Wolves look at loan deal after injury to Slawomir Peszko

Wolves boss Stale Solbakken was today considering a loan signing after losing his third winger in three days to injury.


Slawomir Peszko was stretchered off with knee ligament damage during last night’s 2-1 defeat to Crystal Palace and faces a four to six-week absence.

The Poland international follows fellow wideman Razak Boukari, who was ruled out for three to six weeks after being forced off 14 minutes into Saturday’s 1-0 win against Sheffield Wednesday.

In addition, Stephen Hunt is set to undergo surgery on his hip next week and will be out for several months.

The absence of two of Solbakken’s three wingers signed this summer plus Hunt leaves the Molineux manager with Bakary Sako as his only experienced man on the flanks.

Inexperienced duo Anthony Forde and Zeli Ismail complete the set as natural widemen, while midfielders Dave Edwards and David Davis, left-back Stephen Ward and strikers Kevin Doyle and Frank Nouble are other options Solbakken could turn to as all have played wide before.

Asked if he is considering a loan signing, Solbakken said: “That’s always a possibility and now it might be something we look at. We’ll see what we can do.

“That’s the second game for us where a wide player has got injured and that makes us a little bit vulnerable in that area.


“Both of them will be out for a while and that’s not positive for us. What worries me is we had another injury in the wide area and are now short in that department.

“Peszko is not good. His knee ligaments are stretched and unstable. He’ll be out for a while – four to six weeks I think.”

Palace midfielder Jonathan Williams was booed when he was substituted moments after the incident with Peszko.

But Solbakken refused to condemn him. “It was too far away from me to see to make a comment,” he said.

Solbakken felt Wolves should have had something from the game after leading through Sylvan Ebanks-Blake’s 53rd-minute opener before Wilfried Zaha clinched victory for Palace with a classy double on 67 and 73 minutes.

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Comments for: "Wolves look at loan deal after injury to Slawomir Peszko "


We forgot about Adam Hammill then? Surely were not stupid enough to let another player out on loan without a call back clause with our injury reputation.


His face obviously doesn't fit at Molineux but I'm a big fan of Hammill, personally. It would be nice to think he could return and make a difference on right wing. Failing that, if this gives Ismail a chance to get further game time then that's also a silver lining to the situation.

Williams was rightly booed - as soon as Henry won that 50/50 in front of the Steve Bull stand midway through the first half Palace started flying into every challenge, with Williams seizing any opportunity he could to give Henry a kick. It was no surprise to see Freedman sub him off after the Peszko injury but what WAS a surprise was that the ref didn't think the challenge was even a foul, let alone a booking! Play resumed with a throw-in...

As for Palace's equaliser, well... let's be pragmatic here. There are some who would argue Sheffield Wednesday should've had a penalty on Saturday and we got away with that. Then SEB's goal last night was more than a bit fortuitous. I said to my Dad straight away afterwards that "we're due a bit of bad luck now" and that we shouldn't bemoan it if happens. Sure, it was a bit galling but let's keep some perspective here... ultimately the sides were separated by a wonderful winner by Zaha (who, until he scored, hadn't impressed me at all).

We're still 5th and there's a long, long way to go. No need for anyone to panic!


Hammills injured.....do keep up.


I agree about John Williams, I personally think he should have been sent off for the tackle on Peszko but hey ho not even a booking

just me

inside knowledge---the issues with Hammill are nothing to do with his footballing qualities, hes a decent player....but his attitude stinks really bad. apparently, he's a bit of a handful to manage, and whereas he's a decent player, he has it in his head he is a great player


give zeli a go ! maybe he'll sign a new contract if he is being given 1st team chances !

if rooney can play for man utd at 16 then surely zeli at 18 is ok ?!!!!!


Er, Rooney played for Everton at 16, not Man United! But I agree with your point - Zeli needs to be given a chance to develop in the first team. This seems like the ideal opportunity for him!


You mean Everton, right?

The Wolf

Rooney was at Everton when he was 16


sorry meant to type 18 ! opps !


Hear, hear - let's give Zele a chance!


