Wolves hope to finally offload Roger Johnson

Wolves were today hoping to finally see the back of Roger Johnson as they looked set to put their striker search on hold to the loan window.

Soccer - Pre Season Friendly -  Chester City v Wolverhampton Wanderers U21
Roger Johnson

The unwanted defender seems bound for a Molineux exit before tonight’s 11pm transfer deadline, with a possible move to Europe after Genk were linked.

Johnson has been frozen out since the early days of Kenny Jackett’s reign in June 2013 and had loan spells with Sheffield Wednesday and West Ham last season.

But he has been back at the club since May with Wolves desperately trying to offload him.

Now that chance looks to have come and he can join fellow ‘group three’ members Stephen Ward, Jamie O’Hara and Tongo Doumbia having left the club in the last two weeks.

But there is no update on fellow outcasts Kevin Doyle and Kevin Foley.

Meanwhile, Wolves may be forced to put their striker search on hold to the loan window as they prepared to admit defeat in their chase for Andy Delort.

The French striker is set to be confirmed as a Wigan player today after Wolves had a “considerable” bid – believed to be around £1m - rejected for him by FC Tours.

Delort was paraded on the pitch at Wigan before their 4-0 win against Birmingham on Saturday.

“We put a considerable bid in for Andy Delort but we weren’t able to close that deal,” said head coach Jackett.

Jackett is still keen on Leicester’s Chris Wood, and the former Albion striker was an unused substitute in yesterday’s 1-1 draw against Arsenal.

Nouha Dicko has backed Wolves to bring in a new striker – even though it will be competition for him after getting off the mark in Saturday’s 3-1 win against Blackburn.

“A club of Wolves size and ambition will always be looking to bring in quality players,” he said.

“The best answer for me is to play well and that’s what I’ve done.”

Meanwhile, Jackett revealed he replaced Rajiv van La Parra at half-time by James Henry to save him from a possible sending off.

“I felt Rajiv with a booking and then a foul just before he came in for half time made it tough for him and going down to 10 men would have been crucial,” said the boss.

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Comments for: "Wolves hope to finally offload Roger Johnson"

Jack the Hat

Looks as though wolves are going to give Johnson a mossive pay-off to get rid of him and about time too.



Aah... Welcome back. Did you lose your internet connection over the weekend? I I thought you'd suffered a Dyer power Routledge which left your comms up the swanny...

Does that work..?


I thought the exact same.

Gorra laff ay ya?


At least you won't lose this weekend.

Media Wolf Pete

I have a sneaking suspicion that Chris Wood could still end up at Wolves …. on loan though


Somebody ask Moxey where all the money has gone .

No players coming to Wolves today as we'm broke and

can't afford to bring anybody in either on loan or otherwise as

Moxey has ate all the profits away on his Pukkas.!


Hmm... Let's think where all the money had gone..? I'm going to hazard a guess that the club probably employs more than the players. I may be wrong but I think that we have a lot of outgoings.

Plus we've sacked a couple of managers and had settlements to pay top staff who are elsewhere. I daresay that a lot of transfer fees aren't paid in full at the time of purchase.

I imagine that's where the money's gone.

Would you rather us be like Portsmouth?

Gent? And I thought that the last episode of The Walking Dead was going to be the most surprising thing I'd see this week. Well if he thinks he's good enough to help them reach 6th in the Belgian Pro League...


That's lincswolf btw


The drinks are on me.


They are not too fussed about his wages, it's the mini bar bill they need to get rid of

Sir Billy Quiet

If we don't sign a striker we can use Doyle (and maybe SEB if we give him a short term contract) as cover for Dicko and Clarke - I don't think its as desperate as some people think. Dicko will score goals this season.

Selly park wolf

I agree Sir Billy but there will come a time when Dicko will be either out of form, suspended or injured, not forgetting the African cup of nations in January so we definitely need another striker even if it is initially for cover.


I agree Doyle is a good striker, so is SEB.

Seb should be offered a short term pay as you play contract, where he gets given a basic "cost of living" wage, with more if he plays, and more added if he scores. if only to put to put him back in the "shop window".

