'Pothole capital' warning over £800,000 Dudley roads budget cut

Dudley would become “the pothole capital of the Black Country” if plans to slash thousands of pounds from the roads budget go ahead, it was claimed during a heated council debate. 


The borough council’s cabinet was attacked over plans to make cuts of almost £22 million at a meeting last night.

The Labour-controlled authority has revealed a three-year programme of savings which will see services ranging from road and street maintenance to care for the elderly and youth services stripped back.

But Councillor Patrick Harley, shadow cabinet member for transport, hit out at proposals to slash the budgets for road maintenance by more than £800,000.

Addressing the cabinet members, he said: “Withdrawing this funding will make Dudley the pothole capital of the Black Country. It will cost taxpayers more because the bill for filling in potholes will be rising.”


Councillor Tim Wright also criticised the plans, along with proposals to reduce the street cleaning, saying: “We’ve seen new building in Dudley like we’ve never seen before.

“But will people continue to invest in Dudley if they can’t get from A to B because of the potholes and if the borough isn’t attractive because green care has been cutback?”

Transport chief Judy Foster defended the plans saying a plan would be in place to ensure roads most at risk of deterioration would be repaired as a priority.

“ We are not going to take anything out of the potholes budget. They will continue to be addressed,” she added.

The council says it needs to make savings of £10.7m in 2013 to 2014, £4.8m the following year and £6.3m in 2015 to 2016. A call for council tax to be frozen for another year was made by Councillor Les Jones.

By Heather Large

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Comments for: "'Pothole capital' warning over £800,000 Dudley roads budget cut"


Afternoon all,

what a brilliant idea......well done....because the roads in and around Dudley are soooooo good that they do not need repairing at all.......oh hang on a moment. This is just another bad idea from a badly run council. Can't we just cut some of the councillors and use their wages to repair the roads instead??? And when the roads are falling apart (some already are!) and your car / bike falls down a pot hole and is damaged i assume we can then claim the cost of repairs from the council becasue they have not kept the roads in good order.

I do wonder at times how these people get elected



Mr g

Local Government funding is been squeezed too much! let the council have more central government funding and let the locally elected members do their job for the local citizens.


Morning all,

or just let the goverment use the......ROAD TAX.....to lok after the ......ROADS!!!!




Dudley Councillors are a disgrace.

They have created a town that you can neither get into, out of or through as a result of one way systems, bus routes, traffic light phasings, poorly designed traffic islands i.e top of Peatree Lane etc etc.

Dudley does not have a chance of improving until it is made vehicle friendly.

It is having to make cutbacks but can still find money to build the new, not sure what it is, building adjacent to the council offices, when there are empty buildings and offices scattered throughout Dudley town centre.

Dudley Council policy makers offer a shocking diservice to the local community.

Pot holes are the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Councillors incompetence.


Did anyone expect anything else from the looney left


Disband the current council and it's inept councillors and go back to town councils before Dudley MBC. I, for one, would like Stourbridge to have it's own council.


A sign the looney left are back in control of the council get ready for a load of hair brained ideas and wasted money


This is a typical issue with these 1 year budgets and short terms of government. Its all about making savings now and not in the long term when those in charge might not be in power anymore anyway.

Cutting the budget may save a few pounds now but over the long term the additional cost of changes imposed on them from car damage by drivers may be far higher than the original savings.

The same thing happens in other areas too. NHS, police, army, road infrastructure, railways. The lack of forward vision by those in charge is shocking when you compare it to the Victorian times. We used to lead the world but now the country is dying a slow death.

Back on topic, everyone should send an influx of pothole reports. They wont be allowed to ignore them and will be forced to fill them in. Then they'll soon realize there mistake when they see the cost of this patching up compared to maintenance.

Cliff Stanley

I can see a time when insurance companies start court proceedings against councils to recover money paid out for accident claims where blame can be atributed to the poor quality of the road surface.


Err...."would become the Pothole capital...?!"

I think we am already theare bay we.......


The road between Sedgley and Dudley running through Gornal is an absolute disgrace,and has been for years.

If it gets much worse,it will be down to the hardcore.

And then how much will it cost to repair.

God help us with these clowns in charge.


If they are addressing the potholes how come I have reported the ones in Garratt Street, Brierley Hill at least 3 times and they are still not touched and getting bigger and deeper by the day. Now the council is Labour majority they are trying to make a point instead of doing what should be done for the good of the residents. How about getting rid of some chiefs at the top end and cutting some salaries.......

4 race & nation

For the next round of local elections it is about time the whole of the council go up for re election.

Then only elect just two cillrs per ward instead of three. There for cutting back their income.


They need to pull there finger out and so something about the dangerous parking on kinver street in wordsley sundays are getting worse with football matches which if the council looked into they should not be allowing so many matches on ashwood park as theres no changing rooms there is an entrance to an old park on there which they could open up for parking. The police cant do anything as they are now restricted so they tell me but double yellow lines on both sides need putting down its also bad parking when parents are dropping kids off at ashwood park primary. Whats it going to take a serious accident and someone getting badly hurt or killed for anyone to take any notice and pull their finger out? Come on dudley mbc about time you did something