Taxi driver left blind woman stranded - after claiming her guide dog would urinate and leave hairs in his car

A taxi driver who left an elderly blind woman stranded because he feared her guide dog would urinate and leave hairs in his car has been fined by magistrates.

Rita Nicholls
Rita Nicholls and her guide dog Charlie

Samim Yakubi, aged 40, was found to have discriminated against 71-year-old Rita Nicholls contrary to the Equality Act 2010.

A court heard Yakubi, a private hire driver for Wednesfield Radio Cars, initially lied about his reasons for failing to allow Ms Nicholls and her dog Charlie into his vehicle.

The taxi had been pre-booked on October 4 last year and the company told Ms Nicholls, who had used the firm before, would have a guide dog.

Yakubi arrived in Market Street, Wolverhampton, but when he realised Ms Nicholls had a guide dog, he told her there had been a mistake and he was there to collect someone else before driving off.

It was observed by a friend and she complained to Wolverhampton council.

In interview Yakubi, of Hobgate Road, Heath Town, revealed the real reason he drove off was because he was worried the dog would urinate in his car and leave hair on its interior.

Magistrates fined Yakubi £80 and ordered him to pay costs of £400 and a victim surcharge of £30 after he pleaded guilty to the offence.

Wolverhampton council will review his private hire licence which could lead to him being taken off the road.

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Comments for: "Taxi driver left blind woman stranded - after claiming her guide dog would urinate and leave hairs in his car"


He needs his taxi liecence revolked by the council tbh apparling to leave a vunarble ladie in middle of no where should be ashamed fella would u leave your own mother if she was blind ect wrong wouldnt be surprised if it was a asian guy tbh as there scared of dogs as i used to av a little tebeckian spaniel and when i used to walk here around street they used to run off from it lol


Asian guys are afraid of dogs! Your racism matches your ignorance and illiteracy.

I guess that you used to have a "Tibetan spaniel" - a breed that originated in Tibet, a country that (this may come as a surprise) is entirely inhabited by Asians.

Before you leap in with another ignorance founded mistake - Muslims do not hate nor fear dogs. They use them as working animals, both for herding/protecting flocks and as guard dogs.

My brother had a very large long legged staff and neither of our Muslim friends were remotely afraid of her.


Regardless of whether it is cultural or religious interpretation, there appears to be no shortage of candidates willing to perpetuate such narrative, David. Not just refusal of carriage but also mistreatment of dogs in general.

Question: Didn't the prophet reportedly state: "angels do not enter a house in which there is a dog.”? Or how about "Whoever keeps a dog, his good deeds will decrease every day by one qeeraat (a unit of measurement), unless it is a dog for farming or herding." And another question: how was this view arrived at? Wasn't it through compromise? Wasn't it the case that previously all dogs were to be killed, the only black dogs as they were were as devils?

..which some have no doubt interpreted to mean one shouldn't keep dogs as pets, but as expendable items to be used in hunting, farming, guarding..and in some cases attacking.

How many cases have we read about where dogs have been 'kept outside' to bark and/or mistreated? Such as the very recent case in Tipton whereby a dog as kept in a shed for three months by which time its suffering was such that the vet had no choice but to put him down. Many times it's the same pattern of abuse and complete disregard not only for the dog but for society's values in general. It is also a fact that dog ownership whilst forbidden, is discouraged within some Muslim communities and that dogs are seen as dirty animals that should be avoided where possible.

My own view is this. Regardless of your race or religion, if you don't respect the welfare of animals of people then basically you can get out the country.


Sorry, we can't all have your level of literacy and knowledge, but we can all have good manners, and not be condescending towards others.

p.s. The way your post reads, it implies that you have only two Muslim friends, hardly a representative sample.

I do hope my grammar and spelling stands up to your scrutiny.


2017 - more like 1702..


Sounds like half the people he would carry on a Saturday night anyway


Its not racism david as i have asian family its a fact i know buddy when i lived in walsall stafford st mate sorry if it sounded like that but it wasnt ment to sound that way which i will say sorry to anybody who it offended


Ps dave u say i quote ignorance and illiteracy right aint that offening people with disabiltys dude so i thought id pull u up on that mate


Im not racist thats fact 1 anf fact 2 dave and sham that was the dog i had when i lived around walsall which was a little dog but i do appalgise if i cause upset to anyone i was pointing out a fact not a rasict comment ok


Totally agree with mediacell good point u made


take away his taxi drivers licence


I said that jef it is hocking mate


Many years ago when I was between jobs I worked for a short time for this firm....I met this lady several times and found her to be delightful. Not as delightful as her beautiful guide dog. I always asked if he could sit on the front passenger seat so that I could stroke him beings he wasnt working. To be honest I would have rather had a car full of these superb animals than a lot of the human animals I had to transport.


I would have thought that taxis would have waterproof seat covers anyway which could be easily cleaned, plus additional sheets for use when dogs are in the car are cheap and easy to obtain and fit.

I have a dog, which occasionally rides in the car, and I have fitted industrial quality waterproof seat covers, and also have a waterproof sheet to cover the seats if necessary.

These also come in handy when transporting kids who have been out playing in mud etc.


Asian being ractist, never, wash your mouth out......


Horrible inhuman scum. He should be permanently removed from society. The cancer on humanity that he is.