Paul Lambert tips Fabian Delph for a late Aston Villa chance

Paul Lambert today praised Fabian Delph and tipped the Villa star for a late break for the England squad.

Soccer - Barclays Premier League - Aston Villa v Norwich City - Villa Park

The claret and blues boss reckons Delph may be in line for a call-up if he maintains his electric form.

Delph cost Villa £6m from Leeds in 2009 but a serious knee injury suffered a year later hit his progress.

But after his superb start to the season, and ahead of next year’s World Cup, Lambert believes the midfielder is ready to fulfil his potential.

He said: “I knew about his potential at Leeds because I’d seen him there, but you’re never quite sure until you actually work with somebody how good they are and how good they can become.

“But he’s playing really well at the minute. He’s only a young lad still, so if he can keep injury free he’s got a big, big future.

“I’ll let England worry about England, my job is to worry about Fabian and Aston Villa, but the way he’s playing you just don’t know.”

Delph has four under-21 caps but has been restricted to 71 Villa outings by a series of injuries since his switch from Leeds.

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Comments for: "Paul Lambert tips Fabian Delph for a late Aston Villa chance"

Villain Dave

I wouldn't trust Paul Lambrot to tip a waiter.

lambort OUT!!!

he's an incompetent fool, miles out of his depth!

He rode his luck last season, and he can thank Benteke for saving his backside!!


Don't be fooled at all. He will get found out, and we the fans will pay the price

He will walk away with a nice payout, and we will be left trying to scramble out of the championship!



Not sure if troll or Birmingham City fan in disguise...


Top quality critique from the educated here. Isn't envy a consuming emotion.....

In lambert we trust.

David Cameron



Maybe you should go back to worrying about the mess over at St.Andrews rather than worrying about the mighty Villa.


Have been hoping to hear news that Delph will be offered a new contract, fully fit I think he has a great deal of talent. I personally think he needs to do well for Villa ALL season before getting an england call ... but as half of the England midfield don't play regularly for their teams he could be in with a shout. Milner/Young sat on the bench will hopefully make him appreciate playing is a key part to modern football ....

Happy with start to deason, would have liked 2 more points but think we will be pushing further up the table this year!


real fan

Villian Dave,

Are you serious??

I think you are a fool who has no idea!! have you been to a football match recently? because by the sounds of it I would say not!! and you obviously dont support our club!!

Miles out of his depth - we deserved a point at Chelsea (a team challenging for the title), also we deserved a point on Saturday and were very unlucky! totally dominated the second half and had some decent chances- Benteke Volley and Gabby volley to name a few.

Yes Benteke helped us last season but so did Weimann and Gabby towards the end of the season.

You say we the fans will pay the price, I personally dont think you are a fan as if you were you would get behind the team and show support not write a load on nonsense!! I will always support my football club and get behind them like I do week in week out!

Stop writing rubbish about our club and if you are a fan get behind them and support them like football fans do!


He rode his luck last season, and he can thank Benteke for saving his backside!!

tosh it's Benteke that needs to thank him (lambert) for Singh him in the first place


Any chance you're a blues fan?


He's turned into a bit of a superstar in my eyes. He couldn't have put any more effort into the past few games.




Delph will be a Villa legend. It has just needed a manager that understands his game, puts him in the right role alongside the right partners and lets him get on. He has been the pick of our midfield in the last 15 PL games and outshone the mighty Wilshere on the first game of the season. Delph and Westy would be great back up for Carrick and Wilshere, possibly pushing in front of them.


I will completely ignore the first post quite ridiculous. I would like to see a significant contract extension for Lambert, Wenger’s time is nearly up at Arsenal and Lambert ticks most of the boxes as a natural replacement.