Boy George could be Wolves' Frank Lampard

New-boy George Saville aims to add some bite to the Wolves midfield – and bring a touch of Frank Lampard’s class.

Have a sneaky peek at what Chelsea midfielder George Saville can bring to Wolves with this highlight video above.

The 21-year-old classes himself as an all-rounder – box-to-box, attacking, able to score but also loving a tackle.

Few made a bigger influence on the Camberley-born player than Chelsea’s record scorer Lampard, now on loan from New York City at Manchester City.

And after spending a decade coming through the ranks at Stamford Bridge and watching Lampard at close quarters, Saville would like nothing more than to have a similarly big impact on his new club.

“Frank Lampard is one of the best professionals I’ve ever trained with,” said Saville.

“He’s been around for a long time and knows what he needs to get the most out of himself. He knows when to muck about and when to knuckle down, be serious and get on with it.

“It’s hard not to learn a lot from a player of his quality and the way he carries himself is first-class.

“They’re all good lads and top-class professionals on and off the pitch and helped and guided me.

“We had a really good age group – the likes of Josh McEachran, Billy Knott who’s at Bradford, Billy Clifford who’s at Walsall, and the new lads who came in later such as Patrick Bamford, so there was a lot of good young talent there.

“Before I went on loan last year I spent time with the first team, training with them and going away with them.

“But it got to a point where I felt it was time to move on and find my feet elsewhere.”

Having won the Premier League Reserve title and the FA Youth Cup at Chelsea then automatic promotion in a season-long loan at Brentford last season, Lampard’s winning mentality certainly rubbed off on Saville if his young career is anything to go by.

“I think that’s why we all play football – to win,” he said.

“It’s always nice to get a promotion and hopefully it’s the first of a few. Sometimes you’ve got to win ugly but it’s the best feeling.

“I’ve been fortunate to win a few things up to now but I feel my career is just starting so I want to progress, develop and learn and try to be the best I can be.”

Saville was booked 10 times for the Bees last season.

He confesses to loving a tackle but if there is one element he could iron out of his game it would be a tendency to catch opponents late.

“There are a lot of nice, fancy players out there, but I think a team always needs a ballwinner in there and hopefully I can bring a bit of that as well as the other stuff.

“My bookings mainly came from my tackles last season so I’ve got to be careful this time and try not to get into too much trouble.”

And he is determined to show Wolves fans he can be more than just a ballwinner, especially as he is already familiar with the system.

“I can do a bit of everything – attack or defend, protect the back four or play further up the pitch,” he said.

“At Brentford, we played the same formation as here, 4-3-3, but with only one holding player and two in front, and I was one of those, normally with Adam Forshaw and it worked well. That was a great learning curve, but you have to take the positives and hopefully I’ll bring those to Wolves.”

Saville only has the briefest experience in the Championship, with three appearances for Jackett’s Milllwall in 2012-13.

But he is convinced he and Wolves can excel at this level.

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Comments for: "Boy George could be Wolves' Frank Lampard"


Brilliant buy for Wolves.


Seems a good lad with a touch of arrogance to him. Not at all a bad thing.


"Boy George" Are you sure? I heard he was touring again. Still most likely to be Wolves Frank Lampard i suppose. Will he be allowed to wear one of his hats a nice yellow one.

old age pensioner

good luck george, utw

Jack the Hat

old age,

Good post pal.



I like the fact that he wanted to move on to actually play instead of sitting around and practicing all the time. If you want a career you can look back on with pride, you have to try to get an opportunity to play regularly.

Jack the Hat


Lets talk straight and honestly.

Saville didn't want to leave as you put it, he had no choice when Mourinho brought the curtain down on his Chelsea career.

No use trying to get at the bomb squad with that snide remark, they didn't ostracize themselves did they?. Now have a go at the real villain of the piece.


Jackett the Hat

Get better soon Jack......somewhere else.


It was not a snide comment about the bomb squad, it was a comment about players who sign big bucks to sit on the bench behind Messi, Ronaldo or Rooney.

What chance to they have of playing regularly?

