'No rush' on new Wolves deal for Sylvan Ebanks-Blake

Wolves boss Stale Solbakken today insisted there is no rush for Sylvan Ebanks-Blake to sign a new deal despite approaching the end of his contract.   

Football - nPower Football League Championship - Blackburn Rovers v Wolverhampton Wanderers

The 26-year-old striker’s deal expires at the end of the season and both parties are open minded about the future.

Solbakken has to plan for the possibility of losing Ebanks-Blake for nothing next summer and is happy to let the situation run its course.

“I think both sides are monitoring the situation,” said the boss. “He hasn’t knocked my door down to ask for a new contract.

“I’m also monitoring the situation because I think it’s the right thing to do at this moment.

“That also has something to do with the other players – players working together. So I won’t say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to that. I’ll keep it open. He had a good game on Saturday.”

Wolves were hoping their return to the second tier would spark Ebanks-Blake into the goalscoring form that made him the Championship’s Golden Boot winner in his two previous seasons at this level.

The seven-goal former Manchester United reserve hasn’t managed to hit the same prolific form yet as he enjoyed in 2007-08 and 2008-09 when he scored 23 and 25 goals respectively, the latter helping to fire Wolves to the title.

Ebanks-Blake has scored 56 times in 172 games for Wolves, of which he has started 116, while he enjoyed his best game of the season in Saturday’s 4-1 win at Bristol City, having a hand in all four goals.

But he lost his place to in-form Bjorn Sigurdarson prior to last weekend after going eight games without a goal. Two clubs who could be interested in Ebanks-Blake are Championship high-flyers Crystal Palace and Ipswich.

Palace boss Ian Holloway – then at Plymouth – sold the striker to Wolves for £1.5m when current Ipswich chief Mick McCarthy was in charge and was linked with a move for him when he was in charge of Blackpool.

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Comments for: "'No rush' on new Wolves deal for Sylvan Ebanks-Blake"

psalm 23

Probably does now want to commit until he finds out what league Wolves will be in. If as seems likely Wolves are relegated then Ebanks-Blake would ply his trade elsewhere


Go and worry about ya own lot Boggie. We all knew the bubble was going to go with a mighty BANG !!!!


You are nearly always first to comment. Don't you have anything better to do?


SEB is a Championship level player.He couldn't do it in the Premier League and was lightweight. He was a failure last season ,like so many.Has he put it right this season? Hardly? Should we be fighting to keep him or should we try to get money or him in the January window?


Get some money for him before his value equalises with his lack of form


Agree with the above comments

Bak Sak & Cl4ck

... lightweight ?!


Yes good point. He's got more timber than Jewsons.

Basil Brush

Boom, boom !

Old Golds Worth More

If Berra can put in a transfer request and get no takers, then get offered a new contract, then its no wonder SEB isn't knocking the managers door down, as he probably thinks, he will either go to another club, or if that doesn't happen, get offered a new contract anyway!!!


26 years old, prolific at this level in previous seasons, needs to keep his weight down and shoot more , be a bit more selfish.

has'nt got the height to beat most gigantic centre backs in this division, so needs to improve his running in to positions/gaps in their defences. utw.

Merlin's mate

Ipswich here he comes


There's no rush for anything involving Sylvan Ebanks-Blake. When he intends to turn his marker, you could usually inform them of his intentions by postcard.

gold n black on me back

After reading your other post I've realised that I still do have a sense of humour surrounding the world of wolverhampton wanderers. Keep them coming thank you

JohnDe Wolf

What worries me about these situations is that we either cash in on him in Jan or lose him for nothing. Neither is a great scenario.

If we lose him in Jan it will be for a nominal amount and it's unlikely we'll be able to bring in a player with a better goal scoring record then Ebanks in the championship.

If we lose him for nothing then we've lost out on a transfer fee and for half a season we've kept a player who rightly so is probably mostly concerned about his own future over wolves - no matter what they say, players who are in the last year of their contract are less motivated, it's inevitable.

I don't see why relationships between a club and a player can't be at a level where a rolling contract is agreed whereby a buy out clause in inserted, meaning if the player doesn't want to commit himself to the club, the club is entitled to a decent transfer fee once the contract is expired.

If we don't go up then Ebanks is worth keeping in the championship. If we do go up he's still a good squad player but it would't be the worst thing if we let him go. However, if we went up I'd guarantee the player would want to stay if we offered him a contract which speaks volumes about commitment. If we don't go up then I'm sure he'll not be signing a contract.

