Richard Stearman joins up with McCarthy at Ipswich

Wolves defender Richard Stearman has joined struggling Championship rivals Ipswich on loan until the end of the season.

Football - nPower Football League Championship - Ipswich Town v Wolverhampton Wanderers

The 25-year-old has been reunited with former Molineux boss Mick McCarthy and assistant Terry Connor after Ipswich refused to pay the £1.8m fee for a permanent move.

Wolverhampton-born Stearman, who has 18 months left on his contract, has slipped down the pecking order at Molineux under Stale Solbakken and Dean Saunders.

The former Leicester man was an unused substitute for the last three games before failing to make the 18 for Saturday’s 2-1 defeat to Blackpool.

His departure has eased the logjam of right-sided defenders at Wolves and, coming at a time when Roger Johnson faces a three-match ban for his sending off on Saturday, suggests Danny Batth is finally closing in on a Championship start for the club.

McCarthy pursued Stearman again after allowing right-back Bradley Orr to return to Blackburn following a loan spell.

Stearman has made 142 appearances for Wolves since signing from Leicester for around £1.6m in June 2008.

He was a regular in the Championship title-winning season of 2008-09 at centre-back and won England Under-21 caps, but apart from a stint at the heart of the defence under Connor last season, has been used mainly at right-back since.

Stearman made 15 appearances for Wolves this season, the last of which came in the 3-1 defeat at Crystal Palace on New Year’s Day, Solbakken’s last league game in charge.

He could make his Ipswich debut against Middlesbrough at Portman Road on Saturday.

Stearman said today: “I have obviously worked under Mick and TC (Terry Connor) before and that was a big factor in me coming here. Once I knew I was wanted down here at Portman Road, I jumped at it. I know a few of the lads already so it was nice to see a few familiar friendly faces this morning. I have not played as much football as I would have liked this season so the opportunity to come here and play games made it an easy decision. It’s frustrating when you work all week and then have to sit on the bench or in the stands on a Saturday afternoon. Footballers want to be out there playing and I’m no different. I’m looking forward to my time here and hopefully helping Ipswich get some points on the board.”

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Comments for: "Richard Stearman joins up with McCarthy at Ipswich"


No wonder we cannot get rid of thew dross - and useless players at our club! 1.8m for Stearman! M&M best get real before they strangle this club to death!!


Shame we couldn't do a buy one get one free deal with any of our other defenders.

Hartlebury Torch Man

Or a 3 for 2 offer!


Fine. One of the players that has "been here too long". Needs a change of scenery, and the fans need a new name on the teamsheet. Would also be fine with six or seven (or ten or twelve) other players going along with him, but it's a start.

Now buy a left back, sell SEB (thanks SEB for the goals, but also time to go) and Doyle, get a striker or two and a new CB to team up with Johnson and/or Batth for when Berra leaves.

poor players

right, thats stearman, elekobi. griffiths, guadiura nouble, for ward,berra, edwards, eggert, and some others.

should leave, ikeme,new left back, new right back, baath,jhonson/new centre half




boukari/new right winger


new striker.

Wednesbury wolves

Leave Doyle!!!!!!!! 124 league games 23 goals, are you for real??

Old Golds Worth More

Elikobi gone? That's news to me, he's out with a broken leg last I heard.


Its ELOKOBI, both of you need to go back to school before you pretend to be managers!


what are you talking about?

- you can't spell

- elokobi hasn't gone anywhere: he's injured

- why isn't sako in your 'team'?

poor players? talk about poor grammar and poor opinions.


Lol you included DOYLE in the remaining squad - one of the biggest flops Wolves have got? And Johnson, come to think of it. Wolves need to rebuild from the ground up, and that means getting rid of three quarters of the entire squad come the end of the season. I would build the team around O'Hara and Sako - the rest of them are rubbish.

chris h

Hope they bring another defender in.Curtis Davies has been rumoured and he has pace. It is not true that Stearman dropped down the pecking order under Stale ,he frequently played him at right back,especially away from home.If we don't bring in a replacement ,we will miss Stearman,who can play in a number of positions. I hope Batth does well,but he is only a kid and will have a tough introduction on Thursday against Leicester.We are competing with Ipswich to avoid relegation,does it make sense to let them have one of our players on loan,if that is what the deal is.

beam me up scotty

curtis davies lol lol lol quality defender lol lol.