I know this idea will get knocked down, but seb delivered the goods before, just under stale too many players didn't play. Maybe he can prove to be one of the top strikers in the championship.


Fully agree its , the way he was treated at the end was a disgrace by the fat controller, had Saunders stayed im sure he would of offered him a new contract. In his last season with us he scored 15 goals and his injury cost us relegation and Saunders his job.


Don't forget SEB didn't want to play in div 1.


For both Johnson and O'Hara, the best possible solution is to sign for a club abroad, if they have any chance of rebuilding their careers and reputation. Depending on how they perform, there might be a route back into english football in a years time.

Rather surprised that there is no news on Doyle and Foley. I would have thought that Doyle in particular would be attracting some interest as he still is a talented player. The fact that he doesn't suit Kenny Jackett's style of play neither here nor there.

As regards Delort, we'll have to see whether we've missed out on a good signing or not when he plays for Wigan. Watching players scoring on youtube can be misleading; they only show the ones being scored and not how many are missed. Bjorn Sigurdarson looked good on video prior to him coming to Molineux but couldn't score enough goals in league one. Whether he's improving out on loan at the moment is unkown (at least it is to me).

My best guess is that we will see striker coming in during when the loan window opens in fortnights time. The international break means the club can possibly negotiate a deal with one of the top clubs who might be willing to let one of their youngsters go out on loan to gain experience.


Albrightondek - if my "research" is correct, Molde FC have played 22 games and have a substantial lead at the top of their table. Of those games, Sigurdarson has played 8, scoring 2 goals. Sadly, if I've got it right, he isn't featuring enough to suggest he is going to come storming back on a high to the Mol when Molde's season ends in November. For him, it is a shame when one considers the rave reports we were hearing about him from Norway before we signed him. As you so rightly say, youtube only gives us the good bits.


Solent - I've no reason to doubt your reseach, and as such it sounds as though he's struggling. I'm sure that Jackett will give him a chance on his return, but in all likelihood he will be sold in January. A pity, as he seemed to have all the right attributes for a centre forward except one - the ability to score enough goals.


Again you are right , he has hardly played for them in recent weeks, whether he is injured or not can not find out but does not bow well for his return.


One Million is chicken feed for a striker these days. I really hope they do not give up and go in with a better offer for Delort. “considerable” bid – believed to be around £1m, it makes me laugh. I just hope transfer deadline day, does not become DEAD DAY as someone coined earlier, that is how it always ends for us. Take a risk Moxey and Morgan, we have started the season well, strike while the iron is hot. Buy when you are on the up, that is the way to success.


The irony here. This guy wants us to buy expensive players, not do what we have done so far. Which is buying players like Parra and Sako for a steal.

Then there is the irony of this guy urging moxey and morgan should take a risk... the ironic part is he has said this on an article about Roger....

Leon usually speaks tosh but seriously... they did take risks. We are still trying to get rid of them. As for million being "chicken feed" fulham spent how much on one player and look how their season started.

I would rather buy a parra for a small fee as opposed to spending £5m-10m on bumrubbish.


My dad says that if I don't turn up to training sober and try to hone my skills in the U21s then when I want a move I'll only be good enough to play for Gent.

Gent? Who are they?



Did your dad also tell you to grow up, slagging off a player is childish and boring!


But calling our CEO the fat controller is perfectly acceptable?

Hello pot, this is kettle.


Totally the man is a parasite and the reason why we have been a laughing stock for two seasons if not more, he should of been sacked two years ago but people like you are happy to pat him on the head and thank him for the marvelous job he has done.He is not a player and i will call him what i want and if i had the misfortune of bumping into him i would tell him to his face what i think of him and unlike many of the johnson haters.


You're making a massive assumption about supporters you've never met Karl.

Why are you so aggressive? I don't mind Moxey. I'd much rather have a chairman who watches the pennies as opposed to one who is happy to chuck money at it. It's my opinion that the club is in a far better state now than it was when he arrived. I just don't understand you're hatred of him. I also don't understand why you are rude to fellow supporters who hold an opinion on a player. I don't mind you having a pop at me, i look forward to it. I just wish that you'd answer the questions I ask you instead of avoiding them.

