Paulo Di Canio hits out at Albion new-boy Stephane Sessegnon

Paolo Di Canio today turned up the heat on Albion’s clash with Sunderland by again accusing Baggies new-boy Stephane Sessegnon of “not caring” about the Black Cats.


Albion’s deadline-day signing is standing by to make his debut tomorrow against his former club at The Hawthorns.

And Mackems boss Di Canio today aimed a fresh blast at Sessegnon, who he agreed to sell following the Benin international’s arrest for alleged drink driving in Newcastle on the night of Sunderland’s 4-2 Capital One Cup win against MK Dons.

“It means you don’t care,” said Di Canio, who also criticised Sessegnon’s attitude earlier this week.

“It means you don’t care nothing about the club, so your time is gone.

“It was the opportunity to say – for everybody, and especially for him – ‘OK, time to go’.”

Sessegnon, who is due before Newcastle magistrates in October on drink driving charges, figured in Sunderland’s first two matches of the season but failed to impress Di Canio and was sold to Albion on deadline day for new Baggies club-record fee of £5.5m.

Di Canio said: “He had a very good pre-season and in the first two games you can play badly – but the body language was not of a player who wants to give his best.

“Then we had a crucial match. It was the cup in the moment of the season when we hadn’t won a game yet and everybody was at the stadium.

“After quarter of an hour, at the same time that we conceded a goal, my player was out somewhere and was found.”

Sessegnon moved to The Hawthorns on a three-year contract on the final afternoon of the transfer window with some Sunderland fans upset that their most creative player was allowed to leave.

But Di Canio insisted the versatile forward was not forced to leave Wearside.

“It was good for us because we had the chance to bring in two players,” said Di Canio.

“For this reason he left, not because he is a bad guy because he tried to give his best but, in my opinion, his time was finished at Sunderland because he was not capable anymore to give his best.

“It is clear that we didn’t push him out because 10 days or two weeks before he left I said I would keep him.

“But once we spoke and I said ‘I want to keep you’, I had a player whose performances were not good in front of everybody.”

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Comments for: "Paulo Di Canio hits out at Albion new-boy Stephane Sessegnon"

Jack ♣ Hat.

Oh dear! Di Canio, ah, did-ums crap on your doorstep then ask you for some paper?. Look pal, the lad doesn't want to play for you and I'm not interested in reasons why that is so. Your (was) best midfielder is now a West Bromwich Albion player so let go. He will have his say on the park, (Saturday) to your double dose of diatribe.



Your loss our gain

Only time will tell if it's a good move

Di Canio I find you boring and rather jealous

Maybe he just didn't wanna play for you or be around you

Hope you've hyped him up for a hat trick with your pointless ill feeling comments

Walthamstow Albion

OK Di Canio you're on the attack and getting your excuses in first - understandable, your team isn't exactly doing well and Sess was a fans' favourite; you need to cover your back and curry favour with your fans.

Did Sessegon want to play for you? I think that's more to the point.

Not once have I heard Sessegnon make any media reports in the media - national, local or social media - to the detriment of Sunderland FC or Sunderland supporters. Albion fans will be the judge of Sessegnon's attitude and fitness thanks.

We will give Sessegnon a chance here at Albion. He wanted to come and we wanted him.

Sometimes it can be just a case of your time being up at a club...and Di Canio yours could be at an end soon.

Baggies and Bathams...the Black Country way

Brummy Roader Brian

I wish we had a manager like you Paulo, might start bringing some disapline back to the club if we did, and you always look smart .

Cyril Randle

BummyRoverBrian you have got a better manager than Paulo, you sit in the top 3 so Kenny's doing fine.

Bullers boils

Cyril has been appointed to the board by the committee, I would like to offer my congratulations.


Maybe he could help you with your spelling too! Boing Boing

The Real Bully Hoo.

Yeah that's what we need at the club, disapline.

Jack ♣ Hat.

Brummy Roader Brian,

Bet you are wo1-ves biggest South bank Boo-Boy?.


The Traverler

Wheres Benin ?

The Real Netherton Baggie

West Africa

The Real Bully Hoo.

Is your first name Maurice by any chance?


Let the football do the talking Sessegnon lad.

Forever Albion

As I said on Warren's blog no bigger motivation than this!


I always find it difficult to have any respect for players/managers who want to spout off in the media about things that have gone on inside a club.

You can sometimes forgive it in young naive players, but Managers should really know better.

It stinks of a lack of Class and Dignity I'm afraid Mr Di Canio.

If Sess isn't fired up for tomorrow, he never will be


Di Canio, a player best known for pushing over a referee, anyone really interested in what he's got to say?

He should be more concerned with the fact that his team sit bottom of the league despite bringing in 12 new players at an astronomical cost than firing parting shots at a player that no longer belongs to him.


dicanio, from Swindon to the prem league, do me a favour,. Sess's attitude seems ok to me, a lot of other players would have taken the bait and bit, and started spouting of in the media, but hes been quietly getting on with it, and as for the d and d thing, he don't really want to be in the spotlight for the wrong reasons , boing boing


I wouldn't want to play for a fascist either.

Whitmore reans Baggie

Di Canio has about as much dignity and Class as Norman Wisdom on speed . COYB


I can't imagine any African player is motivated by a manager who has a massive tattoo of the Fascist Italian leader Mussolini on his back...Di Canio is a nasty piece of work and very few palyers will be truly motivated by him...another Roy Keane sadly


Sunderland ain't playing well at the mo,we need to forget about off the pitch stuff and get 3 points before panick mode sets in with the media


Sunderland fan of 50 years. Di Canio, you guys on here know very little about the man, but that's another debate.

For Sess, fantastic player. When in the mood to play, nothing to do with Di Canio at all, it's the way Sess has played since arriving at Sunderland. We called him the 1 in 5 chance player.

As I say, when on form and in the right mood, moments of brilliance. But Sess has NEVER been consistent on the pitch, regardless of the manager.

I hope he brings something different to WBA and wish him all the best, without doubt you will see some football from him that is astounding, you will also see play from him that is extremely frustrating.

BTW - if you think it was only Sunderland he had this problem with, check out his history a little more. And of course, being up on a drink and drive charge did not help either.