New York Wolves

Why? Stearman is clearly out of favour. It would have made more sense to off load him for a lesser price now to someone who really wants him. We'll get him back in the summer and he'll still be out of favour and worth less. I don't understand.

Lanesfield Wolf

Typical of the Moxey greed, and his restricted vision. All he has done is reduce the wage bill this season, and then in the summer, with only a few months left on his contract, he will have to practically give him away, whereas half that stupid asking price might have been achievable.

Saunders Foot

Spot on Lanesfield, I said a couple of weeks ago that Moxey had now started to cost the club money. A half decent poker player could do his job, get the deals done but without the greed and the gut churning spin. I sometimes wonder if he's on a revenge mission against all Wolves fans, if he is, it's certainly working. Keep the faith old pal.


Why loan Stearman to one of our relegation rivals ? He may not have many fans at wolves but his versatility will be an asset to one of our rivals and help them in their struggle .

Why can't we attract experienced premier league players ? What is it about Wolves that makes this option do unatractive ?

Worried Wolves fan


Moxey again...let players contracts run down,, demotivated or motivate them to wait for big free transfer cash...oh an lose millions in potential transfers. He is a poor trajic CEO


One down... cheers Mick. Could we not have offered a 3-for-one? Or 5-for-one? Or 8-for-one etc.

John De Wolf

Shame. Always tried his best. Was a better centre back then right back but never got a real chance to play there, other then the promotion season when he was named in the championship 08/09 team of the year!

Not sure it makes sense to loan a player to a relegation rival. Hope it doesn't come back to haunt us. It doesn't make sense to me given Johnson is suspended for 3 games. That means Danny Batth has a lot of pressure on his soldiers with no cover if he gets injured.

Also, Foley is out of form and Zubar might be injured, so we are leaving ourselves light by letting a versatile player leave.

I'd rather see Berra, Edwards, Doyle, Henry, Johnson, Ward, Foley sold or loaned out before Stearman and Ebanks.


Agreed. There is a reason other clubs want Stearman and not Foley, Ward,Berra,Henry,Davis,Egghead etc......


If Stearman, Berra etc were as good as they themselves think they are, then they'd still be in the Premier League like David Jones and Andrew Surman (remember them?). The fact that Stearman's old manager wants him clearly points out how good he is now as opposed to four years ago, and Ipswich's problems aren't just in defence - so it doesn't look too much like a gamble to me. It's much more of a gamble to sell top scorers and replace them with absolutely nothing, as I reckon we're going into February not spending a single penny on new signings.

Has Saunders been brought in so he can have us second in League One next year?

Gray pays

Thank god he is useless he is to skinny to be a defender needs to bulk up, also needs to work on his balance he's always falling over it's like he needs his hand holding. (along with Doyle)


Richard Stearman - "he is useless he is to skinny to be a defender needs to bulk up".

Roger Johnson!!!

Gray pays

Wulvz, agreed Roger needs to get some meat on his bones too


one nail gone! why not just sell him permanent though?berra next&johnson all rubbish,waste of money signings.please morgan lets have some quality in not more rubbish or else we will go down for sure.


Really lack-luster news.

We even got snubbed by Ipswich and our ex-manager, who will likely get better use from Stears than we would or should have. His heart is not with Wolves anymore.

Hoping he impresses and at least fetches us £1,2M come the end of the season. Taking him back to eventually rot in the reserves and suck an easy and hefty pay-packet off the club would be disheartening, to say the least.

Ask for £1.2M, Moxey, and shift him ASAP.

Like the guy, but his shelf date passed a while ago.


manc andy

Thankyou Ipswich,,its a start,9 more to go. UTW

Tipton Wolves

Hopefully this should turn into a permenant transfer and also I hope Moxey remember to put loan deal requirement like not allowed to play against us when we meet them.