You can't accuse someone of being childish and then resort to name calling. It totally negates your point. People on here who dislike Johnson aren't sheep. Neither are the moxey haters for that. Pour yourself a nice glass of wine, re-watch the highlights from the last season and thank moxey for appointing kj who is doing a wonderful job.

Captain Mardon International

It's Genk not Gent


My point entirely...


The majority of Johnston haters do it with out justification, they follow each other and have created a venom of hate he does not deserve. You only have to listen to the Danny Batth song to realize that to which the last line i sing proudly , bring back Johnston.As for the fat controller you must have thick skin to constantly stick up for him, proof is in the pudding the reason why players like Doyle, o Hara and Johnston are on ridiculous contracts is him, the reason why we are struggling to sign players is because of his.mess therefore putting us close to breaking the fair play rule. He has ailenated the fans in so many ways over his tenure, too many to go into, I will repeat it again and again he should of been sacked two years ago, why should he of been able to be paid thousands while the club were sinking over his stewardship. As for Morgan i will say only one phrase, ONCE A LIVERPOOL SUPPORTER , ALWAYS A LIVERPOOL SUPPORTER!


Over the coming season, we will find out how good Delort is. If he proves to be a success, then we may regret not offering more. Effective strikers are never cheap and if indeed we have only offered a similar sum to that given for Saville - well, for a striker, that is not "a considerable" amount. Still, Delort is unproven in our league, so the powers that be may have got it right - we will see. In the meantime, we back Dicko and rightly so - but even he suggests that he would welcome competition. Look how Henry came on to seize his opportunity when VLP was withdrawn. Like a number of others, I wonder where Clarke really stands in the order of things. One wonders what is going through his mind with all this talk of us seeking another striker. As for Johnson - Belgium - that would be a surprise surely.

Hong Kong Pete

Enjoyed the game on Saturday, Blackburn made in hard for Rajiv in my opinion was unlucky on some of the fouls given against him, but Kenny Jackett spot on for replacing him another foul would in my opinion resulted in a red card.

The penalty was harsh not a lot of contact but given all the same officials not the best l have seen crowd thought that as well.

KJ will find a striker that will improve the squad, and it's got to be a player who wants to wear the shirt and compete for his place in the team, not expecting to be selected every match

There's obviously a great amount of team spirit at the moment, great to see Mr Ikeme at Wolverhampton railway station having time to have his photograph taken with supporters.

Ritchie Wolves

Be glad to see the back of him.


And your valid reason is....................YOUR A SHEEP!

Ritchie Wolves

He turned up for training one Monday pi--ed, 20k a week, would you think that is professional?? Re a sheep,you obviously don't read my posts muppit.

Ritchie Wolves

Hey muppit, just read all your posts, your real name is, roger curmit Johnson.......


The jigsaw is almost complete, but as we near the end will we find that the final piece is missing?

Or will we find that it had just fallen out of the box and was staring us in the face all the time ?

I am of course referring to the missing striker.

If we regard £1 mill as a "considerable bid" for a quality striker capable of scoring 20 + goals a season, then I have no idea what "Financial League" we are playing in. It certainly ain't today's real financial market.

We paid £900,000 for Clarke so this would put Delort in the same bracket as Clarke and he can't get a game for us. So maybe Clarke is the missing piece , ( or even Doyle - howls of laughter from Baggie fans reading this blog, but I need to cheer them up somehow this Monday morning). Doyle would still fetch the same sort of price and he has always played his heart out though he has lost the knack of scoring goals. He could still score the odd important goal though in this team if we needed him. He managed a couple for QPR last year.

We could have bid £3 mill for Wilson but wouldn't. He would cost more than double that now with 5 goals in the Championship already. Look at the ridiculous prices paid for Long and McCormack. Get real Wolves Board or is this a smoke screen?

I watched the game on Saturday and the jigsaw already looks finished to me. We can score goals from all over the pitch just as we did last season. Doherty almost scored a beauty and Henry looked as threatening as last year when he came on.

A "Quality" striker would be invaluable to give us even more options but an "also ran" wouldn't. Wood on loan could warm the bench but in replace of whom?

Might as well recall Zeli from Notts County. Not a striker but he too scored a cracker yesterday by all accounts.


