Binmen are blocking us in our home, claim Bloxwich couple

Putting out your own wheelie bins every week can be enough of a hassle.

Susan Halls with the bin petition

But having to move up to 16 the next morning has left a retired couple at the end of their tether.

They claim binmen are blocking off their home with other people’s wheelie bins. Susan and Frederick Halls say up to 16 bins are sometimes left outside their terraced house in Bloxwich – making it difficult for them to get out.

They live in a narrow close with a path between two opposite rows of houses. And while residents are placing the bins outside their own properties, she claims the binmen are not returning them.

Instead, Mrs Halls says, they are being left outside her home at the end of the terrace in Buxton Close.

The 65-year-old retired school caretaker, said: “This has been going on for three years.

“They are collecting the bins and instead of putting them back where they have been collected from, they are leaving them outside our house.

“If someone needed an ambulance or was ill and needed to be taken out they would really struggle and there is no way through.

“I’ve complained so many times but nothing is being done.”

She said senior members of council staff went out on a round with the refuse collectors one day after she had complained – and the bins were returned to the correct positions.

She said the problem started again the following week.


The couple have so far collected 20 names on a petition calling for the bins to be put back in the correct places.

They say they have the support of residents in a neighbouring street and hope to collect more signatures in the coming days.

Mrs Halls said: “I am not asking the binmen to do anything they are not supposed to do. This is their job and they should be returning the bins to where they got them from.”

The couple have lived in the street for 23 years and say they ‘never expected’ this would happen when wheelie bins were introduced.

Tom Evans, operations manager for waste at Walsall Council, said: “We were contacted by the householder back in May and carried out inspections around collection time, but there was no evidence of any problem.

“We would ask her to contact us on 01922 653344 to report any issues so they can be looked into.”

It comes after calls were made for Walsall’s policy to be reviewed following complaints about residents being billed when they move into new homes. People living in Walsall are charged for replacement bins and people moving in to new-build homes are also forced to pay.

It has also been claimed it is not clear in the policy guidelines who is responsible for providing them, although the authority says it is not up to them to supply first-time buyers. Walsall Council has already come under fire after a zero-tolerance recycling crackdown saw ‘binspectors’ checking bins for the wrong rubbish, with those contaminated going uncollected.

Bosses agreed to make its policy clearer to avoid any confusion, although Councillor Pete Smith has been calling for the bins to be supplied by the authority.

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Comments for: "Binmen are blocking us in our home, claim Bloxwich couple"


There are a lot of lazy bin men who work for our councils & if you do not leave your bins where they have to use little effort to empty them then they don't get emptied? I left my bin three feet away from where I normally leave it to stop it from blowing over (because if it did blow over they wouldn't have cleared it up) & the next day it was still there.. Still full!!

Disenchanted of Willenhall

What a surprise. Senior members of council staff go out with the refuse collectors on their round - and the bins are returned to the correct positions. What world are these senior members of staff living in? What else did they expect? How about a random/unscheduled inspection, 'say one hour after the bins have been emptied. They might then get the true picture.


Lots of sympathy. We have an excellent service in Codsall, South Staffordshire, but even though we are mostly careful not to block the footpath by placing the bins next to it, our bin men always leave the bins on the footpath. If we are out when the bins are collected, who is breaking the law by obstructing the footpath?


It is quite worrying that, from the sounds of the article, the senior members of the council seem so incompetent. No wonder the council is in such a mess. Judging from this the councillors just don’t seem to be bothered, unless of course it was happening to them. Do yourself a favour residents of Walsall and send a vote of no confidence to Whitehall about the numpties at the town hall.


Generally the operators who service my locality (DY4) put the bins back to where we have left them (in my case at the edge of my property but not on the pavement) but occasionally they are left en masse up to three houses away and at least once each month they are left in the middle of my drive. I am lucky because I and my next door neighbour put each other's bins back against the property walls but last year my green waste recycling bin was stolen before either of us had popped out to recover them.


I remember when bin men come round the back of your house to pick up a bin bag now if it's not in the right place outside yours an it's got wheels now they won't take it. I watched one throw my recycle bag over next door a few weeks ago an it was outside my gate rant over


They leave mine away from my path and I cant walk very well. They know I'm disabled because of the wheelchair ramp. Also the bin man who lives in our street often leaves rubbish next to the bin and its taken away but if anyone else does it its left there!!


We should be used to this by now, I get the same thing albeit not blocking anyone or anything in, but years ago the used to go around the back of my house to collect the black bin, and return it afterwards. Nowadays they are on wheels, the lorry picks them up and puts them down and I have to put it on the end of my drive handles facing outwards, otherwise won't get emptied.

As far as auditing which should be done, the councils are too busy collecting data, pictures and filming, In correct parking, littering and the latest two are dropping ciggies out of cars and spitting, and thus us because these make them shed loads of money to waste on anything they like !


Give it a few more years and we'll have to load the bins on the lorries for them, getting more and more lazy by the day, wonder how they would have coped forty to fifty years ago carry steel bins on their back like my father had to.


The bin men in our area, are brilliant. They always put the bins back by the right houses but our bins in our cul de sac have all got the numbers painted on them. I can't see any numbers on the bins in the picture, so maybe that would help.

Truro Wolf

"After complaining the bin men returned the bins to where they had collected them from, but next week the were back to their old ways". The problem is that after a break bin men have to be re-trained!!!!


We had a similar problem with our binmen in cheslyn hay I am disabled with a steep drive and our binmen would leave the empty bins in the road and other bins blocking neighbours drives in the end our council arranged for us to have our bins collected and returned to a named point