I actually hope he does play against us. He was always likely to either give away a penalty or drop one big clanger during a game.


We have already played them twice this season.


we have already played them twice


Seeing as how we have played Ipswich Town twice alreadyand out of both the Cups how is he going to play against us ?

You need to stop looking out of the window and pay more attention.

......oh, sorry, you mean if we meet in the playoffs. I do apologise.

jimmy paige it!! Probably looking at Dean's sad face.


Goodridance should have gone two years ago.along with Henry and Doyle as Doyle will never score while Henry is facing the wrong way round

Arkansas Wolf

Makes perfect sense as our defense is so stout - no use for any more defenders - same for SEB, just a plethora of goals going in so he is supurfluous to our needs. League 1 bekons.


I feel that Richard Stearman is one of the deadwood in the club and loaning him out until the end of the season will hopefully end up in a transfer.I feel his days were numbered at the club.


Why would we strengthen a competitor for free? Just to save on some wages?


I hope we are not paying any of Stearmans wages while he is on loan, that would really be the pits!! how much do we reckon he is/was on?


The problem with Stearman is that although he can look a very good player sometimes, he makes horrendous clangers? Saying that all our defenders are like that - look at Johnson's error on Saturday and the fact that carthorse Berra should have been sent off? I expect Stearman to do well but asking that price is pure greed. No wonder we will struggle to offload!


the whole back 4 can go on a free, all hopeless, slow and overpaid.

Whisk-it-up Wolf

We are getting rid of the Crown Jewels ... who next? Ward? Henry? Zoo-bar?

What next?


Waggies Left Peg

Please tell me we have not just sent one of our first team squad players to bolster one of our relegation competetors chances of staying up, I could understand it if they had bought him, but on loan, sheer madness.

Sir Billy Quiet

Good - as many out as possible please. Lets hope Blake goes today along with another half dozen.

Let Saunders get on with building a team with players that want to be at Wolves as opposed to be 'under contract'

Sort it out Moxey ITS YOUR JOB! then resign pleeeeeaaasssssee ..............................

Orlando Wolves

`Let Saunders get on with building a team with players that want to be at Wolves`

I don`t think that Dean, Jez or Steve can find any!

Rebuilding the team involves bringing players in also, at the moment all the effort appears to be in shipping players out.

Magic wanderer

Stearman gone, who's next? Ebanks blake? Personally I'd like to see Johnson or Henry go. Things haven't been right with wolves since the passing of the arm band between these two.


good riddance only another 10 or so do you not need any more of your so called talented players Mick, Oh I forgot you grow your own veg in East Anglia


I've always thought that Stearmans true position is as a centre back. Using him as a makeshift right back has resulted him coming in for a lot of unfair criticism.

Still, it now means that there is an opening for Danny Batth to make a name for himself, as Johnson will be missing for the next three games. Cometh the hour, cometh the man.


Oh No! As if we hadn't already got enough to worry about before the end of the season. We've now got to worry in case he comes back.


It shows how much mcarthy rates Stearman if he refuses to pay the signing fee even though he paid Leicester £1.6 million for him, personally I would have blocked the loan and kept him in the reserves, why do any favours for MM and clipboard. This story will make some Wolves fans very happy after some of his performances. I believe he was not being kept in the side with merited performances just because MM liked him.

Mark B

Hope all goes well for Stears.

Haling wolf

On loan presumably Ipswich don't agree with the fee no surprise there

Good luck Richard fill your boots mate don't waste this opportunity

Mad mick obviously sees a decent full back in you , which for the life of me is a

Mystery to me...!

spanish ray

So,Ipswich refused to buy Stearman .It is obviously McCarthy knows that he is not good enough for long term and he decides only to have him on loan.Who is running this club? Yes we have to lighten our load but this means we have to have him back.Not good for our club I feel.It really is time for Morgan to get a grip,get rid of Moxey along with Ward,Henry, Elokobi,Edwards, Doyle and Hunt,then we can have some good players in,not I stress,33yr.old strikers who McCarthy wants rid of but someone who wants to play for


