Wolves ready to sell duo in January

Wolves today announced they are prepared to sell Ronald Zubar and Eggert Jonsson in the January transfer window.


Manager Stale Solbakken is happy to listen to offers for the out-of-favour duo and allow them to leave Molineux on a permanent basis next month to help make way for new signings.

Solbakken told the Express & Star: "If the right offer comes in for Ronald, it’s a possibility that we won’t stand in the way. He wants regular first-team games and he deserves that.

"His attitude has been fine – he’s been smiling and working hard. And if the right deal for him comes along, we will let Eggert go permanently.

"I think they paid £500,000 or something for him but you’ll have to ask Jez Moxey what they want.

"Eggert has been back since the start of December because it was only a month’s loan at Charlton.”

Zubar, 27 is one of six players out-of-contract at the end of the season, while Jonsson, 24, has two-and-a-half years left on his deal.

The former Marseille defender, who cost £2m in July 2009, hasn’t made the 18-man squad for the last eight games since the 2-2 draw against Charlton on October 27.

Midfielder Jonsson has recently returned from a month’s loan at Charlton, where he made two appearances.

The Iceland international signed for £600,000 from Hearts last January but has made just four league appearances.


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Comments for: "Wolves ready to sell duo in January"

luke skywalker

Makes sense, shame we didn't take the alleged £1.8m Besikitas offered for Zubes in the summer. Thanks for everything, but time to move on, Ron! Still have no idea why we ever bought Jonsson!!!


Agree 100% - should have taken money in summer. Just wondering why we turned it down then decide to sell him a few months later????


Don't think they actually had the funds to buy him, they're in financial difficulty & we probably wouldn't have got the full fee....plus Foley was injured at the time so we weren't prepared to sell him

Mark W

Heart's were short of cash we made a donation. Don't think they realised they'd signed him.


Oh no these are 2 of our better players what on earth is going on down my beloved club


This is either a wind up comment or said by somebody who has not seen either player play. Zubar has a great heart, but poor positional sense and cannot concentrate for 90 minutes. Jonsson we have seen so little of we don't really know, but he looked distrinctly average during his few appearances.

Best of luck to both players. I hope they find good clubs elsewhere.

I was astounded we didn't accept any >£1m offer for Zubar from Besiktas in the close season. I guess Solbakken hadn't had a chance to evaluate by then, so I can understand it.



You're trying too hard

Matt Childs

Is that a joke?

Eggert a better player?? Really

Doncaster Wolf

"Two of our best players"? You have a great sense of humour Sid. These two along with SEB, Stearman and Nouble should find new homes so Stale can bring some decent players in.

Oldbury Wolf


Sympathy for "Zubes" (although he has a clanger per game in him) but I have to agree with Luke as I also don't understand why Mick bought him, keep the fsaith brothers & sissters, UTW

DXB Wolf

I think it's fair to say some people do not understand the meaning of sarcasm..


Stop Press

Latest new year offers, Buy one get one free and even at that nobody will want Eggert-Jonsson.Did anybody actually watch him play before he was signed?


Thats 50k in the coffers then.


Sorry but to say Eggert is one of our better players............... you obviously dont go to the matches.

He doesnt even play................

Selly park wolf

About time too! Problem is that we will probably only get around £1m combined for the two of them.

I liked zubar when he used to get forward but defensively he was always found wanting.

As for jonnson, although I'm not gonna slate McCarthy I do think this was probably one of his worst signings if not his worst.

To think that he cost as much as what Jarvis cost us makes it laughable.

Just stearman ward and Berra left then?



...and to think Millwall only want to give £1m for our young world cup striker, who is another Steve Bull in the making. Unbelievable.


Kenny Hibbitts Left Foot

Jack the Hat...... I really would love to meet you in person!!!!


syd......baggie alert, baggie alert........these two would probably not get into your reserves.......or champions league headed first team.....oh hang on......lol.


