to keep abreast of the news re the Wolves purported in's and out's and the denials made by everyone including Kenny Jackett. I can only make one comment. Is there anyone at Wolves that ever tells the truth? NO, thought not...!


Hi BeeCee. Hope it was a good hol you're gonna need it with what is going on at the Mol at the moment. I feel sick wondering who will be next out of the door. Dicko with a bad injury and only Afobe going to see how he is. What happened to all the togetherness we had last season? Did Sako take it with him when he left. Trying hard to be positive but very difficult at the moment. Let's hope we have some signings before closing of the window. Seems only the fans care these days.


Shewolf1943. Yes the holiday was great thank you. It was a good job that there were only snippets of info I could glean and wondered if it may be just rumours. Obviously not. You could be right about Sako, who knows? I just wonder if a day will come when we get facts from this regime? To cap it all She, what else have we got to suffer but JtH all over this site yet again. I am losing the will...!


Sports desk say we are signing a pacy winger for £1m from Swindon Town formerly of Tottenham. Will wait and see if any substance to this story. Nathan Byrne is his name.

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