I hope this is the start of the clear out only pity that we could not sell Stearman but never mind, looking forward to who is next to leaveI and who will be coming in to the club, I hope Morgan & Moxey are going to back the manager so that the fans will have a team that we can be proud of again.

spanish ray

So,Ipswich refused to buy Stearman .It is obviously McCarthy knows that he is not good enough for long term and he decides only to have him on loan.Who is running this club? Yes we have to lighten our load but this means we have to have him back.Not good for our club I feel.It really is time for Morgan to get a grip,get rid of Moxey along with Ward,Henry, Elokobi,Edwards, Doyle and Hunt,then we can have some good players in,not, I stress,33yr.old strikers who McCarthy wants rid of but someone who wants to play for Wolves and are good at what they do.Yes,it`s not going to be easy and it will cost but it`s about time this club woke up and gave it`s fans something to shout about.


There is a God!

Filthy Wolf

So he's back in the summer? Oh God.


Could have been great with right management.

Please take Ward as well Mick


yes thicko take ward you know the best player you ever bought ha ha ha i would give you him for nothing


Gets alot of stick but he is a far better centre half than Berra (slow, clumsy, poor ion the air, rugby tackles around the area) and no worse than Johnson.

Wednesbury wolves

1 gone, Berra foley ward Henry edwards hunt dud Doyle, sick note number 2 Ohara, all to follow!!!!!! We live in hope, it's our only hope!!!!!!! On a positive note though, I'd like to take the opportunity, to thank sylvan for his time here, u have been a great player, it's a pity we couldn't keep you and provide better service for you, and got a iwelumo like player to play up front with you, even rvp would have struggled to play up front with dud 124 league games 23 league goals Doyle!!!!!! Good luck with moving forward ebanks, as we're going backwards rapidly!!!!!! Morgan out moxey out, and will some1 send Yes man saunders back to north Wales!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thats one truely hopeless defender gone , I cannot believe we are asking for £1.8 million , do well to get £180,000! Just need to get shut of Berra , Jonnson (he still with us?), Johnson , Ward and Elokobi now and let Dean bring some new blood in , this lot will only take us down again.

Golden blood

£1.8 million. Are you on mind expanding drugs Moxey? Your mind must be the size of your waist?

Get what the players are worth not what you want to make. As I always say. It's better to get 10% of something than 100% of nothing.

He is worth £500k at best.


Well atleast one of our players has got their dream move.

Phil Smith

Not quite. He's on loan.

Mills wolf

Good news ..... .. Cos hes rubbish at wolves !

If he comes good under mick then sell him for a good fee or gie him another chance here.

Win win situation ! One in one out now moxey please !!


I am so angry about this, not because crazy legs has gone, we let him leave on loan!!! With 18 months left of his contract Ipswich will not stump up £1.8 mil, so here you are have him for rest of season so he only has 1 year left on contract, then he will let it run out for a Bosman free, why would we loan him to one of our RELEGATION rivals, let him rot in reserves then, don't let one of our rivals borrow him to help them out so they stay up at our expense, to save us 10k or whatever his wages are a week, I bet we are probably paying most of his wages too!!, seriously mr moxey and mr Morgan, I whine alot, it goes with being a wolves fan, but unless you have something magical up your sleeves that we don't know about, you will never see me down the molineux again until you have left, and that breaks my heart

Wolves till I die

Bullying of

Well said


Decent at times but lacked consistency and made some silly mistakes and I always felt our defense became weaker when he was picked.

Ye Olde South Bank

Aaw, bless, you just can't beat a good weepie, they say.

I can just picture all those tears flowing in the Portman Road dressing room as godfather Mick, trusty lieutenant Terence and adopted son, Richard, are reunited. A touching scene indeed from 'Love Story' that I'd like to see repeated with at least another half dozen of our waste-of-space, spineless mercenaries.

Who needs Ali MacGraw and Ryan O'Neal when you've got McCarthy and Connor taking the lead roles?

Cairo Wolf

So one of the old guard is off the wage bill for now. So I'm guessing about 3 more off the bill until we can bring in 1 player according to Jez? Or maybe he won't bring anyone in as obviously our team is good enough to get us back to the Prem?