.... Really?


Eggert Jonsson Is not one of our best players Syd have you ever seen him play? Sorry that Zubes Is on his way though I like him he always had something different too offer during a game, Im sure he ll do well wherever he goes. Thank you Zubes and good luck

No so happy wanderer

It is certainly all change at Wolves these days. Anybody at the club know what is happening. No good keep on about getting a new playing style suitable for Premier League if you slip into League One and lose all the spectators doing it. As usual it's all talk before the transfer opens. Big names mentioned (maybe) then it will be sorry, the players we want are not available (meaning cost too much). We've heard it all before

Chase Terrace Wolf

I for one like Zubar,and if played in a different position poss midfield he could benefit us,and a lot better than some of the other players we have on the books. Looks like we have to sell to buy in January so we have to ask again where is all the money from the parachute payments,and transfers errmmm invested in some building company perhaps.

Morgan Moxey out or elas Div 1 is beckoning.


Typical blinded "we hate everything Moxey does" muppet. We don't have to sell in Jan to rais funds. we need to get rid of dead wood because otherwise we will be left with a load of players who will get no where near the team but cost us money.

chris h

Cart I don't think anybody 'hates everything Moxey does',I am sure the vast majority of Wolves ' fans appreciate he is good at controlling costs.It is the part he plays in the poor footballing decisions that has resulted in us failing to sign many decent transfer targets, {due to financial constraints] and the lower cost players he has signed have in the main proved to be inadequate . No one pretends getting these decisions right is easy ,but these failures have resulted in the club wasting millions rather than investing properly in building a decent football team.That is the problem.The concern is that this problem will keep reoccurring starting next Jan. And if you want proof we have a problem,just look at the league table.

Jack ♣ Hat.


Looks as though Zoobar is you only saleable item.



wish zubar the best but its time to move on. as for jonsson why oh why and at £600k we will get next to nothing for him.

i hope with the old scouting network moving on, under new setup we continue to sign quality over quantity.

wee side note...hearts needed to sell to pay wages we bought johnsson, dundee needed to sell to pay wages and we bought griffiths(he's having great season up here with hibs)....did we buy these players purely to help those clubs?...was our old scout making deals like this to secure future signings? why waste the money?





Add Stearman, Wardinho and SEB to the list please.

John De Wolf

Not sure why he was never given a chance a centre back, he played for Marseille in the champions league in that position.

I think he always looked ok in the premiership, liable to make a few mistakes but that's like most of our players, don't think he seemed that motivated to play in the championship and didn't start the season well despite being given a chance.

If we're prepared to let him go though, then surely the same can be said for most of our squad who are not good enough either.

As for Jonsson, he should never have been signed. The SPL is not a great place to source talent. The league is so bad it makes average players look good.

Hopefully we can get a few gems from Europe, like Sako et al.


I'll be sad to see Zubar go, but it's surely inevitable as he's barely had a sniff under Solbakken... just as Denes Rosa didn't get a sniff under McCarthy when Mick first came to the club... just as Carl Robinson didn't get a sniff under Dave Jones etc etc. Some players just don't fit with some managers and that's the way it is.

The shame of it is that Zubar has never had a chance to show what he can do at centre-back which, if you recall, was what we signed him as.

As for Eggert, well I was hoping he'd be a lot more dynamic in the middle of the pitch than he is but he always seems to have struggled with the pace of the game down here and an old uni mate of mine who's a lifelong Charlton fan said he was awful for them too. Better for both parties if he moves on, I guess.

Good luck to both of them.

The Flying Winger

Zubar bought as a CB, never given an opportunity. Another player ruined by McCarthy.

spanish ray

As John De Wolf says Zubar was never given a chance in the middle of the defence and I feel that a good coach would have been an asset to him,maybe coaching some of those mistakes out of him.If he goes for the reasons given then surely Stearman,Ward and Seb at least must be on their way.Why did we sign Jonsson in the first place?Hope we get good players in January not the sort Mad Mick and Moxey would buy.