Good luck if Palace and Ipswich are your only options. I don't see how or why these contract negations aren't sorted out in the summer instead of being allowed to drag over into the season.


Dear johnwolf, Lol so funny, Mr blake might have scored goals in the past in the div! but he shows know interest this season but keep him, very funny.

i remember a certain Don goodman who spent most of the time on the floor moaning and like Blake show,d no interest in making runs. untill his contract was nearly up! then we got the best of Don goodman, he was like a diferant player, trouble was he went back falling down at the slightest touch and moaning again once he got his contract.

Over my 35 years of watching wolves more players have tried harder when contracts are due than not. and normaly if they aint trying its because they dont want to stay. but at least thats honest unlike just trying to get another contract . its a rip off both ways, too the club and fans, players should give 100% every game FULL STOP.



I've always thought that about Goodman too! I thought I was the only one... he'd go down in a heap, then glare at the linesman for ten minutes before dragging himself to his feet, then make no attempt to get back onside despite him now being 40 yards off with Wolves now defending their 18 yard box!


I don't agree your point about contracts. In the NFL a players last year of an agreement is called his contract year because they invariably play well to get a good contract at their existing club or to impress clubs who may be interested in him in free agency. It should be the same in football.


What do you other Wolves fans think. No contract, do you think he may get an offer from Ipswich

The Flying Winger

I think he has been messed around by the club, McCarthy/Connor and now Stale.

He had to overcome his injury then needed games, the club didn't invest in good midfield players who should have been able to provide the service to him or Doyle.

McCarthy particularly bringing him on as a sub at 80 mins plus.

He has never criticised the club as far as I know and not asked for a transfer, like Berra and others

I think it would be better for him to find a club who can exploit his capabilities.

The Flying Winger

I see OHara this morning is complaining about living on £35000 a Week.

How about putting a shift in when he's back form injury, in which time I guess he has been picking his money up.


What he actually said was that things were easier when he was on £100 a week.

Ebanks-Blake alongwith many others has been below par. What I am more concerned about is this:-

Liverpool are monitoring the progress of Wolves starlet Liam McAlinden, Goal.com has learned.

Championship high-fliers Crystal Palace and Leeds United are also understood to be tracking the 19-year-old striker, who has netted seven goals in 11 Under-21 Premier League matches this season.

McAlinden, who joined Wolves’ youth ranks at the age of eight, remains highly rated by the club but has yet to commit to an extension of his current contract, which expires next summer.


How long as O'Hara got left on his contract? Maybe he will be interested in getting his strip dirty once he see's the cash cow running dry??

Solbakken DVD Club

Got a lot of time for blakey, nice guy and loyal. But his performances have got to be better, he has frankly been awful so far this season, but he's a proven goal scorer at this level and I hope as much as everyone else he recaptures the form he is capable of.

Also Mr O'Hara, I think your ignorant tweets over the last couple of days are utterly misguided and out of touch. If you were happier with £100 pound a week maybe you should take a pay cut, because you definatly have not been worthy to take £30k plus every week for sitting on your back side injured. I'm sure you won't be struggling for cash over Christmas as a lot of people are. I'll be in a mass of debt after Christmas while you'll probably be sunning yourself on a beach somewhere. Exactly the same as Ridgewell, out of touch, arrogant, idiotic and plain embarrassing. You need to have a good look in the mirror Jamie, 15 games in 3 seasons but your still taking the money and bragging about it. What a tough life you have.

This ones better Bacary Sagna thinks Arsenal have disrespected him because he thinks 60k a week ain't enough

Northern Wolf

For the love of.....get him a contract. If we played with an actual Centre Forward for him to play off, he would be scoring like he used to. If we are not going to do that, get him under contract and sold for proper money. Playing him alone is a waste of time if we are not playing the ball into channels. Playing him with Doyle doesn't benefit either of them. Let's not let him walk out in May. The fact is, over 3 desperate years in the PL he was the only one (including Fletch) whose only thought was to turn and hit it at goal. Fletch was great around the box. Pity most of their time was spent in the stands watching Doyle drift to the right wing before crossing it to no-one/ their keeper.