*Still waiting for this war chest or investment to come into the transfer window*

The Newt

Not sure how clever it is to loan a player to one of our relegation rivals!! Because let's face it both us and Ipswich are too close to the drop zone for comfort. We should have either sold him or kept him especially with Johnson facing a ban for his red card.

Hope we either have a centre half lined up or Batth can step up to the plate because Mouyokolo and Margreitter seem to be permanently injured.

Does anybody know if Craddock is still at the club? I'm sure he signed a new contract in the summer.

Phil Smith

Well that's one liability out of the way.

The emphasis should be on what's coming in not what's going out. Let's hope behind the scenes that is the case.

The priority should be, at this moment, survival then improvement and not about balancing the books. If we go down I can assure you balancing the books will be a a ten times more difficult task.

Remenber this Mr Morgan you supply a product just like any other business. If that product is not value for money people will stop buying it. Take us supporters for granted at your peril. Don't cut your cloth to aggressively you will pay a truly massive price.

You've just appointed a new manger.....BACK HIM!!!

Welsh Wolf

Not one of the three, Stearman, Johnson or Berra, could you class as a REASONABLE CENTRE-HALF. I have seen better on a Subbuetteo table.

SURELY the common-sense thing would be to play Batth, AND sign back LESCOTT ( who is not wanted at City) he then could coax the young untried player. For pities sake SPEND SOME MONEY JEZ.


There is a God after all! Well it's a positive move the clearout of the deadwood has begun, slow I know but it's begun. This

club is like turning an oil tanker!

Hope others will follow as well. No news on SEB joining the greenhouse boys. Well there is light at the end of the tunnel and it ain't Moxey with a torch. Out of Darkness and all never knows perhaps Morgan has had an epiphany or summat while eating his cornflakes, perhaps the sun broke through the dank clouds and he had a visit from you know who, perhaps it's his birthday, perhaps another Redrow house has been completed in the main carpark of the Mol! perhaps Moxey has become a Nun( bet he'd get his Habit from Harrods) perhaps Morgan woke up in the night shakin n sweatin

and grabbed Moxeys picture from the bedside table and hugged it! Mebe the Molinuex ghost was sittin in Morgans chair with his feet up Cuban stoggie hangin from his mouth, 'Listen Steve me boy bout time you did somethin see! Iv'e bin around since the first stone was laid in 1878 and it's damn frustratin we ain't doin better so sort it! Oh, as well the pies are bloody awful! see ya'

So, it could be the start of a new dawn in this circus called WWFC! Next few days could be interesting. Thursday night Three points!


tune in again!

luke skywalker

Now we've freed some wages up, go buy Soton's LB Danny Fox!!!


I think I speak on behalf of us all when I say, "so long, young Richard, and thanks for... Well, whatever it was that you were meant to have done."

It's nice that, even after he has gone, Mick continues to have a positive effect on the club.

I will now yield the floor to Noisy for the usual superfluous, snippy, vaguely resentful comment.

Lord Molineux

I'll take the floor Peenuts.

How can it be 'so long young Richard' ?

The clue is in the words LOAN DEAL

He'll be back ready willing and available come the Summer solstice.

For the record, in my opinion he has been a wasted talent, a lot of it self inflicted. When he arrived he looked a real prospect. Whether it's down to the coaching he received I'm not sure, but, clearly returning to MM and TC he doesn't feel so.

Let me know if you need anymore help Peenuts. Happy to help.


I think my feelings towards your post can be summed up thusly - "'PEENUTS!' LOOOOOOOLZ! YOU FUNNY LORD MOLLYNOO!!!"

He won't be back, and besides, do you only say "so long" to people you're never going to see again? In the meantime - here we go again - "any more" is not one word, "summer" does not need to be capitalised and you need a hyphen in the phrase "self-inflicted". Happy to help.

Wednesbury wolves

Well said. Petenuts considering your a journalist, you don't seem to be influencing your colleagues, on trying to get Morgan and moxey out the club, are you just the tea boy? Only joking you could try harder though.