Better to play for the teams in the lower half of the Premiership table or the Championship or their own home country teams.

It would be better for them and better for the quality of football around the world if they were playing.

Sir Billy Quiet

Bloseph - please make an allowance for Jacks obsession with Wolves.

He has a love/hate relationship, his heart tells him to the love the Wolves, his head tells him to love the Wolves but unfortunately his b@ll#cks do his thinking.


Well said Bloseph.

Jack the Hat

A decade at Stamford Bridge and didn't make the grade, sold on for peanuts, not Frank Lampard material even for Walsall. Mind you he did well using Lampard's name to bum his load, the blog wuz a gud loff too.


Steve wwfc

And I suppose if he went to a****n he would be a world beater, just like the rest of your signings, oh yeah that's right, 10 million pound and no goals, half the team still behind on pre season, lescott injured already, still to win a game, lucky on Tuesday night, the list could go on but I don't want to hurt your feelings.


He's 21 for goodness sake.

Sir Billy Quiet

What is it about the Wolves that makes an Albion fan so obsessed with everything we say and do.........


isnt that the score with most english players? not exactly getting any game time in the prem, 66% are foreign registered players the other 33% british. there all making there name in championship and lower leagues, look at lambert, walcott, chamberlain, zaha, to name a few, but dont chelsea just buy there own players in anyway and not actually grow there own players.

LAMPARD and TERRY were from west ham werent they or lampard and COLE, when was the last time they stuck with there youth?

ryan bertrand maybe, the rest chelsea just buy in, seriously name a striker in the last 10years that chelsea grew and played in the prem for a whole season??

seriously cant think of any

Ritchie Wolves

How would you know idiot?


dont worry ritch, usual pattern really, out in force today before kick off, goes into hiding later after swansea turn them over big time, shows up later in the week after being in hiding. some post about them still being a big club, despite getting whipped by a real club in swansea.

same old same old, week repeats, iterates and jack does it all over again, the life of a WBA fan, OUCH

only thing we cant predict is how many goals swansea are going to ship past them today? 2, 3-4 or 5 who knows. or maybe wba will have another boring draw again, bet irvines worrying as cant survive in the prem on draws, not another draw they'll be thinking, couldnt see off OXFORD in normal time. BIG CONCERNS from boggies on there threads, chuckle

Ritchie Wolves

Furthermore, you had first call on lukaku and didn't Make the move, go away and crawl back where you come from Albion...


nah the boggies loaned lukkaka, they dont have the facilities or enough trophies to grow develop under21's into class players like lukkaka to long term deals. he looked for greener pastures

Ronnie Allen

Desolate loving in your eyes,

you used and made my life so sweet.

Step out like a God found child,

I saw your eyes across the street.

Who would be the fool to take you,

be more that just kind?

Step into a life of maybe;

love is hard to find in the church of the poison mind

Toot toot and drink more vodka.


Jackett the Hat

Double it up, half a can of Red Bull, straight glass and plenty ice.....France '98' World Cup, over the border to Lloret de Mar with Wolves and Villa England supporters. Best time, best drink.


Wolves have a marvelous fan base as can be seen from the comments on this website from not only in the UK but all over the world and with Jack the Hat coming onto this site so often he must be a fan in disguise. Yes he must be.

He has a bit of a contentious and argumentative manner but that is the nature of the beast.

The number of times he chats on our site is incredible but for some reason we tend to ignore him.

Now come on lads, let us welcome Jack the Hat as a Wolves fan, a chatty fan at that'



welcome to wolves jack, :) NOT lol should take a visit and see what a real trophy cabinet looks like son.

but seriously bad publicity is good publicity, jack is doing his part by helping put up the market value of wolves up, as threads blogs and posts are busier and more heated on the wolves market, then over at were beaten again.

all the interest is over at wolves, at not the albion obviously.

as they say bad is good and all.

Silver Wolf

A huge welcome to him, and I truly hope he is a winner.

Not sure he would enjoy getting tagged, 'Boy George' ......... ;)


Somebody at the match please upload Sako free kick!!!!!

Get in Wolves.