Hope thats not a dig at doyle? that bloke diserves a medal. not only was he played up front by himself he covered the wings midfield and defence due tthe poor players we had and still got. we wer never good enough to play 442 but even when we played 451 we wernt good enough! O unless we played 1 of the top 6 then suddenly every one tried harder, (ripp off)

Back to Doyle we,v had the best out of him, maybe not in the scoring way< how can you score if your trying to help in every other positio0n than your own,

Blake was left on the bench because he wouldnt run around and help in other parts of the pitch.


Elvis Wolf

Totally agree !

ian clarke

please keep SEB his my favourite i am sure the goals will come soon ,way better than Henry and Ward they should go not him.

lets beat the Blues on Saturday and get a good run of wins we still can make the playoffs. Has for morgan we need to spend big next month especially on striker and full back possibly another Experienced Goalkeeper keiran westwood, Joe murphy etc. sign becchio and Beckford


What on earth do you want goalkeeper for? When all are fit we have four very good ones

Billy Bunter

He has had a poor season so far by his bench mark set in previous seasons in the championship.

Mark W

Cash in in January and give Cassidy a few games. Think he is goint the right way.

Farmer Ted

We all remember the devastating form he hit during those two great seasons. After that it seemed the Premiership was a step too far and maybe, just maybe, it's affected his Championship form this time around. I hope his saturday form continues and he signs a new contract, we don't want him tearing the Championship to shreds next season with Ipswich or Derby or whoever.

It's up to you Seb.



If Holloway was happy to sell him to Mick McCarthy once already, and now manages at the top of the table club and has Wilfried Zaha at his disposal, why would he be interested in Speedy Sylvan?

Fat Larry

Hollway wasn't "happy to sell him." He tried at the time to make him the highest paid player in Plymouths history (!) but SEB had a £1.5 release clause in his contract.


I am a big fan of your band. 'Zoom' is a classic.

Tipton Wolves

I be disappointed if wolves lose ebank-Blake but Blake at the moment haven't been able to recapture his scoring form lately so if we lose him then I hope we can replace him with a better forward who can score goals on a regular basis.


some good news regarding the club......source football365........wolves1990 ltd worth in excess of 74.9 million and made pre tax profit of 2.16 million........ despite relegation........and some look at the tescos as a good run club......pompey/coventry we are not.


Same old same old

Ooooh goody - I'll sleep better knowing Morgan's portfolio is producing results for him - so much better than being in the premier league..... fool.

Mark B

Cannot be sure he is losing his touch as he needs chances to score, these are few and far between at the moment.

Dan the Man

SEB's lack of goals reminds me of the time Steve Sedgley played for the Wolves.

I always knew how many shots at the North Bank goal Steve had during a home game. All I had to do was go around to the nearby Asda store during the game and count the number of footballs in the supermarket's car park.

Gatwick Wolves

Without doubt the best natural goalscorer the Club has had since he joined from Plymouth and given the right set-up/support will get us goals.His loss will be to another teams gain-sign him up please!

Sedgley Slayer

I have always been a big supported of SEB but I must admit that I am starting to run-out of patience with him.

The way he has played this season, I can understand why the club are not desperate to sign him up again although I would offer him another 12 months personally.

He played well on Saturday, but before that he has not looked like the finisher he once was (2007-2009). Sadly without those predatory instincts, he offers very little else - poor mobility, poor in the air, lacks presence, doesn't hold the ball up, rarely goes past a player, poor work-rate etc...



More like shows what the priority is at Wolves. Wonder how much Wolves will lose this year because they are not getting Premiership TV money any more. I also wonder how much they'll make in League One next season.....


@soggywolf priorities at all football clubs start and end with turnover.

its only a few that actually win trophies just ask any supporter outside the top 7 in the premier and the real madrids/barcelonas/milans/ etc.

as for league one, i am prepared to wager right here and now, that wwfc will not get relegated. your call. utw.

Filthy Wolf

A great player in the Championship in our promotion season but since then nothing. He never improves, he never takes the chances, we'd be better off without him to be honest.


SEB is one of the very few Wolves players to emerge from the last 5 years with any real level of credit.

He scored 23 and 25 in his first two seasons and already has 7 this season in what is proving to be a pretty shoddy showing thus far. History has taught us that if his team mates are comfortable playing at a certain level then so is he.

He has always proved himself fit to wear the shirt even when the goals have dried up and has never,ever lacked effort. While everyone mithers on in the stands, on here or twitter he goes about his business with a quiet dignity so lacking in the modern game.

If we let him go we will definitely regret it.

Thank you.

The Magician

Because Pete, Zaha will be gone in January.