How am I supposed to do that, pray tell? I hate to break it to you, but the travails of a lower mid-table Championship club in a misery-stricken recession city aren't exactly at the top of the news agenda while we have ballboys being hoofed in the kidneys by £30m Chelsea stars and suchlike.

One day, moderators permitting, I'll tell you what I know about the shenanigans behind the scenes at the club, and then I won't have to try to get M&M out, you'll all be storming the ramparts with burning battering rams like the ones they have in Lord Of The Rings.

Wednesbury wolves

Petenuts, I also know what is going on behind scenes, but the we love Morgan and basketball loving accountant moxey are too blind to see it, or just don't want to believe it, don't forget it was me who pointed out to every 1 on here 2 months ago, that the wolves are in the window of opportunity , that means the football club is up for sale!!!!!!!! Morgan just won't say till it's a done deal!!!!

Chillo Wolf

Journalist? Have you read, sorry looked at Nuts magazine?

Not too much in depth football chat to be found ...

What's happening with the god damn Mural though Petenuts? hahaha


"Not too much in depth football chat to be found."

That's odd, I thought we had an entire section more or less devoted to it incorporating a column from Chris Kamara and frequent interviews with international footballers and the award-winning Ring Of Truth page. Ah yes, I just checked, we do.

I'm not sure what your last sentence means, I think it went under my head.


Sorry mate, busy at work. Maybe comments like 'I think I speak on behalf of us all' sum up my issue with your postings.

How was that for you?


Superfluous, snippy and vaguely resentful.


thank god he gone, he is absolute liability.................Can only play for around 20 minutes before making a mistake, true member of the keystone cops........


Well...ok it moves him off the wage bill for now which is good news - but surely if the two clowns who supposedly run this club had set a realistic price tag for him he would be off the books permanently. Plus, some money in for him is better than nothing. Personally I would have snapped anyone's hand off at £1m or just under. £1.8m is frankly a joke.

This myth about Jez being a shrewd financial operator is starting to be exposed. Ebanks-Blake contract has been allowed to run down and we look like selling the only guy who's scoring for us. Do you have any confidence in them finding a better striker to replace him? It's all a classic recipe for relegation.

Ian Smith

When he joined wasn't he England's Under 21 captain or something like that? What the hell has happened to him and what have the coaching staff done to make him so bad a player? Mick you're welcome to him.


Shame it's only on loan.


Another 10 to go !!!


To be honest the only thing bad about this is the timing.....again.

With Johnson now suspended for 3 games it would surely have given a chance for a fringe player to at least make the bench or indeed get his chance. Its not like Johnson didnt make an error costing us in the last match afterall............ We have no-one in and 2/3 days left to complete deals. The timing to now get replacements and re-inforcements in is not ideal.

Next thing you know we will let our top scorer go and try and get a replacement within 2 days................... oh,..................... what was that? lol

Wheres the money gone Morgan? I dont expect you towaste it but surely fans would be disappointed if you did not re-invest the money made by selling the players you have.

Wednesbury wolves

Blimey rich5wolves is this a dig at Morgan!!!!!!!! You're now off his Xmas card list.

Realistic Wolf

Jez, allegedly you wanted £1.8 for him, how totally unbelievable, unrealistic and OTT. A more realistic price would have probably done the deal. Now he will be back in the summer so we will be back to square one with lots of players nobody wants. Pity he didn't take Berra and Ward with him though.

Silver Wolf

He will be back on the books by summer - surely we overpriced him?

If that huge squad is to be slashed we can't expect to get it done without a degree of realism and that means getting rid of plenty even if we do take a beating on some of them. As non-playing well paid watchers they are continuously eating the seed corn!

grEEN niGeL

Good riddance loser.Now for the other 17.

Stafford DeWolf

Although Stearman wasn't great at right back, he looked the part in the Premiership when paired with Jody Craddock in the centre of defence. I shudder to think where the club might end up with Johnson, Berra as fixtures.

Warnock reported to be talking to Leeds about a 3 year permanent deal.