Robert Perry

Well I for one am extremely sorry Zubar is going(Didnt we sign him as a centre half?) and will always remember that goal he scored when we beat West Ham 3.1 away.

Dan the Man

I'm not losing any sleep over the sale of these two players. Shame neither set the world on fire when they got here.

SS also is continuing to clear out some of the purchases made when MM was manager. No great surprise there either. In fact, we need to focus more on who will come in, not who leaves. This will say more about the club's intentions.

I hope both players have better futures elsewhere.

chris h

We signed Zubar after Moxey pulled the Scott Dann deal,after being gazumped by Brum on his wages .Moxey would not match the Brum offer and so as usual we went for the next one{cheaper up front cost} on the list and wasted millions.In a nutshell this is where we have gone wrong time and time again under Moxey's stewardship. And surely no one really believes we actually turned down £1.8m for Zubar.His contract runs out in the summer and we will be lucky to get any fee for him.They just want him off the wage bill. Jonsson was signed on that well worn and flawed strategy of buying players from clubs in financial trouble,thinking we will get a bargain but it didn't work out. We can only hope they learn from the mistakes they have made in the poor signings,other that Fletcher and Doyle , during our 3 years in the Premier.We have wasted a large chunk of 3 years of Sky money on poor signings and the net result is we are now18th in the second division of English football.And the guy responsible for these flawed transfer deals is still earning a very large salary and his pies are over priced as well.

Kenny Hibbitts Left Foot

We will never do any good with Moxey in charge of the purse strings!!!

Come on me Babbies

bemused wolf

Just two ? How despressing !


Personally we should be selling -

SEB, BERRA, STEARMAN, HUNT, PENNANT, DOYLE, HAMMIL, which sadly leaves us with a bunch of untried youngsters.

Sadly this season can almost be written off now unless we start a winning streat beginning on Friday!

No pressure lads!


Pennant is only on loan from Stoke?

Bristol wolf

Div 1 wouldnt be so bad, maybe Morgan and Moxey would loose a bit more of the clubs money, quit, then somebody with half a brain could buy it... Just saying...


well I have £2.99 if you have a couple of bob to add to it who knows


Heading for Division One .... yeah right? Boukari is out until February but once we have O'Hara and Peszko back we will be far better. Obviously got to move a few more on and get some of Stale's men in. All his signings have been fine so far - Nouble was not his!


" To help make way for new signings"!! Hold on.......I thought we had about 30 million to play with following the sale of our best players. Does this mean that if we sell these two we"ll have about 1 million to spend on new blood? Sounds ominous to me, and with Moxey at the helm, I hold somewhere between zero and ^%$-all percent chance of getting in anything half decent.

Jack ♣ Hat.


What are you on about?. How many players are allowed in a squad?. If your club has twenty five then some-one has to make way, get it?. Obviously wolves think these two tremendous players will be the ones to go.



JTH-correct me if I'm wrong but don't think the squad limit applies in the Championship!


i think the selling of players is to free squad spaces up and free wage funds up.

tbh i hate to think who we will get bidding for the players available, apart from zubes and hamill which i rate both of them and the players ipswich allow mm to sign, we are selling no1 unless hereford and crewe etc.. come in for them.

eggert wouldn't get in a sunday morning team, the money is there but we aint gonna be allowed to have a squad the size of man city's and i think its sensible in a way, but if the players are not gonna be sold due to no interest surely mutual termination with a % of unpayed wages being paid!!!


why don't wolves do a deal for Big Mick Buy One Get One Free

come and get em Mick


A complete surprise.

What next? E-B taking tractor driving lessons?

Essex Paul

I tuned into the Albion game yesterday to watch the fancied Champions league outfit, ho ho ho! WEST Brom v WEST Ham, well let me tell yow lot it was a total WEST of 90(+4) precious minutes of my life!

