Kevin Foley still on the way out of Wolves

Defender Kevin Foley’s Wolves career is in the Molineux exit lounge after he rejoined ‘group three’, it emerged today.

Soccer - Pre Season Friendly - Cheltenham Town v Wolverhampton Wanderers
Kevin Foley

Defender Kevin Foley’s Wolves career is in the Molineux exit lounge after he rejoined ‘group three’, it emerged today.

After assessing him during pre-season, head coach Kenny Jackett confirmed the popular full-back is now surplus to requirements and is set to move on in the near future.

Wolves are unlikely to seek much more than a nominal fee for the 29-year-old, who is into the final year of his contract.

Having joined in August 2007 and made 213 appearances for the club, Foley is also Wolves’ longest-serving outfield player now Stephen Ward has left, and his departure would sever another link with the Mick McCarthy era.

And he has rejoined the other unwanted players the club are trying to move on comprising Roger Johnson, Jamie O’Hara, Kevin Doyle, Tongo Doumbia, Razak Boukari and Georg Margreitter.

“Kevin has gone back into that group (three),” said Jackett.

“I had a look at him in pre-season and although he played very well – particularly at Oxford – he’s third-choice right-back behind Matt Doherty and Sam Ricketts with Ethan Ebanks-Landell having been there once or twice last season.

“On the opposite side with Tommy Rowe coming into the building, it leaves me with Scott Golbourne, Ricketts and Rowe that can all play left-back.

“So for Kevin the decision is he tries to get himself in the shop window and tries to move on.

“We’re starting to thin the group out now - we’ve played three games and basically used the same 19 players although juggled them about but he hasn’t played.

“As you go through pre-season you need a lot more players with people needing 45 or 60 minutes or whatever, but I’m pleased I had a look at him.

“Full-backs is a very strong area for us and with Kevin, we’ve come to the conclusion that if he can use the good pre-season he’s had to get a move, that will be a good thing.

“Unfortunately within the group of 19 or 20 players we have, there isn’t room for him.

“After that, there has to be room for Dominic Iorfa and Ben O’Hanlon who are young players coming through in the Under-21s.”

Foley had five games on loan at Blackpool last season until he injured his shoulder, which required an operation at the end of the season.

He is now fully fit but Jackett said: “There hasn’t been any interest in Kevin yet.”

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Comments for: "Kevin Foley still on the way out of Wolves"

stevebull09 for more on this story...............


I tried - but my search engine didn't want to know.


But I've read it now - thanks.


Was a very good right back until mad mick ruined his career and started playing him in midfield instead. Deserves a good move and i wish him all the best in the future.

Orlando Wolves

I have to agree, Foley was a very useful right back until

McCarthy began playing him out of position. Like Stephen Ward has been a good servant to the club and Iwish him all the best for the remainder of his career,


true he actually was a decent right back and worked well with kightly, moving high up the pitch,

he got player of the season once??? god knows what happened to him, he was never the same after being played out of position in midfield sometimes, mad mick ironed any confidence out of him, he's never been the same player ever since, and hes had the game time to sort it out.

he's down the pecking order, doherty is going to develop into an ever better player over next few years, and ebanks landell can play there. Foley wont get a sniff at the first team, wonder if blackpool will take him?


Stale bread, good move Wolves, will never beat Doherty and Ricketts for the right back role, still no clubs in for O'hara and the rest of the bomb squad , starting to get worried.


Understandable, Rhys.wwfc - but I have a gut feeling Doyle and Johnson will be moved on within a couple of weeks or so. Doumbia too. Not so sure about the others though. Hey, wait a minute, no, I'm like you - haven't a clue what's going to happen with them and I'm also starting to get worried. The whole sorry saga has gone on far too long!!


Foley had his chance and he is ANOTHER WW player whose career has gone backwards. It does raise questions about so many mediocre McCarthy signings. What went wrong Kevin? Go quickly Kevin. You will be a decent Div 1 player


The fact that this Group 3 bunch can't get ANY interest from other clubs shows WW blew it by putting these fat, complacent FAILURES on over-vlaued contracts that frighrens off clubs at the level they are good enough to play at. They will sit out their contracts and give WW the finger.


think jez's xmas bonus should go to paying the wages off, as he worked out the contracts and signed them up.


No complaints about Kevin. He's been unlucky in his time here. He deserves a good move to resurrect his career, rather like Stephen Ward. I'm sure he will get it, and this will take us further away from a breach of FFP rules. It shows that there is marketable talent in our outcasts. In O'Hara's case that talent may be too inaccessible for most clubs though! I'm a guest of a Fulham-supporting client at Craven Cottage tomorrow night. I was there for our last visit, that 5-0 defeat in the PL. There will be virtually two different teams on the pitch compared to last time. I have a feeling that my client will be a little less happy this time!