So by your logic then parra, macca, golbourne etc are all crap? So is Alvez. Seen as he signed for bayern on a free. What about Vidic? He was a free.

Love idiots like this. Maybe it means, Pierre, that we don't rate him as worth the risk since he is unproven. Difference between him and clarke. Clarke has played at this level and scored a lot last season. He was scoring for fun then came to us. Then when he didn't score straight away a good portion got on his back in a nasty way. Especially on here. If you think Clarke is not a championship striker capiable of scoring then you are an idiot.

We have ruined Clarke. It is the only thing I dislike Kenny for. He was bought simply to stop Coventry. That is it. Kenny obviously doesnt like him. Which I find a bitter pill to swallow.

So no, I don't want to buy any top scorers to ruin their career.

Kenny and co might be good managers but don't confuse that with honest and moral.


Can't follow your "logic" nor your comparisons. If the club is really committed to buying another striker as they say it would indeed be wonderful to get a quality striker for free, but it ain't gonna happen.

For the board to rate an established quality striker as worth only the same amount (apparently) as we paid for George Saville, who describes himself as being basically a box to box player who can score a few goals, is unrealistic in today's "striker" market.

See my blog on Dicko's article.

On the other hand if our offer was indeed a higher offer than Wigan offered as the later article from the "E & S" indicated is he really the quality striker we would want ?

old golds worth more

I will add my two cents worth to this arguement. I have never rated Leon Clarke and to say he will score a lot (or words to that effect) at this level is far from accurate if his previous stats are anything to go by. He scored 18 goals for Sheff Wed over a three year period that encompassed 83 games, and that is the MOST he has ever scored in the Championship, over a four year period when playing for us he managed 13 goals in 74 games (even Kevin Doyle is as good as or better then that!) . Had we still been in league one though, then that would be a different matter, as he had his best scoring runs whilst playing in that division, the best being for Coventry last season scoring 23 goals in 34 games. He has also scored 11 goals in 15 games for Scunthorpe and 9 goals in 14 games for Chesterfield, both times while on loan. The only times his scoring touch seemed to fade is when he was playing in the Championship! So sorry Clarke (IMO) is not the answer and I'd much rather we used Doyle if we had to. As to recruiting another striker we have tried and failed to sign Wilson (Money, plus untried at this level, yet he has already scored 5 times this season!), Wood (money), Bamford (who knows why) and now Delort (money). KJ has also said he expects it to be quiet, with little movement in or out, on this last day. So baring a major surprise that they have managed to keep under the wraps, I don't expect to see a striker arrive until the loan window opens.

old golds worth more

I can forget about Doyle now as well, as it seems he's joined Crystal Palace on loan until January!

Gerry Mannion

Good news if Johnson does go and that will be the final act of getting rid of the poison.

Doyle and Foley are victims of the of the culture change within the club. I hope they can sort their future out soon.

We are missing far to many of our quoted primary targets which is very frustrating. It is important to carry the current ethos of not 'manufacturing' egos by bringing in a player on an elevated wage scale or price; but the market is driven by current market prices and perhaps a little lateral movement in the thinking would help to persuade prospective players to come to Molineux.

There was a time that the mention of an interest from Wolves would have been enough but at the present time we have to earn that respect all over again.


POISON , What Poison, this man has been attacked left right and center for no valid reasons except turning up drunk on the one occasions for training. It is a well known fact that other players were also unfit to train but he was the only one who bothered to turn up, nd he ws grassed up to the media. Johnsons only crime is to play in a twice relegated team, in his defense the players he had to play along side in the defense are some of the worst defenders i have seen in a Wolves shirt. Ward never a left back in a million years if he was that good he would be straight in to the Burnley team. Berra the worst and i mean the worst center half i have seen playing football, should of been a wrestler. GORKIS JUST AWFUL, Steerman at right back, dont want to ever see him there again. When i critise a player i back up my reasons , I do not slag off a player for the sake of it. People keep on saying he is a trouble maker but Saunders weeded out the trouble makers and dropped them Johnson was NOT ONE OF THEM. He has never refused to play for the club, at any level another one of his major crimes was to up set local boy Karl the crab, well now that man is no longer at the club the dressing room good spirit has been restored. I wish the man all the luck in the world its a shame we never got to see him alongside ,BATTH,


Karl, it's really very simple. If he was any good he'd have been snapped up following our relegation from the prem. The fact that there appears to be very little interest in him speaks volumes. As for Karl Henry, another promotion on his cv...