Up the Wolves - in Stale Bacon we trust!!


I think the green eyed monster is out!


Not exactly stop press news. Why on earth we did'nt sell Zubar to the Turks when we had the chance, goodness knows. Can't knock his enthusiasm but his performances have to say the least been erratic - and sometimes very costly.

Jonson was a speculative buy that simply did'nt work out. At £500k it's not going to be much of a loss.

What the article does not say, is who else is likely to depart. My guess is that Ebanks-Blake will be allowed to leave if the right offer comes in. I just have a feeling that Solbakken will bring in another striker from across the channel.


Its really strange after watching all those videos pre season that SS didnt see what an average player Jonson is along with Edwards,Berra,Stearman,foley,ward,hunt,

He let guediora go and wants to play a passing game and keeps Edwards who doesnt know how to pass.

Zubar is a better footballing defender that all of those we have in the team but he is being allowed to go????

His judgement of players seems suspect just like Micks. Let's hope im wrong.

If it was me I would try to let go of SEB, Edwards,Johnson,hunt,berra.

We need another full back,(not if we keep Zubar)

centre half, - we need a solid partner for Johnson

midfielder - a combative midfielder,who can pass the ball

forward- we need one who can hold the ball up, with


combative midfielder - would JOEY BARTON not fit the bill, he has everything in his locker and never gives up.

run us ragged in the prem, yes wages will be high but he was on a FREE at start of season (when he went to france, unsure if he was perm or loaned out)

i may just get slated for this due to his history with us lot but i really rate the guy and i think SS can keep him calm like warnock did,

Dennis wiser

We would have been better off paying Robbie Keane £60k a week for 10 weeks rather than paying £600k for Jonsson......when we had the chance, if we'd have beaten the villa last season, this might of been so different. But past is past and the reality is, if stale really watched all those dvd's how come he didn't realise how weak our defence was and that most goals conceded came from crosses or runs from the right hand side where the they exploited our weakness as a team.......if stale stays until January.....then he needs to have the funds to put it right, we now need to beat Blackpool and Peterborough convincingly for him to stay in my mind and to be honest I can't see us winning either games.

older gold

Mick will but both of them, and they will play à blinder next time they play us , oh its just what all our cast off,s do

Tamworth Wolf

Who will buy either of them? Please remember MM ruined most of our players by playing them as utility players. SS needs time and a new broom

Lord Brewood

Well as Mick McCarthy rated Eggert Jonsson by signing him perhaps he will come a calling in the January sales & snap him up before the queues gather? LOL

As for Zubar I always enjoyed watching him as he was liable to do the unusual - even if they were clangers but he at least offers something - good luck to him.




dont forget berra brit wolf


I guess that Zubar & Jonssen are going nowhere so they need to be offloaded.However there are bigger culptits from last seasons debacle who are still there.Wolves will not move forward until they have cleared out 'McCarthy's men'.eg Berra, Stearman,etc.The transfer window will give an indication of where Stale is going.I remain skeptical.WE have already seen around 20 Million pounds profit in transfers not being reinvested in players.I think that we can kiss goodbye to that along with the parachute money.It seems to me that Stale's hands are tied behind his back and he has limited control of running the team,ie,Morgan & Moxey putting financial retrictions upon him,etc.I wait with baited breath for the transfer window to come along though i do not have high expectations.


I'll give you three bob and a big opple for the pair of them.

Let's hope they never darken our door again or I'll be booing all game.