Things get more underwhelming by the hour.


Whats the point in loaning a player to a relegation rival - surely we should have said pay the cash or dont have him at all. I dont see the sense in helping a team that could send us down just to save a few weeks wages!!

This just sums up the stupidness at the wolves right now and only helps to prove the management are only interested in the financial side of things!

paul davo

Spot on goldenwolf, always gave 100% unlike a lot of others who pull on the gold top, not top class i grant you but even the top defenders make mistakes, Should of given mick bera instead, after all he is the one off in the summer and it seems nobody wants him Johnson will also be off in the summer because he thinks he is better than he is, and we will not be able to pay his 40k a week, still on the bright side, it gives batth a chance and he is one of our own. If we go down we will loose Doyle, sako, O"hara, for sure then the club will need to start all over again putting us back 10 years, what a mess the M&m have made, still when you only have a tenner to lose who cares.

Aldridge Wolf

Whatever Ipswich were offering, we should have took it. When Stearman came to Wolves I thought he was a bit raw but had the potential to go on and become a good centre half. Unfortunately, he hasn't developed at all as a player and I don't think he will either. What's the point of loaning him out? McCarthy is in the honeymoon period at his new club and the board would have stumped up the cash based on Mick's recommendation. When the same board members get to see Stearman in action, they'll never pay anywhere near what our out-of-touch CEO is asking for him! So he'll be back here next season along with the others who need to be sold for whatever we can get for them; Elokobi, Edwards, Hunt, Berra, Doyle, Foley etc.

I honestly don't know what is going on at boardroom level at Wolves at the moment, it just seems to be blunder after blunder after blunder, and I'm getting extremely worried now that we may be playing at yet another level next season.


Good luck Stears, loaning a player out to a relegation rival genius! All the best to seb if he's off - selling our top scorer brilliant!!!

Everything about this club I loved is just ugly now! :(

No to the Schneiders

Moxey off to Ipswich as well please.......

ian clarke

Well what can I say I am glad I am not going so much lately selling your best striker to palace and keeping hopeless Doyle what a joke Doyle Ward Henry and Hunt and moxey Are taking this club down the Drain the fans should stay away they dont desearve any support cant be bothered to sign players cheap skates we are Mccarthy would be going over us shortly things can only get better or should I say worser get rid of the above and bring in some quality keep Hamill and Ebankes blake.


I liked Stearman at centre back, Stuart Pearce thought he was good enough to give him a number of u21 caps. Then Mick started to play him at full back instead of leaving him in his best position, i think Ipswich will buy him at the end of the season and they realise they have a bargain and the tractor boys fans will encourage him not like our lot, and to think he's a Wolverhampton lad as well, wonder what is family thought when he taking abuse off the so called supporters. It probably won't happen but i would not mind seeing him win a full cap.

Dutch Wolf

More chance of him staying in the Championship!


Waggies Left Peg

I have just been speaking to my old mate Jez Moxey and he has advised me to stick my 1900 Victorian Penny on ebay for offers starting at £250,000, I reckon that if he can get £1.8 Million Stearman I should easily get that for my Penny, wish me luck.

wolves fan

Good luck to SEB.

Wednesbury wolves

Dan the man helloooooooooooo where are you?????? We need you back, rich5wolves seems to be losing it, I think they must have reduced his medication. Still no signings!!!!!!


Shame its all 2 years too late. Most of McCarthys dross players should have been replaced then for 2 footed players with a brain and ability.... Anyway, message to Morgan and Moxey....I can fit 4 passengers in my car and my brothers work van is sufficient for about 7 others so Ward, Elokobi, Berra, Foley, Edwards, Henry, Hunt, SEB & Doyle pack your bags and jump in !!....hope this saves my club even more money by offering free transportation to Ipswich or anywhere else they can get a look in !. I shall also continue to do my bit for the club by dragging my 4 year old along as much as he gets bored after the first opening song and looks at me longing to go back home....funny really as most of the season ticket holders around me all look the same !!....... Will we ever fill the ground again I wonder..... UTW !.