Shame about the result last night, but Zaha should have been sent off in the first half for an attempted stamp on Henry after they tussled for the ball just after Henry made a hard tackle on Williams.


Spot on

That was right in front of me & Henry had done nothing wrong though, he took the ball cleanly, in that period of the the game the ref had lost it, there was also a stamp down on Sako's achillies which deserved a red


Well said tim. As soon as he stamped on Karl I said he'll score tonight.

Sedgley Slayer

I agree with JJ. Surely Hammill is the perfect replacement!!!


Forget about Hammill. He will not be coming back and has been left out plans for continued non-football reasons - the latest of which being on the pre-season tour of Ireland.


Come on the Johnny, spill the beans!!


We need defenders,to stand any chance of going up.we were luky to win 4 matches against poor teams.now it starts top teams will rip our defence apart.looks like mid table.so dont do a m,m& tc by keeping faith with this defence.so please get some defenders&bring back hamill.

Brit in Oz!

Dare I say it, Harry Kewell is looking for a club and is free to sign for anybody who wants him.

Never a great player but at Championship level - well who knows?

Millenium Man

Blast, just when things are looking positive this happens. Pez plays a key role in this team he inspires confidence. I didnt get a good view of the incident. I thought Palace were lucky The Wolves outplayed them. I hope the squad stays injury free.

Vive Le Wolves!


Hammill is such an obvious replacement. He has set up a couple of goals at Huddersfield. It could/should be the perfect chance for him to re-establish himself in the team.

And our defence was exposed for what it is last night. Palace had 2 shots at goal in the second half and scored twice. The 2nd was a cracker but the first should have been prevented. 2 defenders backing off 1 attacker is not on.

And, SteveCWD, the match was restarted with a free-kick after the foul on Peszko, not a throw-in.

Newark Wolves

We still played well last night though. The good and bad luck eventually balances out in The Championship. Wonder if the two M's were concerned about the crowd though. First below 20,000 for a long time and 4,000 less than Saturday - and that after 4 wins on the bounce !


On the crowds,look throughout the Championship as a whole very low crowds...when will chairmen,chief execs get it the country is in recession & football is fast dropping down the must do list for a lot of people! Also a lot of people fed up of paying hard earned cash to watch over paid prima donnas who earn more in a week then we will earn a years! This is a dig at football in general not just our club...So Morgan & Moxey what you going to do? how you going to tempt the missing fans back? I won't hold my breath!


i am sorry but i do not agree with bringing Hammill back at all.

whenever i watched him play he was like a kitten with a yarn of wool, very enthusiastic when he's got it but not much of a clue what to do with it, lost the ball quite a lot and didn't exactly wet many appetites.

and lets face it, if he was part of Solbakken's plans he'd be either back already from his loan or never would've gone out in the 1st place.


4000 less but there were nearly 3000 sheff wed fans saturday.for somebody like me i find some midweek games difficult as just started new job and cant take time off yet.


Hammill? no thank you. i agree with comment above, i was pleased when we signed him, he looked a promising talent at liverpool but never seemed clued up with what to do with the football when played in the first team. looked better in the reserves but i would not want him in now. i would prefer to see a midfielder on the wings with Zele bought in gradually first as a sub, then let his confidence grow as we already have huge expectations of his capabilities. we have an exciting squad and i have been genuinely enjoying watching the games this season, glad i kept my season ticket. UTW.


Henry is an important part of the team, but I wish he would use his head a bit more. When he gets booked against Blackburn on Saturday, which he will, he gets a one game ban. He was rightly substituted in my opinion because he was on a yellow card, but was an important player at 1-0. Use your head please Karl. I also have no confidence in Doyle hitting the back of the net. Had he taken his chance, game over. Sako is quality, and Solbakken must demand more from the players attacking his set pieces. Berra in particular should be doing better when he comes up. How Steve Bull would love the service from Sako.

Can anybody throw some names into the hat for possible loan targets on the wing?


Taking Henry off was a mistake. He may not be a charging midfielder. But he breaks up the play and stops attacks forming.