For about £20m.

Allowing for a slightly more capable replacement than the ponderously pugilistic Mr Elikes-Cake.

Same old same old

Just been reading what jamie O'Hara tweeted. When someone pulled him up about him being unhappy on £35k a week he replied that no one mentions how he visits a hospital at Christmas - somewhat ignoring all the nurses, porters and other staff who go there everyday of the year for a lot less than £35k a week - I thought that idiot up the road was out of touch with his toilet paper "gag" but at least he actually WAS joking.

Andy C

Please don't ask for a new contract. Please move on so we can get a striker who scores and isn't overweight in.

luke skywalker

Time to move SEB on. Thanks for the goals back in the championship, but doesn't appear to be the same player, missed quite a few sitters this year. Sell in Jan window


The dilemma for Solbakken is whether he plans for the short term or the long term. In the short term Ebanks-Blake is as good a striker as most in the championship. Long term, if we get promoted, there must be grave doubts as to whether he will be any better than he was last time round in the premiership.

Leaving aside last saturday's match, the problem for me is that he has never forged a good partnership with Doyle. Maybe with a different striker alongside him it would different. He and Iwelemo were quite devastating last time we were in the championship.

The fact that Solbakken seems to be rather relaxed about the situation suggests that he may have someone else lined when the transfer window opens in a few weeks time. If that is the case, let's just hope it's not another Frankowski.


If O'Hara isn't happy, then let him go and save our club the 35k a week! Maybe use a quarter of that money to get Ebanks Blake signed up! I know who's given us more in their time at the club.

Also, why didnt we extend Ebanks contract in the summer, knowing an instant return to the Prem was always unlikely and that he has been proven at this level. Just another example of poor management at the top of our club.

And can people stop going on about relegation??! Its not going to happen so pipe down doom mongers!!

Come on Wolves!!

nigel wolfnut

Mmm seems like the jury is out on whether we should keep Seb or not. The fact is he will score goals but where he has suffered is the style of play - and I use the word 'style' carefully. Did we have one in The Prem? We either had Doyler running a part of his anatomy off that many men would not like to lose, by himself up front; or Fletch and Doyle or Fletch and Seb or just occasionally Seb or Fletch - do you get my drift? The combinations didn't work and in our first season MM put Doyler by himself up front to play the role of lone striker because he had to. It was pragmatic but it worked.That and Pompey imploding.

In the Championship when we were promoted we had 2 wingers Kites and Jarvis getting at full backs taking them on and getting the ball in where - guess who- would finish it off. It was high presuure close opposition down - AND THEY WERE FIT! Seb was lethal and he wasn't just a flash in the pan. He did it twice. In the Prem it was different. Was he ever given a chance - I don't think so because we were too busy defending. Now we have another change of style but was it any coincidence that we had three up front against Bristol and Seb gave his best performance? Admitted they weren't Barcelona but you beat what's in front of you. Our 'fans' will just slag them off no matter how many they score. Same against Brum, keep Seb.

Oh and did anyone see Zeli Ismail on telly at the weekend? Now let me see. Touted as one of the most coveted teenagers in the country, we send him out on loan and get him cup tied- or are we just putting him in the shop window? Remember the farce last season when we hadn't got a midfielder and couldn't bring Adlene back so we had to bring Davis back? If anyone needs to go on loan it's Forde. This is a new regime and I want to see it given a chance but brinkmanship over contracts well, that's had a habit of biting us in the bum but we have done it before.



How many times a year does he have to go handing out presents on the childrens ward.

Call that a chore.

Just be thankful,someone doesnt have to visit youre children in hospital to hand out gifts.

For some of those poor souls its gonna be the only present that they get.


Very well said. I haven't seen his comments myself but if they are as reported here he is a disgrace and I have always admired him as a player (when he's played!!).


this is me repeating myself,loss of form with blakey is all down to mad mick, destroying his confidence,rewarding him after coming on sub and scoring a brace,by dropping him back to the bench. i do have many more examples. but please keep the faith,on our promotion season blakey was out the blocks slow,infact chris illumu was about 6-7 goals in front of him. my best mate dean, said to me bet you wish you had bet on chris instead of seb.no word of a lie ,i said i was very happy with my selection.and by the end of the season we know what happened,kerching.

Old Man in Old Gold

For those of you who don't attend Molineux often............................E-Banks Blake is Wolves Number 9!!

Sign him up Stale.

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