West Brom back on the trail of Yossi Benayoun

West Brom are on the trail of playmaker Yossi Benayoun as their summer transfer plans begin to take shape.

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The Baggies have been in touch with Benayoun, who is now available on a free transfer, to register their interest in the flair player who could add further options to Steve Clarke’s midfield.

Benayoun, the former Chelsea, Liverpool and West Ham midfielder, can afford to be picky about his options having just finished a three-year £90,000 a week contract at Stamford Bridge.

The Israel international has since been weighing up his options. He would prefer to extend his stay in the Premier League into a ninth season.

But there are reports of interest from various points on the football compass, including Spain, Italy and the United States. Championship Reading also want the 33-year-old.

It  leaves Benayoun’s agent, Ronen Katzev, to suggest his man will make a decision in the next fortnight.

Katzev said: “West Brom have registered their interest and now we are just waiting to see what other options are available.

“We have been negotiating with another club in the Premier League and clubs in Germany and Spain, so Yossi will have to make a decision very soon.

"He has been playing in England for a long time now so it has become like a second home to him.”

West Brom were interested in taking Benayoun on a short-term deal in January when an injury-riddled loan to West Ham ended, but a deal failed to materialise.

The Baggies are more cool on reports continuing to name them among clubs interested in Birmingham winger Nathan Redmond.

Norwich, Swansea and Fulham have all tabled concrete £2million offers for the winger, as Blues’ crisis-hit ownership eye another much-needed pay-load.

But West Brom insist that despite persistent reports linking them to the player they will not be joining a scramble for his services.

Equally, the club has firmly distanced itself from reports in the last 24 hours involving free-market defender Danny Simpson, released by Newcastle, and Nacional’s Portuguese winger Daniel Candeias.

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Comments for: "West Brom back on the trail of Yossi Benayoun"

Davo from Wordsley

Hmm not sure about Benayoun due to his age. Yes a very talented paymaker, but what sort of deal would he want and how long would he want? 32 years old would put me off.

As for Redmond, lets go get him. !!! He could very easily be one of the bright stars of the future of English football. A snip at the £2 million fee being mooted about , and his wages wouldn't be unmanageable either I wouldn't have thought

John B

Agree entirely Redmond a good replacement for JT and no extra wages. Benayoun too old and expensive he will want £40 K per week



Take your point but age isn't the barrier it once was plus he hasn't played much football in the last 3 years so he should be fairly fresh.


get them both now!


Don't agree there is an issue with age, that only matters when a player relies on pace. It's a proposed 12 month deal which to me works for both parties, WBA don't want a long finacial commitment and he is unlikely to have much sell on value. Benayoun then can try to get a bosman deal again next year i.e another signing on fee!

Are we saying we get rid of Gera at 34? Looks like he is about to sign a new deal.

I think clubs need to look at players 12 months at a time, unless they are young such as redmond and they hope to develop them and eventually sell them on.

Jack ♣ Hat.


Why sell them on?.



So much for being safe February , knowing what league we would be in so would have a head start looking at potential targets. Nearing the end of June and no closer to signing anyone.

I know not much happens in June but after all the talk once we knew we were safe it's a bit disappointing.

Jack ♣ Hat.


You say you know not much happens in June, after creating about ALBION not signing anyone. Make your mind up how you want to play the ball.

Yossi is a very experienced midfielder with the football brain and touch to go with it. Surely he has something to offer the squad especially the younger contingent. Thumbs up from me if we can get Redmond too. I'd have thought Steve and Yossi know each other quite well. Bring them both in. Well worth the outlay if we can finish mid table with their assistance.



I never said they were bad players. They would both do for me.

Pete `puggy` arnald

DAN DAN DAN MY FRIEND, if jack said you said they where bad players you said it, ok, jack and the committee are always right now stop arguing and behave ,ok.

Jack ♣ Hat.


I never said it either , mate.

You stated: "Nearing the end of June and no closer to signing anyone. ....... I know not much happens in June but ......." .


Desperate Dan

Oh right "puggy". Is that how it works on here. I have so much to learn. Thanks for the heads up

Despearte Dan

Hi Jack...Yes what i meant was i know June is quiet for transfers but if i remember right when we pretty much knew we would be in prem again next season we were being fed headlines along the lines of us having a head start on targets etc and we could start looking early and get business done early..Just a bit frustrating thats all.

And CR78 some transfers are being done in June. Not sure if they don't become official until July but they do happen. Think Villa have already named a few , also others have been announced.

Thanks for the replies though. I don't think i'm negative in any way...Maybe just a little disappointed and certainly impatient!! I do however trust the club and systems we use..Certainly worked so far

Jack ♣ Hat.


Worrow mate, listen I never stated "You said the players were bad", that is my point.

Mind you, if the transfer window opens on the 1st of July, somebody forgot to tell Aston Villa. They have bought about five players.


