Mystery over Wolverhampton supermarket war leaflet

The sales war between two supermarkets in Wolverhampton took a bizarre twist after Asda customers were targeted by a leaflet urging them to switch their allegiance.

The leaflet which had been left on an Asda customer's windscreen
The leaflet which had been left on an Asda customer's windscreen

The flyers, which were left on the windscreens of a number of cars using the Asda store in Jack Hayward Way, branded Asda products as 'rubbish', and urged people to shop at the city's new £60 million Sainsbury's instead.

Asda contacted Sainsbury's to complain about underhand tricks it believed was being used by its rival.

However, Sainsbury's denied any involvement in the leaflet campaign, and said there was no dirty tricks campaign going on.

The leaflets, which carried the Sainsbury's logo, said: "Still buying rubbish? Change supermarkets! Visit the brand new, multi-million pound mega store and petrol station... Sainsbury's, Chapel Ash, Wolverhampton. Petrol £1.299p per litre, diesel £1.339 per litre."

The new Sainsbury's store.
The new Sainsbury's store.

One customer posted a picture of the leaflet on Sainsbury's Facebook page, and said: "I am absolutely disgusted that Sainsbury's has used such underhand tactics.

"I found this under my car window screen wiper as I left my local Asda store.

"It is a shame that your colleagues had to go to such lengths."

Another Asda customer added: "Does this imply that if we don't shop at Sainsbury's we eat rubbish? A bit of a low flyer."

An Asda spokeswoman hit out at the leaflets, adding that its own fuel was cheaper anyway.

“We’re pretty unimpressed that our customers were treated so rudely by Sainsbury’s and a bit confused as to why they would go to so much effort to promote to our value savvy shoppers the fact Sainsbury’s fuel is more expensive that Asda.”

Asda near Monlineux

However a Sainsbury's spokeswoman denied any involvement with the leaflet.

"This is not from Sainsbury's and not something we would ever do."

Sainsbury's opened its long-awaited new store in Raglan Street earlier this month.

Hundreds of people queued up to be among the first to get a glimpse inside the new store, which has been more than 10 years in the making.

A total of 340 new jobs have been created at the store, with 192 workers moving from its now-closed store in St George's Parade.

The 72,000 sq ft store includes 700 parking spaces, an in-store cafe, recycling centre and gym, and is said to be the second largest in the West Midlands.

Work on the scheme was delayed after the company became locked in a battle with Tesco over which chain would develop the site.

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Comments for: "Mystery over Wolverhampton supermarket war leaflet"

Annie Bro

"Our own petrol is cheaper anyway"? But of course ASDA closed their petrol station many years ago at Sir Jack Heywood Way, so it's not CHEAPER is it, if you don't sell it! I think driving 6 miles to Tipton or Walsall or 14 miles to the Merry Hill Centre to get the 'CHEAPER' petrol, won't exactly be cost effective, will it? Who exactly are playing the dirty tricks here?


@Annie Bro Walsall doesn't even have a petrol station on it's Asda so that's another one off the list. Where Asda actually sell this cheaper petrol is anyones guess, maybe somebody will let us know on here via a comment.


There's two Asda petrol stations in Telford - not much use if you live in Wolverhampton though.


Unlikely to be Sainsbury's posting them... more like people like me who believe the new Sainsbury's is the best supermarket on Earth... but to point out... it wasn't me either who posted them...


It is quite obvious someone is having a laugh.

Look at the the low resolution logo dragged off the internet and placed in very poorly designed excuse for a 'flyer'.

Not even in the right proportions and stretched badly.

Grammatically wrong with spaces before exclamation marks and no professional designer would have an ampersand in a sentence.

I suggest ASDA look at themselves as this is probably a disgruntled ex-customer/member of staff and nothing to do with Sainsburys.


This Asda be looked into.


But only a Lidl bit!


Aldi evidence points to this being fake.


I agree with Danimal, I think someone inside Asda could be responsible for these flyers that a campain to spear Sainsbury's new store, funny they didn't come out last week or the weekm it opened its doors, or has the volume of customers has dropped like it has in Waitrose but no flyers there, I see panic on a big scale within Asda


Surely, the point of having different supermarkets is to give people the CHOICE of where to shop. I am an Asda regular, and used to pop into Sainsbury's in town occasionally. I will no longer be using Sainsbury's because it is now too far out of my way, and I use Asda for most of my groceries because they are cheaper. Choose the supermarket you are happy with and leave other people to make their choice.


I would say the point of supermarkets is to make profits for their shareholders, by selling as much to us as they can at the highest price that the market can stand.


I have used both asda and sainsburys petrol and have aways found to be poor quality its worth buying proper brand just to get more miles to the gallon and better engine maintence

as for sainsburys supermarket Its over priced I hope the service is better than at the one at Bentley bridge