Eusebio Bancessi close to Wolves debut

Kenny Jackett today declared Wolves ‘find’ Eusebio Bancessi is edging closer to a first-team debut.

Eusebio Bancessi of Wolverhampton Wanderers and Aaron Birch of West Bromwich Albion.
Eusebio Bancessi was scouted by Kieran Scott.

The powerfully-built Portuguese winger has made great strides in the Under-21s side, where he’s been a regular scorer despite only arriving from Benfica in August.

Bancessi has been an unused substitute in the last two first-team games and scored again in Monday’s 3-3 draw away to Blackburn.

And head coach Jackett confirmed the 18-year-old is in his thoughts if he has any concerns over James Henry or Bakary Sako.

“Eusebio is close because Henry and Sako have been injured so it’s good to know we’ve got an 18-year-old winger who can come into my thinking,” said Jackett.

“His goals-per-games ratio and what he’s done have been very good.

“He’s done very well and shown good progress and I really hope it continues because to have people who can score goals like that are good commodities and I feel he has a good future.”

Jackett feels Bancessi, who was born in Guinea-Bissau, West Africa, will definitely break through at Wolves and has no concerns of him fitting in.

“Good players make it through one way or another and I’m sure if he came in, he’d know our system and the players know him,” he said.

“We’ll see how the senior professionals who play in the wide positions go because in an ideal world, I’d want to be as strong as possible.”

Jackett is confident the muscular Bancessi won’t have any problems coping with the physical side of the game.

“He’s genuinely strong and has good power,” said the boss. “So far he looks like he can look after himself physically.

“He’s been with the first team a lot – he’s had a lot of very good experience and been a regular scorer in the Under-21s, which is something you can’t ignore.

“You never know how he’s going to get on until you put him in, and it would be great for him to play for us between now and the end of the season.

“But really he has to make sure he learns as much as he can this season and then comes back strong next season.”

The only concern Jackett has for Bancessi is the language barrier.

“His English is improving - like a lot of foreign players, when you sit and talk to them one-on-one, they’re OK,” said the boss.

“Perhaps in the hurly-burly of the stadium, it’s not so easy to understand people.”

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Comments for: "Eusebio Bancessi close to Wolves debut"


Pleeeeeeese can he have Eusebio on his shirt? - even I will buy one of those! UTW


The investment in catogory 1 status is working wonders thats what prem money does ,it isnt all about spending on players for us as a club to go forward even if we need to take 2 steps back to go forward it happens .we cant run a footy club just on heart and we see peter crouch go to stoke for 11 million and think we can do that or andy carroll goes to west ham for 15 million and we think we can do that,we would love to but we cant .we need to invest in the ground and the acadamy and also invest in players but to get better you need a good 4 seasons in the prem.we back to young and hungry which served us well in the past and there are sides like mk dons who use us as a we used reading as a example 5 yrs ago.we do need to invest but we dont want silly signings, under stale we thought we would be okay and all wolves fans thought it. it didnt work.stoke got rid of pulis because they thought they would be better and could change the style ,are they really better? i dont think so.and a prime team now are west ham ,now sam saved them from relegation most fans want sam out !!!!really becareful what you wish for.curbs at charlton was a prime example as fans we get better and we want the world.baggies are the same is mel better than clarke no,should they have sacked clarke no are they better off no.same at norwich.

We watch all this tv see all they money and think we can spend it like headless chickens....does moxey get a good deal for fletch and jarvis yes are they worth 23 million today?


Spot on Buckswolf. It would be fantastic. I just hope he's half the player the original was. UTW and KTF


Oh, and let's find a really original song for him.


Sako sold, Eusebio in

More money for Morgan

23 million for Jarvis and Fletcher or would they have kept us up in the premier?


Errrrr as they were sold AFTER we were relegated the answer is no I guess Bangkok - pretty comprehensive proof that they couldn't keep us up in the Premier!

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