Cant even get into the Q.P.R starting line up???????


Who were the other drunken offenders Karl?


Never mind getting rid of Johnson, we need a striker and obviously Morgan and Moxey

wouldn't sanction the dosh to buy him, i'd like to know what the considerable bid was,

bet it was half the selling price knowing the pie man !

Until the little fat gormo is gone we will never attract top class players

and we will be a mediocre club for as long as he is here.


Well, hope he goes n good riddance.

It is reported that yet again we are missing out on decent strikers, Why? It is reported that KJ has said ' we put in a considerable offer for Delort' A million £'s considerable?!!! If true, which

may not be then that is derisory by todays standards and once again shows the lack of ambition and penny pinching attitude we know so well of this clubs board. But, as I said, it may not be true but something is certainly in the air concerning the utter failure to sign identified targets. As sure as the pimple on me bum it is down to wanting it on the cheap.

Ok the team have had a great start and well done for that, but surely we should be in a position now to move on and capitalise...that what other fortunate clubs do, its called long term planning. Taking into consideration what KJ has said re signings, I do not blame or criticise anyone on here quoting ' here we go again'.

It brings to mind then what will happen if we do reach the prem this season?

Will they make a better job of it bringing in the players of quality to sustain a prem place?

My first thought is they will not, raking in only the immediate financial benefits. I hate to think this way but quite honestly I do not trust them. Talk the talk walk the walk.

If they fail to back up their spoken words then they will have let us down once again and for them there will be no coming back. Us fans have the last word!

The signings so far have been brilliant but the club cannot rely on that luck continually.

I hope I'm wrong. We have a great team, a great manager and staff, I just hope this board, fully support him, yet to date the total lack of targets acquisition speaks for itself.

They may surprise us by 11pm tonight.



I will forgive the board for all they have done wrong, if they sign a striker on deadline day. I fear also their penny pinching ways will cost us dearly. We have had all summer to get a striker in, now it looks likely that we will be left with the loan market. Prove us all wrong Moxey and Morgan. You get nothing unless you take a gamble once in a while. We are 3rd in the table, watford have just lost their manager, so all is looking good for us, bar the desperate need for another striker.


What penny pinching? Oh my god. The only thing we have done with penny pinching is because of FFP rules, you inbred.



Time will tell whether our board have missed out on a talented goalscorer. A bid of around £1m is very unlikely to secure a 20 goal a season striker these days. This makes me suspect that either a) we were not serious about the player and this is a token gesture/smokescreen or b) yet again the club are trying to buy Waitrose goods at Aldi prices.

That said, keeping our powder dry until the loan window opens makes a lot of sense and is preferable to making a last minute panic buy that we may well regret.

Overall we have to trust Kenny - he has certainly earned it!




The thing is does Kenny trust the board ?

Seems a lot of players we were supposed to be interested in have gone

to other clubs. Bully is toeing the boards line with that idiotic comment

last week that the board will back Kenny with the dosh for new signings.

LMFAO !! surely if that was the case then new signings would of been here

by now.

I have said it before and I will say it again, Morgan, Moxey and those on the board

have no ambition for this club only what they can take out of it end of !!

Until these idiots are gone we will never get anywhere near where we want to be

you can slate me off for these comments but take a look back at since Morgan took control

exactly what have we achieved ?


Get real all of you Moxey is the biggest bain on this club in history, just a pity we can't

get somebody to take him on a free bloody transfer !


Who had the foresight to appoint K.J.?


Nice to know that Moxey is backing Jackett thats Kennys 4th failed target where we have been outbid ,this time by the mighty Wigan


Perhaps he's saving up for a bit of a treat. Defoe on loan til Jan...

Yes, of course I'm joking.

Silver Wolf

We've made a few mistakes over the years, and Johnson is one. Another appears to be Clarke who has gone from goal machine to bench warmer in record time.

