Nouha Dicko: Wolves relegation transformed me

Nouha Dicko today declared Wolves’ relegation made him a man.

Nouha Dicko celebrates scoring for Wolves
Nouha Dicko celebrates scoring for Wolves

The 21-year-old was the two-goal hero of Saturday’s 3-0 win against Port Vale, taking his tally to five goals in six games since his £300,000 arrival from Wigan which sent Kenny Jackett’s side top of League One.

But the chunky, dynamic striker looks a transformed player from the timid winger Dean Saunders signed on loan last season.

“It wasn’t easy last season but I think it helped me grow up as a footballer and a man,” said the French striker.

“It’s the same club but not the same team.

“The team is different - players have left- and I think the spirit is better.

“The quality is here and I’m happy to be back.”

Dicko claims hard work is the secret behind Wolves’ rise to the top after seven straight wins.

“We’ve been working really hard to get back to the top of the league,” he said.

“On the pitch and on the training ground, everyone at the club are ready to keep working hard to stay in this position.

“You can see we’re a team who are doing good. The future looks bright.”

Dicko missed the chance of a first hat-trick when his 89th-minute penalty was saved by keeper Chris Neal.

But he doesn’t intend to let it affect him.

“I’ve been close but I’ve never scored a hat-trick,” he said.

“I’m chasing it - hopefully next week it will come. Why not?

“But I need to keep working hard and hopefully it will come.

“It was really good to score again because I had some good chances and didn’t take them in our last two games but I kept working hard.

“It’s really good to play in this team - Michael Jacobs and James Henry are really good players and it’s really good to know they can score as well.

“Since I arrived I’ve been able to maintain the quality that was already here.

“We’re doing well, we’re in good shape, in good form playing attacking football and we’re linking up well.

“If you don’t have a good atmosphere in the dressing room, you can’t play well for the team.

“But the atmosphere is good and that’s allowed us to get the best from the team.”

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Comments for: "Nouha Dicko: Wolves relegation transformed me"

Selly park wolf

Just after halt time I was actually saying to the bloke next to me on Saturday that I thought Dicko was having a poor game.

The ball wasn't sticking first half and a few passes went astray.

20 minutes later he was stepping up from the spot to try for his first ha trick! Ha

His first goal was a typical strikers goal but his second was fantastic the way he flicked the ball over their two centre halves then held them off.

He is so busy in the box defenders hate players like Dicko who are small but strong.

This guy is so explosive what a fantastic but!

Another great display from wolves especially macdonald yet again who someone described on Saturday as Jan Molby with a Keegan hairdo(priceless).

Price was also fantastic after a couple of early mistakes as well as Stearman enjoying another physical battle.

One other player of note has to be Sam Ricketts, mr reliable like Andy Thompson user to be.

Thanks Mr Jackett for making us wolves fans proud again!

Not over yet but we are closing in.


Northern Wolf

Do you think his explosivity has anything to do with his "fantastic but"?

Selly park wolf

Ha ha well spotted Northern.

I meant' buy'but you could be right!

I'm still obviously buzzing from another good performance and my spelling is as poor as vales back four!

Northern Wolf

Another top performance and a great contribution from Dicko. It is completely clear now what Kenny wanted and why he wasn't picking Griffiths. That is not a negative comment on Leigh and I wish him all the best. I for one wanted him in the side when he was sat on the bench and we weren't scoring. He did a decent job when he was here and he scored a good hat-trick on Saturday for Celtic. It's just now he wouldn't fit in.



A hat trick this Saturday would be nice, but 3 points would be better!


So good to hear confidence is returning, it has to be a good atmosphere from the dressing room, on to the pitch and into the stands for this club to thrive again!

If you think back to when a player made a mistake, and the groans that echoed across the Molinuex, the barracking of the managers and players it is no wonder no one wanted to come here!

Now the players believe, the management are starting to believe, and THE FANS ,

keep it going Nouha, UTW

Selly park wolf

Totally agree Older.

I think it was Price who slipped when he gave the ball away at 0-0 when Pope blazed over.

Had that been last season or previous seasons, the fans would have been on the players backs, the confidence drained and before you know it we are behind in the game.

Everyone looks like they are enjoying their football now especially Sako.

Long may it continue.



Whether by design, accident or necessity, Wolves are now playing with four wingers in the forward positions - and it seems to work. The success we have experienced in recent weeks with using this formula, might be down to the fact that opposition teams just can't cope with the pace of all these players, as they expect at least one striker to be the traditional lumbering centre forward.

Dicko is never going to win many balls in the air, but he does possess both power and pace, as we saw on Saturday for the third goal. He's like a little pocket battleship - the Graf Spee of Molineux.

Sir Billy Quiet

Four wingers? Dicko came to us as a striker and the muppet Saunders put him on the wing! Jacobs plays in the 'hole' behind the forward, yes he can play wide but we all now his best position.

Some people still think that Stephen Ward is a forward!!


I'm well aware of where they are playing in the present set-up, but both Jacobs and Dicko have until recently been mainly considered as wingers with their previous clubs. Jacobs came to us as an alternative to Sako (possibly because there was some speculation that Forest would try and buy him in January). Dicko has had some experience playing has a striker, but I believe he started his career as a winger.

Their skill, pace, and in Dicko's case power, are being utilised in different positions to good effect.

It means that we have four players (whatever you want to call their respective positions), playing in forward positions with pace and a great deal of mobility.

Ron Jeremy's Moustache

I wonder if a double dip could be followed by a double promotion! Dare to dream!.


Dicko has been a credit to our team since joining, and is already looking like another steal along with Jacobs and Henry. I felt sorry for him when he missed his penalty because a hat trick was well deserved after a dominant performance yet again, and chalked up another win for 7 on the bounce! Here's to hoping he brings his A-game again along with the rest of the team at Smallsall next weekend and equalling the club record of consecutive wins!

P.S. That's Sako in the picture (no. 10 on his shorts), not Dicko!

Farmer Ted

No doubt about it, Dicko has changed Wolves forward play with his pace and trickery. The problem for opposition defences is all our other forwards are fast and tricky and can score goals; Jacobs, Henry and Sako. Long may it continue.

Just watched Griffiths hat trick on U-Tube. The second is a cracker, he also missed two other real chances, but the opposition was dire.

It looks like everyone's happy the way it's worked out!

Surely that's Sako celebrating his goal in the pic with Dicko running to congratulate. Who proofed it E&S? .......not Tim I hope!

E14 Wolves

Anyone else think he looked like Steve Bull for his second goal. Absolute determination not to get knocked off the ball and to get a shot away. Very impressive. Let's hope he continues to improve.

Selly park wolf

Absolutely E14!

Pace, power and a finish Bully would have been proud of.

As like Bully it proves you don't have to be 6ft 3 to be able to hold off defenders.

Just sheer guts, strength and determination!


Calm down.

Dicko is D-I-C-K-O!!!! Hahaha

Your gonna tell me batth is lescott next no he aye Danny batths from brierley hill brierley hill brierley hill Danny batths from brierley hill F off Johnson !!! :) COYW


slow news day/week , so here is a small morsel of comfort for the thousands of old gold followers who have had a miserable few years before this season. wba u21,s O- 1 wwfc u21's.........from acorns grow and all that.