CantelloRocket 78


near the end of June and not signed anyone?

That's a good job, it's not allowed until July, so we'd be in serious trouble if we had.

As for looking at potential targets, Dan Ashworth left masses of information, it's been said he's still in touch with the Baggies, and we've already been linked with several players.

All this has been clearly said on this site, if you'd looked you'd have seen it.........


The problem is that we may have been ready for business for some months now but other players, clubs, agents and managers are not. We aren't in a position where we can approach a target and throw figures at them until they say yes - our wages are competitive BUT they can be matched and bettered in some cases. Realistically it takes time to convince bigger names to join clubs such as ours because the financial packages are smaller.

The club are doing plenty undoubtedly - don't get too disheartened that these pages aren't filled with news of targets; as an Albion fan you should know that you won't hear about a signing until they've signed. Only in rare cases is the news broken accurately and early for us.

Cyril Randle

Well said SPT. We have to play our cards close, our scouting system is good and watched by others. The weakness with leaks of information is usually agents who couldn't really give a damn about where a player ends up as long as the cash flows liberally. I should imagine JP stipulates what he expects from agents when we get that far.

It's no good kicking the E&S either, they've got mortgages to pay same as you, pages to fill.

We were in Symphony Hll last night and sat by a group of students from all over the World. One of them asked me where I came from and he also supports Baggies in spite of being in residence in Wolverhampton. When we left, we 'Boing-boinged' each other much the the others' amusement.


It's been mentioned that we will make one major signing. Happy for the recruitment policy to take whatever steps they need. If we shelve out big money, let it be for a player who a) makes an improvement to the first team and b) is young enough to warrant a 4 year contract from the outset.

As far as Benayoun is concerned this is his agent saying the club have made contact. It indicates a level of interest - he is on the list of possibles - but it doesn't necessarily indicate that following that initial approach (he may still want 50k per week) we are pursuing it further. I'd be surprised if what we would want to offer comes near his expectations.


Afternoon all,

a couple of really good players mentioned here.....both would be positive signings really. Benayoun maybe 32 but his passing range is great and he brings all that experience with him of playing for top coaches / managers and with top players. With the academy players coming into the squad he could not only contribute to the first team but also to player development....it would just be the wages...but saying that he might take a cut in order to play...who know's.

Redmond - if I had to choose between the two of them, would be the one to really go for. Young - wide - already lives local - and a good prospect that is already playing well in the championship and, imo, could deal with the step up to the PL. If the 2m price reported is right then we can afford him and the wages should not be a problem.....

it's all starting to bubble a little but with these rumours.....starting to get excited already....



Jack ♣ Hat.


Worrow mate, just read your post as I am reading though all the posts. Amazing how close our views are. I've just said Yossi and Steve would know each other, Chelsea connection with both of them might pay of. I'd have thought this one was Steve's idea anyway. If anyone can get the best out of Redmond, then Steve Clarke is the man.


Bob Baggie

Another journalist very close to the club has confirmed we're not after Benayoun. Redmond would be a good shout thought, he looked very dangerous for the u21's against Italy and every time I've seen him for Blues he looks like an exciting winger

New Broseley Baggie

Redmond would be a very good signing for us.At 2 mil its not a massive fee.

YB at a huge wage,i am not sure about,mostly because of his recent injuries.Great player if those concerns are behind him.

A player who could do us a job may be Walsall's Grigg.I think he is available on a free and knows where the net is.Worth a wage surely?


I'd go for Aiden McGeady !!!!


Don't want him not hungry enough. Get Aiden McGinley on the wing! We need some width desperately.


Here's a first. A reply to myself! I meant McGeady!


If it is true that the Baggies aren't interested in Redmond, then I hope they've a good replacement being lined up because I agree with those above. I'm not sure Charlton Cole would be anything other than yet another Luke Moore. Early days ....



I also dismissed cole when i heard a few weeks ago we were interested but check his strike rate its 1 in 3 I was amazed

The Real Bully Hoo.

That's interesting Burnley. There's a number of things to look at. I think we'd use him as a plan B to bring on if we need a goal as he's been doing at West Ham. I remember his early days when he'd look unplayable for 20 minutes and then disappear from the game. I think he's said himself that he's 'grown up' as he used to be a bit of a playboy.

It certainly wouldn't break my heart if he came in as 3rd/4th choice striking option.


No issue with either of them joining and think they would be great additions to the squad. As far as age is concerned look at Kevin Phillips I bet JP wishes he had offered him a 2 year contract instead of 1.

Jack ♣ Hat.


June 19, 2013 8:42 pm

Its interesting to observe the comments of our Sandwell Neighbours ... inferiorty complex still alive and kicking in Birmingham


Just because we don't go shouting that we will annihilate all and sundry over our three years in the top eleven of the Premier League, doesn't give us an inferiority (That's how you spell it) complex. Nice to know you are dead and buried in Low Hill City.