Money will be an issue for some time to come, the drag on resources is far from over, and even a loan arrangement will eat into fragile, non-committed resources.

Still, things on the pitch could hardly be better, and with few injuries to worry about, so far, the future is good. Enjoy!


Dont just slag a player of with out giving a valid reason??????SHEEP.

Paul's Blade

According to the French press Wigan are paying 4 million euros for Delort. (This would appear to be a reasonable assumption given that Tours turned down a 4 million euro offer for him in June). If we only offered £1 million, its very clear where the problem lies.


Delort He has just signed for them. It just shows that shows that our board has no ambition. Unless they pull a rabbit out of hat before 11pm it will be clear the ambition Morgan has for our club.


Leon are you even a Wolves fan? You seem to know FA about the club? How about you tell me how much our club spent from 2009-2013? In four seasons? Can you tell me the total wage bill of our club and the GPI of the club? Then using your brain and the FFP rules tell me how much we have to spend. Ahahahaha. We can afford to pay £2m for a player but then we can't pay them. Even at £10k a week and a signing on fee it is a mil. Thats without transfer fee. Or agents costs. Or time. Like with Parra. His cost isnt free. He actually has a contract worth 2mil, we paid comp and we paid for insurance. That means he has cost us nearly 3mil.

Then there is the likes of Sako who cost a lot and had a huge signing on fee. As did Dicko.

We will never know the true cost as clubs like to make it confusing to try and pay the least tax they can get away with and now to abuse loopholes in FFP rules.

fact is we do spend. We have a high wage bill. The guy has pumped money into the stadium and training facilities. And he put the money down and got us into the prem twice.

You are like a petulant child that blames a parent for not buying them the right size xbox for xmas.

In the words of a famous and posh QC who is now a TV judge... STUPID!

Ritchie Wolves

Here we go again, lets buy a striker. There is nothing out there that is better than we have already unless we pay millions.

Lets just use what we have if Diko gets injured, or we also have the loan option which I think is where we will go and lets face it, you will get a better loan striker if we are not prepared to pay 10million for a proven player........................


Ritchie don't count your chickens m8 the way things are going we won't

even get anybody in on loan !!

As we have seen over the years Morgan and Moxey

have no ambition for this club whatsoever and as such is the reason

we are where we are.

Until such things change then be prepared to stagnate

between this division and League 1 for the next 2 decades or so or

until such time as Morgan relinquishes control of this once great club.

Ritchie Wolves

Bet you anything you like young man?


It's great being a wolves fan we can forget our recent past and want to spend spend spend,looking at some of the comments on here no matter what the cost the board should pay it,i remember Sir Jack did that highest spenders for close on 17 years and what did it get us 1 year in the premiership,than the penny dropped MM came in and got in young cheap hungry players and got us promoted.

So in my view i prefer the young hungry type of player who want's to play for us,not the type of player who you would wish for the one looking for the biggest pay packet.

Ritchie Wolves

Baz, Come on lets ditch this new ambitious era that we're enjoying, lets go back to buy, buy, buy and buy for the sake of it and lets get six strikers in so we have plenty back up because we play with three strikers not one?!!!

Hold on Baz, the penny might drop????? O yes, we only play with one up front but we have at least six players that score goals and we have back up for each one, maybe it's the new way of playing football (five attacking that score goals) or should we go back to 44 effin 2................................................

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh only kidding Baz!!;-)


I hear Chris Woods may join Ipswich within the next few hours on the same terms that he rejected with Wolves. If this is true - and I have no way of checking out the authenticity of the story - then it really is a kick in the teeth !


Bazrat, SBQ and Albrighton are the only ones on here who are able to say intelligent thinks and form cogent and interesting thoughts.

the amount saying MandM are pennypinchers is unbelievable. Forget what they spent on Roger and Holywood alone. Forget what Siggy, razak and doumbia were. Forget the cost of Doyle.

our fans never learn. We spend big and get burnt. We spend small and we get the likes of Sako, Parra, KM, etc...

Einstein once said something very famous concerning repeating the same experiment over and over and expecting a different result.

Hong Kong Pete

News reports are indicating Wolves made a better offer than Wigan and got Andy Delort, appears no matter what his agent persuaded him to join Wigan.