If this is the end of Kevin's Wolves career, and it's looking that way. I can only wish him all the best for his future career, he's been an excellent player, during his time at the club. And the season, he won F.P.O.T.S. he was truly magnificent throughout it. But these things happen in football, every club has to move forwards, and we are no different. UTW:


Tomwolf, Echoing your comments, he fully deserved the player of the season award, he had an outstanding season.

I think he will find another club reasonably quickly, and it may well be in the Championship !!



After the departure of McCarthy and then Connor, Foley's form dipped quite markedly. He didn't seem to be the same player under Solbakken or Saunders - though to be fair, he did miss a lot of games through injury.

I'm a little surprised that a league one club haven't enquired about him. With all his experience I would have thought he would do a good job for someone in that division. Maybe his wages are the problem? At 29 he should have a good few years left in him.

But Jackett's right to look to the future. He maybe some way off at present, but O'Hanlon, who was an England schoolboy international, is a promising left back, and deserves to be promoted to the U21 team.

Black Country Wanderer

Good luck to KF,been a good servant to us,and very unlucky over the last few seasons not to play more regular

Never been the same since MM used him in midfield instead of right back where he was excellent,but that is MM, used so many players out of position in his time at Wolves,no wonder they lost confidence and turned from good players to average ones

Good news on Rowe coming back, he will do a good job for us in the future no doubt

Not so good on the transfer front,dont really know what to believe anymore,KJ insists theres cash available,if so why havent we signed one player demanding a fee?

Obviously the third squad continues to be a major factor,and we dont want to pay over the odds for players that arent necessarily better than the ones we have

Wood would have been a decent option, but hes never exactly set any where hes been alight has he?

Bamford is a long shot, doubtful he will drop into the championship again

If Crewe are asking too much, then i dont blame Wolves for not taking the kid,hes unproven at our level,and we have plenty of prospects here already

Is the loan market the answer?

Perhaps short term if the players are available,maybe by then we could move a few more on from the third squad, and avoid any FFP problems

The anti Moxey crew will obviously raise their heads once more,didnt hear too much from them last season did we?

Blaming him for everything is getting a little boring now guys,hes not my favourite person and has made mistakes no doubt,but unless KJ is a yes man and just quoting from the Moxey song sheet, hes not stopping anything from happening that KJ wants to happen,at least thats what KJ says and we trust KJ dont we?


i dont think there will be to many irish players signing for wolves in future after the treatment of doyle ward foley .??? All this will come back to haunt wolves in the future mark my words .I dont.think wolves will be going to the premier this season not with this lot we will be lucky to stay in this devision .Do not block this text and lets see the responce from wolves .I am a firm beleiver in the truth .


"not with this lot" .....

Why is everyone so pesemistic and being quite harsh on the Wolves team? If you truley are wolves fans then shame on you... refering to the wolves team as 'this lot' giving the impression they've been failures is quite disgusting! The Wolves team of last season and this season have provided me with entertaining football and has a lot of quality. You talk about them as if they are the double dip (3rd group) team...

We are 2 games in... and as far as im concerned we have played well included pre-season! Rotherham was a fluke of a goal... just wasnt our day.


We wont get relegated, but we wont go up this season, maybe next season when we sell all of group 3, Jackett will have money to spend and then go for promotion. I blame moxey for giving players WE all wanted to sign huge contracts! (Sarcasm)


The irish players were never premiership players Robbie Keene aside,Doyle ran around alot did not score alot and did not creat goals for others,if you dont believe me look at the stats.

Ward was signed as a striker he failed at that 1 goal against Liverpool dos not make him good.

Foley i enjoyed seeing him play but he could not pass the ball very well,and going forward he was a liability,as for irish players not wanting to sign for us the game is about money offer enough and most would come.


finchy last season was a mickey mouse league this league much tougher .players not up to it i cannot understand why doyle is not in this side .A lot of questions have to be asked why you call these players the bomb squad As i said wolves are not doing themself any favours .Dont forget MM was successfu at wolves with.some of the so called bomb squad ???..


How many goals did he score last time he was in the championship,ask yourself whose goals got us promoted to the premiership.

Doyle is a fans favourite purely because he runs around a lot,if you wish to leave every match saying if only he had scored that sitter we might have won than play him every match,he as not and never been a good goal scorer for any team he played for.

The Flying Winger

Wish him well, how a player can go from being player of the year ( I think that is correct) our best RB to being sidelined with players with no Wolves streak through them is a statement on what has happened with our club over the years.

Since McCarthy various managers have played him out of position usually to try and fill a position and accommodate other players coming into the team, Johnson as an example.

He was never a midfielder, he of course also suffered injury problems on top of this.

A player who always gave 100% effort, which cannot be said for many of the previous crop.