George Thorne pondering next move in bid to leave West Brom

Albion were today awaiting George Thorne’s next move in his battle to leave The Hawthorns after they rejected a second transfer request from the wantaway midfielder.

Derby have opened talks over West Brom midfielder George Thorne
George Thorne going nowhere say West Brom

The 21-year-old, who is a target for Derby County, submitted a second written document yesterday despite having a similar formal request rejected by Albion earlier this month.

The Baggies again moved quickly to turn down his request.

Thorne’s fresh move came just hours after the Baggies turned down a similar transfer request from defender Craig Dawson, who is wanted by Burnley.

Derby have already had a £950,000 opening offer and a second bid, believed to be worth up to £1.5m, rejected by Albion, who have insisted they will not sell Thorne.

They have also told Burnley that Dawson, aged 24, is not for sale.

But neither the Rams nor the Clarets are expected to give up easily.

Thorne angered Baggies officials earlier this month with an outspoken interview in a national newspaper.

It it he claimed to feel unwanted at The Hawthorns and would refuse to return to be a substitute.

His actions are likely to harden chairman Jeremy Peace’s approach to the situation.

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Comments for: "George Thorne pondering next move in bid to leave West Brom"


If this supposition bears any truth, then I think Thorne is having his strings pulled by his agent.

The resurrection of the not feeling wanted comment, is really a moot point with a new management team in place. And frankly, if his ego is such that he allegedly says that he will not be a substitute, then get shot.

Regarding the headline of the thread. His next move could be to follow in the footsteps of Curtis Davies, and effectively go on strike to engineer his move.............Worked out well for him did it not.

The Real Bully Hoo.


The thing is that if we get shot we're giving him exactly what he wants and setting a precedent.



You know I am very sceptical about what "reported" by media outlets, and the more negative they are, the more they sensationalise them.

I did quantify the above with the use of the word allegedly.

I do maintain however, should what has been reported to be true, then Thorne is being very blinkered, especially with the changes at the club.

If he really does not want to buckle down and prove his worth, and expends all his energies whining about getting away, then I think it would be counter productive to keep him against his, and no doubt, his agents will..................And I will conclude by saying...........Only at the right price, and we know JP is a black belt 10th Dan in that area.

Matt M

It's very real news. I agree there's often negativity to create stories in the press but this boy has definitely handed in two seperate transfer requests. He will definitely leave, I just hope JP makes him pay first. I also hope we do not under any circumst sell to Derby.

The View From Baggy Bottom

Nothing to add until something actually happens.

He stays, or he goes. Whatever the club now decides to do with him is fine by me.


The Real Bully Hoo.

I think his next move will be to shout, 'That's so unfair, I hate you, I wish I'd never been born," before he storms out of the room.

Come on George the Teenager, man up and apologise to the club, the chairman, the manager, the players and especially the fans.


"I think his next move will be to shout, 'That's so unfair, I hate you, I wish I'd never been born," before he storms out of the room" PICKING UP HIS WAGES ON THE WAY OUT.

I'll bet JP is preparing his Mode Offensive as we speak.

Baggie Ed

He would refuse to return as a substitute? What makes him think that he would get into the first team squad? I think that he should be placed on reserve team duty until a reasonable offer is received from Derby or elsewhere.


There's only going to be one winner in THAT little head to head Georgey Boy and it ain't going to be the young pro tied to a 3 year contract!! Jeremy is notorious for his hardball tactics and I can see Thorne AND Dawson both leaving if I'm honest but I'd guarantee it won't be for a £2.5m combined total!! Come on Derby, stump up what he's REALLY worth or move on. Or else Jezza's gonna get ya!!!


Yet another badly advised player, his agent has a lot to answer for as do Derby / Maclaren. He is obviously being manipulated by one or more of these factions, but he should be able to make up his own mind. It will only get worse as time goes on.


Its quite clear that he does not wish to be at the club so i think if we can get anything over 2 million for him then we should let him go.