Doubt it was because he was playing badly more like he was injured or as he had already picked up a yellow card he was treading on thin ice of being sent off. So understand Stale's decision if that was the case

championship wolf

shocking defending for both goals.

Jonson and Berra turned like the Titanic for the first,

then Ward failed to put a foot in and watched Saha score.

we should have been 3-0 up by then,

both Sako and Doyle lacked composure to score rather than hitiing

the post and bar.

got to finish these teams off,we are not good enough to play for a 1-0 win


what a load of rubbish, i guess you were not there then.

zaha would have turned most premier league defenders inside out.

as for hitting the bar and missing chances. the last time you played at this level?.

enough said. utw.


Robbie Brady at Man U, spent last season on loan at Hull, can't get in Alex's first team, cracking player - should have signed him in the summer for a million - Bargain. (check him out on youtube if you haven't seen him play)

raymond simms

A loan deal for a winger? Recall Hamill and then sort a loan deal or even two to replace Berra and a left back at least.Berra thinks he`s Premiere class but I don`t know who told him that,probably his mother.




Who wants Hamill, not me, he has showed disinterest in our club, also for all his nice footwork, he gives very little in attack or defence, when he was given his chance he wasted more crosses etc than he completed. I would rather give Zli a chance, and also get a winger in on loan.


Get Enrique in on loan from Liverpool, basically Rogers has said he has to improve to get in the team,in other words he doesnt fit in,so go get him on loan,left back sorted

Ashby Wolves

Hamill has no chance of coming back.... The tackle on pescko last night was a shocker. We need some defensive cover and a experienced wide man. We had plenty of chances to kill the game off last night. I'm not complaining, I would of taken this league position at the start of the season. UTW

london wolves loyal

yes moxeys dusty wallet... spot on ... you may not notice when henrys playing but you sure notice when he s not


Although not playing well in defence, personally I think Zubar would be an excellent winger. Pace, strength, quality crossing and enthusiastic. Surely worth a chance.


Never mind a winger, as long as they continue to play without a left back they will always leak goals. The central defenders always seem to get the blame but they have little support from the full backs. Mind you Foley is a big improvement on Zubar. Goodness knows why they turned down an 1.8 million offer for him, he should have been on the next plane!

Les Farmer

Any news on Jamie O'Hara?


ready to play I believe

Latest Tw*tter update: "@danielle-lloyd: Hubby is well fit; #shouldbeinprem"


Of course we need someone on the wings due to various injures, but FIRST OF ALL, we have to consider how weak is our defence. We enforced (and well) the middle with TD and Sako, but we have on the pitch the same relegated defence.

Please!! UTW


Get the defence sorted

Holly Hall

We will be mid table this season. Don't get your hopes up everybody. We are recovering and improving and we will have ups and downs. There was some very good play against Palace. if we had taken our chances we would have won. Doyle and SEB now contribute to play more. Sako is our ACE if we can get him and keep him fit. He had a 15 minute spell which was 10 times better than Jarvis EVER produced. Doumbia is a real class act. All of last season's failures will have to PROVE tp us they are worthy of places in the side. A few already have - Henry, Johnson, Berra, Foley, Ikeme. Hammill should go, as should Hunt. Edwards is hugely disappointing and lightweight. We must do something about our complete dependence upon Henry. Come of fellas, let's show a bit more mental strength.......or is this (as last season showed) Wolves achilles heal?


Zeli Ismail your time has come, i pray you take your chance with both hands or feet.


Everything does rather point towards giving young Zeli his chance - we always, always seem to shy away from bringing youngsters through, why not throw the dice just this once. After all, he sounds not a million miles away from the player who basically beat us on his own on Tuesday night...

Right then. Time for this Wanderer to wander back to London, having spent most of the past fortnight soaking up the sun(?) in the Newhampton beer garden with the newspapers and a cheeky Rioja. Remember, fans: down in south east London there is a tiny corner of the world that is forever gold and black, and its high exalted ruler is your old mucker PeteNuts. Thanks for two weeks (minus a couple of hours on Tuesday night) of bliss, Wolftown, and four delicious Mad O'Rourke pies to boot!





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