Oswestry Baggie

In regard to Benayoun, this is nothing but agent speculation. There is no way the club would commit to £4m+ in signing on fees and salary to a 33yr old, with no resale value. I think Aiden McGeady on the other hand is a good shout.


How many players is this now the Albion have been linked with? 10? 11? im sure its double figures now, we havnt signed anyone because the club leaves it untill late in the window and when you think we aint going to sign anyone we have signed three in one go.

In my opinion a lot of the rumours that are floating around are lazy reporting by certain tabloids and News stations and rumours floating around the internet, i mean did anyone know the Albion were signing Yacob untill he had put pen to paper? and the club anounced it.

I know its frustrating i myself have checked this website to see if any activity has gone, on but im not worried in the slightest whoever we sign it will probabably be someone that hasnt been mentioned yet.

As for Carlton Cole he has been hit and miss for years, would west ham have let him go for a free if he was any good still?

I'd personaly like to see Aroune Kone at the club cus hes proven in the Premier League, Ola Toivonen cus he is a great target man, Chris Baird will probably be in the picture after we failed to sign him in January and Nathan Redmond as an up and coming player cus he has had a great season just gone.

I'm surprised we havnt been linked with Darren Bent off the Villa cus he's avaliable and the club has been linked with everyone who is avaliable at the moment.

I'm sure things are in the pipeline with some of the rumours banded about to throw other clubs of the scent of the players the club is really after.

Andrew Hodgkinson

Carlton Cole would be a decent replacement for Marc Antoine-Fortune and we

certainly dont need another centre midfield player in Benayoun.

Morrison, Gera, Dorrans, Mulumbu, and Brunt are plenty.

All the money needs to go into bringing in a decent striker to replace Lukaku.

Alan jones

noway will Benayoun take an £80,000 per week pay cut so you can rule him out . As for Redmond ` we will not join a scramble for his services` thought not as theres a fee involved, so that rules him out to, looks like we will be starting the season how we finished it but without a striker.

CantelloRocket 78


just to re-cap what I said on here last week-

the fact that despite being a wolves fan, you're on your PC at 6 or 7 a.m. EVERY morning desperate to be first to post on the Albion site really isn't normal behaviour, you need to seek help.

I guess you're so heartbroken about wolves that you live in a fantasy football world of pretending to be a Baggies fan, so you can imagine you're part of the top flight with us 'Big Boys'-

that's understandable, but it's pure delusion, and people are laughing at you.......call the helpline now..........

Bob Baggie

Give it a rest mate, you're just embarrassing yourself

Form is tempery Mossiveness is permanent.

Alan yow seam like a really good bloke yow shuldn’t be a Boggies fan yow should cum and join us at the Wolves cause we like to have a good moan at Jez an the players an Morgon an the dugout yowd fit right in. Ov got two good mates Danny and Rob from Brum and wim gewin ter Morecombe in me Reliant Robin so yow could cum as well. Danny is a real classy bloke e do gew in KFC e always guz to nandos but Rob sez is a snob e likes burger king fer a night out

Right up the the Wolves. to infinitely and beyond me hero sez that in me faverit film

Alan jones

i would love to come with you for a ride out, shall i bring my 2-4-1 burger king vouchers.

CantelloRocket 78


Keep them Burger King vouchers-

collect 5 and get a free wolves season ticket !!!

The Real Bully Hoo.


Or he could pass them to Jez to put towards buying a player, or more likely towards a few burgers.

The View From Baggy♥Bottom


run along now, there's a good lad. Mommy's invited your imaginary friends around for tea. And,later, she's going to read you your favorite bedtime story, Little Red Riding Hood, but don't get too frightened, nobody needs to be afraid of the Big Bad Wo1-Ves anymore, they are offically extinct in Britain.

Boing Boing!!


IF this story is true, I would suggest that it would be Benayoun OR Gera.

CantelloRocket 78

Maybe we have to realise things are very different to the way they used to be-

at one time, clubs held great control over players, and even top guys struggled to make ends meet-

when Bobby Robson was Albion Captain and an England International, he took a part-time job to look after his wife and kids because they struggled to pay the bills!!

Yossi Benayoun must now be a multi-millionaire, who could just walk away from the game and live in comfort, playing golf every day if he desired-

but as a player, the chance to team up with his old Boss, and play regularly in the Premiership next season must be a great temptation.Many players are greedy, but not all, so it'll be interesting to see what the guy decides to do.....


With respect i take on board the above oppinions

Careful what i say because i have supported one or two of our elder statesmen (Gera, Reid and G-Mac), better the player you know in the Premiership who 'will' perform every game. This one aint for me, regardless of his pedigree, i dislike talking money but it goes without saying he would step in and become our highest paid player. Argumentative, but i see him to be on his run down, give me a young 'starlet' from a lower league club who will run all day.

Just saying