Wigan according to news say they offered less for Delort and got the player very interesting.

Hong Kong Pete

Sorry should read " and they got Andy Delort"


Yawn, bring on the season as it comes, whether players coming or going, because this operation is getting more solid by the month...

What's refreshing about this emerging and strengthening setup at Wolves is that there is no real status quo, yet there is always constant cycling of energy towards being more positive and productive in the day-to-day running of a club, and the out-cropping of building a stronger team.

In my humble opinion, so much of the improvement curve at Wolves has been about philosophy of attitude, to be progressively positive no matter how hard or stiff the challenge has been.

2013-14: Loads of expectations to bounce back to the Championship, not just as second place automatic promotion winners, but as out and out champions...

We did.

2014-15: Most national bookies and prognosticators picked Wolves to finish on average, anywhere from 7th or 8th to as low as 13th, thus, we were NOT picked to make the playoffs or get promoted with very much consideration...

To a club like Wolves, and a loyal following that has been bred and conditioned with success, oh, and most certainly, an abundance of patience, mind, this counts as pressure, too, because Wolves are almost always expected to "go up," in association with our "big club" status, like it or not...

We are in with a fair chance to finish higher than what the experts have predicted, just as long as we keep up this good attitude, which stems from Jackett's arrival, and shifts in better support from up above his station.

Even in this transfer window, now to climax with frenetic activity, as it routinely does, Wolves have stayed relatively calm and quietly resolute towards achieving their objectives, therein, and this more or less reflects Jackett's personal attitude in a nutshell, because he is very much a coach that's "walks the walk" rather than "talks the talk."

I remember him as a player, when I lived in London, and based on what I saw in two particular outings at Vicarage Road, the other at Luton Town, he was a grafter, and he made up for any lack of pure talent with hard work and a canny ability to out think many of his opponents.

Whether key "Team Three, Bomb Squad," players, or whatever folks wish to call them, are finally able to find teams, or not, Wolves are still going to improve and challenge. That's mainly because Jackett and his setup is geared towards so much more than talented players, alone, and has a intangible strength of character spread through the squad, to its mental toughness and solid team spirit, as such was the player who is now the club's Head Coach.



Wow Seattle, only just read your post, but it's the best one I've seen in a while.

Quality insight raising the standard of today's discussions for which I am grateful to say the least.

It takes someone from thousands of miles away to raise our awareness to aspects that many of us have recently overlooked in our rush to either criticise or defend our transfer policy.

Maybe we are too close to the action here and we should step back a bit, and look at the overall picture with a more discerning eye.

Take a bow my friend for seeing the bigger picture with more clarity there than we have here.


The expectations of most on here comes from the Sir Jack era when every season we spent big than failed to get promoted but it took a long time to learn our lesson,the opposition managers used our big spending ways to motivate their own teams to beat us we became a joke every average player who wanted a big payday before they retired came knocking at our door,but the world is a different place now most young players want the flash cars and hollywood lifestyles hence why we fail to sign most of them,thats why Kenny only wants players who want to play for us his way not the players that the crowd on here want.


Doyles gone on loan thank god better than nowt but give Johnson & Foley a free!!

Moxey's right nut

I have very little sympathy for Johnson as he never really impressed at Molineux, nor did he try with the fans. I must admit though to being very sad that the Express and Star put him in the same category as Foley. Personally I think that he has been a loyal player and indeed I can remember him being our player of the year. People have such short memories.

I hoped that they would give Foley a free transfer and I am surprised that no-one wants him, but perhaps he is happy being excluded on a good salary and whilst in Kenny I trust, I would have thought he would have bolstered our squad. Who knows what might happen with loans or at the next window? What is more likely though is the out of favour players will draw a good wage from us until the end of their contract and then another good wage when they reach the end of their contract and negotiate a good salary as there will be no transfer fee.

That's the way it is in football and for most of those who moan on here, may I ask if you had another two years on £20k a week, like Johnson, what would you do? I admit that were it me, I would be sad that I wasn't playing, but I think on that money I could cope and certainly I wouldn't consider going to somewhere like Blackpool or Rotherham for a quarter or less. What's the point.

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