If i have to be totally honest i dont really see him as anything but championship standard for me he is to slow for the premiership and so if we keep him i cant see him getting in the side.

sell up and put the money towards someone who wants to be at the club

The Real Bully Hoo.

If he does go, I'd do as somebody else suggested and put in a 50% sell on clause in the contract. Just to be on the safe side.


The real bully hoo

I hadn't even considered that and it's a very good point, I'm sure JP will cover his options

The Real Bully Hoo.

Not my idea Andy, somebody more switched on than me said it and I thought what a good idea.

I remember we did it with Ugo Ehiogu and the money we eventually received played it's part in the early stages of our Phoenix like rise from the ashes.

Jack the Hat

Thorne if you want to leave you should make sure your agent asks Derby to offer a realistic price then Jeremy might come out to play with his hard ball, all the best with that. What Derby have offered up to yet hasn't paid for your schooling fees.



Its a shame that Thorne appears to possess the memory storage of a Goldfish....wasn't it not too long ago that he had a career threatening injury alongside Gera and if it hadnt have been for the Albion medical staff and their expertise he would have endied up on the scapheap.............Bottom line; he will never cut the mustard in the premier league as he has a distinct lack of fact two speeds....slow and dead slow!...............scores zero goals and tackles like Andy Hunt..............Peace is waiting for around £2.5 M......and the trapdoor will be activated....Close the door on the way out Georgie Boy................


Brum Mail reports that Terry Burton wants Thorne to forget all talk of moving from the club, and concentrate on making it in the Premiership. He says if he is good enough he will every opportunity to show it in the 1st team.

The Mail also says we are expected to have further talks with Derby about the situation in the next few days. This can only mean Derby coming back with yet another bid.

We will just have to wait and see what happens when the players are back to training next month.



Apologies for the intrusion (derby fan) but i like to read the other side of arguements when it comes to transfers as alot of our supporters are saying you should free him, and and he doesnt want to stay at west brom because hes doesnt think he will get enough playing time.

some of you on here understand how transfers work for example, he is caught in between divisions, hes too good for the championship but not quite good enough for the premier league. If all of you on here are honest he wouldnt get in your starting line up would he? and you havent started making your signings yet so whos to say you wont sign another central midfielder? look from his point of view he wants first team football, you cant give him that (you may play him in a few matches to ease him into becoming a good premier league player) but that wont be enough for him. he has a right to be selfish because whats good for the club may not be good for him.

so all of you on here saying hes got an ego, and that hes been badly advised by derby/maclaren is rubbish, hes a footballer who wants to play first team football at the highest level he can get it at and then progress his career. derby will probably end up paying £3-4m for him but you know how football works by now people you dont go all in straight away you offer low to get to that value its not insulting its football. i understand you feel betrayed by him but hes back from injury and wants to keep playaing as much as he can not play a few games a season and maybe get loaned out again. hes going about this the way he thinks is right if your not happy and want to leave you hand in a transfer request hes not shouting and winging like CYRIL on here is commenting if he wants to do that he would be all over the papers giving interviews about how unfair hes being treated but hes not. infact you are being childish saying hes george the teenager.



Following his injury lay off George spent a couple of months with Watford to get some gameplay ( 8 starts ), and then to Derby for three months ( 8 starts), once again to get some more gameplay. This was felt as the right way to go with a young player who had been out for about 8 months, and for him to be embroiled in a relegation dog fight would have been wrong.

During all this time we never failed to monitor his progress and see that he was growing in confidence, ready for a shot at the Premiership in 2014-2015. If George Thorne has got it into his head that he isn't wanted at the Baggies. someone has put that into his head, and it's not from our club. What is the point of bringing a good young player through the Academy ranks, getting him fit again after a long lay off, and then letting him go as soon as he starts to show his potential all over again.

If George hasn't the confidence in his own ability to perform in the Prem, he should be a man and come put and say so. Where does it say in a players contract that he has a god given right to play all 1st team games. Do you think Craig Gardner has joined us expecting to play every 1st team game --- I think not. It's a long season and that is what squads are for.

As regards George being all over the papers giving interviews, if his agent could get away with it he would do just that. !!!


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