Thanks Coventry that made me loff.

paul davo

Zubar profile, big strong has a goal in him, just the power midfielder we need, cost zero, just a new contract, come on stoll sign him up . Doyle in mf with him sako main striker, up the WOLVES


JDW took the words right out of my keyboard. Zubar was bought as a centre back. We let in two golas per game for season after season and yet he is never given a chance in the position to my knowledge at least. He might have been worth keeping for his enthusiasm which is not always obvious elswhere on the pitch. I give up.........

chris h

Hertford, He played centre back when he first arrived in a friendly at MK Dons and at home in the League Cup against Swindon.Problem is he is erratic and unreliable ,something some posters said on here before or at the time he was signed,there was some Wolves fan from South of France plus others who pointed out he was unreliable,I think he had scored some crazy own goals for Marseilles . This is the sort of thing our high paid professionals should have worked out before we signed him,and certainly before they pulled the plug on the deal for Scott Dann.We can only hope lessons have been learn't.Thing is we keep paying our season ticket money and the people we trust to get us a decent football team keep messing up[and laughing all the way to the bank].


Bit of a surprise but not overly. If that is all that is on offer from the club then god help us. I can think of numerous other average players who we could sell besides them. We need players who can consistently score and a decent playmaker midfielder as well as defenders.

We are being tee'd up again for the obligatory let down and pompus fine sentiments from Moxey et al.

Only a few weeks to go before we see the real intent.



I'm afraid our money will be soon gone. Moxey can manage the finances but his footballing knowledge is zero.

As a consequence we've had a string of poor managers that in turn have made on the whole, poor dealings in the transfer


Jarvo and Fletch were two great signings and Kites was a decent player when he was actually fit but on the whole McCarthy

squandered the money on second rate players that are struggling even in this division.

As moxey shows no sign of going, I confidently predict that in 3 years we will be a club no different to a Burnley or Blackpool. That is a club which has very little money to spend on players and which will wallow in Championship mediocracy for many, many years to come.

Sorry, the writing is on the wall. Morgan simply isn't interested in investing in the team. A net spend of £15 million in 5.5 years on players say's it all. Morgan has risked nothing. If he sold the club tomorrow I'm quite sure he would walk away with a handsome profit and of course his companies are making millions building on green belt land as we speak.

Robert Perry

Spot on. People thinking we are going to invest heavily in the January window are going to be bitterly disappointed. Last season when we still had a chance of staying up we only purchased a below average Championship player. My prediction is we will sell more than we purchase and make a profit as well. Utterly depressing.



As you say Morgan and his henchman are taking WWFC towards short term mediocrity and long term oblivion. Both are completely consumed by self interest and the Morgan regime will go down in the Club's history alongside the Bhatti Brothers if nothing changes soon.

Several regular posters on here including ourselves keep preaching this message ad infinitum but our collective voice seems to carry little weight as many suppoerters have gone past caring; apathy, the worst possible enemy for any football club, is starting to take a serious hold.

Please people, stand up and be counted before it's too late.

Wolves and Chips with Salad

When are all the wolves fans here going to realise the main moderator on here is a baggies fan?!


Chris h, you sound as if we should have bought Scott Dann, he as not done much at Blackburn and if he's earning more than we wanted to pay him then iam glad he went to them. As for Zubar and Johnson if we lose money on them, then so be it get rid and move on.COME ON THE WOLVES.

chris h

Mardy, I am talking about when he went to the Blues,two tears before he went to Blackburn. If you remember Wolves and Blues both agreed a fee with Coventry.Dann initially chose Wolves and was having a medical ,when Blues rang him [at our place] on his mobile and offered him more money.We would not match Blues offer,saying it was a matter of principle not to increase our offer.Moxey said Dann was not considered a priority signing and they had other irons in the fire.This turned out to be Zuber,who cost us a packet and who was never considered good enough by 3 managers to play in his preferred position of centre back.The decision to not sign Dann at that time was a mistake from both a football and commercial point of view, Dann played well at centre back for the Blues and they made money on him when he was sold to Backburn.


would of loved to see zubes play in his proper position,centre half,then we could of judged him more fairly.


Our scouts are truly dreadful. We've had so many flops in the past 5 years ish it's shameful. What do they see in these players? Mind blowing.


Sorry Chris h, i had forgotten about that.


SELL ????