I always felt better when Stearman was left out of the side.. I preferred him at right back than centre back, as his mistakes there cost us less. These players should have gone over a year ago to make way for quality players. We will just end up giving them all away now for nothing..


Welsh Wolf have you seen Danny Bath Play? How do you know he is good enough? Someone said a lot of pressure will be on him if he does play,well if he cant handle the pressure then he is not good enough. A s for bringing back Lescott.Lescott is currently in the England set up and he is oN £90.000 per week.Why would he want to come to a struggling championship side plus Wolves will not pay those wages.

We need to stay up this season.Personally i would play one youngster every game then put another on the bench.Come end o f season i would keep Ikeme,Forde and a couple of the youngsters and clear the rest off.I will not slag them off all these players have done tremendous for WOLVES but have peaked 2 years ago and are stale.If Saunders does not get rid of them then he is not he man for the job.We need a clearout like when mccarthy cam


I assume you remember that the clear out had happened just before McCarthy came, leaving him with a blank sheet of paper. Hoddle had cleared the decks for him. Saunders would probably give anything to be in that position right now.


the truth is steerman was useless,right back centre half he was cluless,good ridance . still alot of dead wood to get rid of, ward, berra,henry,e, johnson and hunt.


cant believe no one mentions foley.most overated right back ive seen down here since geoff palmer,


My heart sank when I read that the man we all revere, Steve Bull, gave such staunch support to the actions of chairman Steve Morgan. It's as though no one at the club really grasps how vast numbers of us interpret the situation. Northing that M and M do ever seems to stack up alongside ambition for the future. They tell us one thing and do another. Now we read the wage bill must be cut and, sad to say, a talented young manager is parroting everything which comes from that dreadful duo at the top. Incidentally, I wrote to Mr Morgan when Mick McCarthy was sacked expressing my concerns about the way things were being handled. No reply for three weeks and then one came from someone in the marketing department telling me he was too busy himself but that he would look at my views. Not a bad way to treat a 2-season ticket holder who travelled a round trip of 180 miles to watch every home game. Have been coming for 60 years. No longer while that man is chairman. Sorry Steve! Morgan is of no use to Wolverhampton Wanderers.

chris h; I will try again

Three years in the Premier League and the Wolves only signed two players from a Premier League club: Halford a reserve at Sunderland and O'Hara who had been injured for the previous 4 months before we signed him from Spurs.There is a distinct pattern to all the other signings;buying players from relegated clubs who needed to offload players,buying players from clubs in financial trouble(Hearts Dundee and Soton,who at the time were in administration) and signing players with low buy out clauses in thier contracts,such as Hammill at Barnsley.These signings predictably proved inadequate .It should be obvious that a deliberate procurement strategy had been adopted by the club.It is ridiculous to assume any manager given a free choice would not want to sign more Premier league quality players,and it is equally ridiculous to assume that the manager's first transfer targets were for players at relegated clubs or clubs with money troubles. It should be clear to all Wolves fans that this procurement strategy was approved and adopted at Board level. What was needed at the time was a step change in transfer policy to meet the needs of Premier league football and this was not forthcoming.Given the restrictive strategy that was adopted, it was inevitable that the quality of the playing staff would be inadequate and it is a tribute to Mick McCarthy's managerial skills that he managed to keep the club in the Premier for three years.Messrs Morgan and Moxey should accept responsibilty for the current plight of our football club and we need more investigative journalism from the local reporters at the Express and Star,so that fans concerns are properly identified and addressed with the owner and chief executive.


So long Bambi, will always be remembered for falling over his own feet against the Albion i think it was when trying the dribble at pace with the ball


Richard Stearman was not up to the task along with a lot off the Wolves playing staff.Perhaps this is the start of getting rid of the deadwood.Unfortunately,i think that the clearing out of the deadwood should have started at the end of last season.SS was appointed in the May and started his job two months later.Two months were lost when we could have started clearing out the deadwood.Then SS after 38 videos failed to see the cracks and gave the deadwood a second chance.I see that Bristol City and Barnsley won last night.Only five points between Wolves and the relegation zone.