£1,000 Express & Star reward to find attackers: Genuine Wolves fans - tell us who did it

The Express & Star is offering a £1,000 reward to track down thugs who left a football fan fighting for his life.

Littles Lane, where the attack on Nick Cruwys happened
Littles Lane, where the attack on Nick Cruwys happened

Father-of-two Nick Cruwys was set upon after the Wolves and Watford clash at Molineux on Saturday.

The Watford supporter was attacked in Little’s Lane as he made his way back to the train station.

Incredibly, fans from around the world raised more than £14,000 via an internet appeal set up by a Wolves fan to raise funds for Mr Cruwys yesterday.

The 44-year-old milkman, whose children are aged four and just nine months, is in a ‘critical condition’ in a coma. Sources said he would undergo a ‘significant’ medical procedure over the next 24 hours. He was with a group of friends who were chased for a short distance by yobs wearing baseball caps and dark clothing.

As his friends dashed away, Mr Cruwys was tripped by one of the attackers and fell to the floor. He was then immediately set upon by three or four other thugs, who viciously kicked him around the head, even though he appeared to be already unconscious.

One of the men was wearing a dark baseball cap and a distinctive blue jacket. Another was wearing grey jogging bottoms and black trainers. The attack lasted only 10 seconds before the gang strolled off, leaving him with life-threatening head injuries.

Moments later, passers-by raced to the stricken man’s aid and called emergency services. It is believed an off-duty nurse was one of the first on the scene.

Mr Cruwys’ wife Jodie is at his bedside at Birmingham’s Queen Elizabeth Hospital while her family look after the children at home in Hemel Hempstead.

Littles Lane in Wolverhampton, where the attack took place

The incident, which occurred at 5.07pm following the 2-2 draw, has sent shockwaves throughout the football world.

An internet appeal set up by a young Wolves supporter has raised more than £14,000 in less than 24 hours, while fans have taken to social media to condemn the attack.

Today, the Express & Star is calling on people to come forward with information about the incident.

We are offering a £1,000 reward to anyone who can provide information leading to the arrest and conviction of those responsible.

Editor Keith Harrison said: “Enough is enough. We will do whatever we can to help West Midlands Police find these attackers. Someone knows who these cowards are. Please ring our confidential helpline or contact the police via Crimestoppers. People can call anonymously or even send a text – but we must find these thugs.”

Wolves spokesman Matt Grayson said: “We implore anyone with information about the incident to contact the police. Hopefully the Express & Star’s reward will convince even more people to come forward.” The reward was also backed by Detective Inspector Ronan Tyrer, who said: “We support any action that could help our investigation and urge anyone with information to contact us on 101.”

Wolves supporter Ollie Floyd, who is behind the online appeal, spoke for fans saying: “Those responsible should be ashamed.”

Donations can be made at www.gofundme.com/o8itrk

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Comments for: "£1,000 Express & Star reward to find attackers: Genuine Wolves fans - tell us who did it"


We got the call Sunday morning to tell us our dear friend Nick (Moo) had been involved in an incident and was in hospital, the phones were frantic trying to find out what had gone on and what was happening. Jodie was and is at his bedside, in a hotel away from her beloved children of 4 years and one of 9 months. On that Saturday at 5.00pm the mindless thugs who viciously tried to MURDER my friend changed so many peoples lives in that 10 seconds. He is a father, husband, son, uncle and dear friend to many people and you have taken that away. Somebody knows who you are and if they have a shred of decency they will notify the appropriate authorities football is a game and this mindless violence cannot be tolerated. The people that are capable of this are sick individuals and need to be brought to justice. The support of people round the country with donations and messages has been phenomenal and goodness knows the family are going to need every penny with Moos rehab and loss of work, good on you all and thank goodness there are kind people out there. Come on Moo Loo (Nick) we are all routing for you !


When they find who did this they should lock them up and throw away the key. Scumbags. And I would say the same whichever club they "followed".


I walked back that way after the match on Saturday, and saw a gang of lads hanging about in littles lane. I remember thinking that they were perhaps there to cause trouble, and certainly hadn't been to watch the match. These morons are not Wolves supporters, and need to be caught and hanging wouldn't be too harsh a punishment in my opinion !!!


Prayers for nick and hopefully he will pull through. As for the parasites that attacked nick , when caught they have to be charged with ATTEMPTED MURDER , when you repeatedly kick someone in the head (as reported by E&S)the chances of killing that person are very high, so please please let's not have a GBH with a paltry sentence but something that justifies the intent. Once again fingers crossed for Nick


We all join with you Nick in your fight for life itself and justice for you and your family.

We share the same abhorrence as all true fans and right minded people everywhere about what happened. Such incidents sicken and demean us all.

The perpetrators must be caught and punished.

The action of the E&S in offering a reward to this end, and the actions of the fans who set up the appeal and are raising funds we commend wholeheartedly.

But no amount of money will compensate you Nick for your loss and suffering. We know that and we all feel so helpless at this moment in time. We can only hope that you pull through. If the strength of our feeling and support is anything to go by, you will.

We can only hope too that our prayers can bring you out of your coma and help lift your spirits.

Best wishes

Alan, Lynfa, James, Sam and Emily (Wolves fans).


I'm a wolves fan, I normally walk that way back to my car,

But this time I went down by untouchables,

I cant tell you who there are due to me not knowing there names, but everyday before the match they walk up in a group of 10-15 past the abandoned brewery( Springfield)

They gather on the emerald clubs car park and drink there, even though they are all blatantly underage,

They go by the name "wolves youth" according to there chants,

They don't go to the game, due to when I do walk littles lane way they come out from under bridge down the side of carvers, I recognise some faces but can't put a name to it, but they were baseball caps and hats that look like fishermens hats, but they are just cowards!

Hope this helped


Nick our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family hopefully this will bring you through this terrible ordeal. These mindless thugs must be identified and dealt with. Every fair minded fan of whatever persuasion feels the same and I am distraught that this scum dare to associate themselves with our wonderful club. God bless Nick his wife and two dear little children and give him the strength to get back to his normal life. Football becomes irrelevant in these situations.

The Real Bully Hoo.

I find it disturbing that on Youtube there are hundreds of videos of thugs glorying in violence at football matches. I know it doesn't cause these type of incidents but it must encourage pea brained individuals like these to copycat. Something should be done but it won't.

In the meantime all right minded people will pray for this man (and I'm n atheist but if it helps.) Great credit to the Wolves fans that have set up and contributed and to the E&S for the reward offered.

I'm sure like most decent football fans I feel very depressed about all of Saturday's happenings but when are the authorities going to do something about it instead of wringing their hands until it's forgotten about?

gold and black blood

im wolves through and through and the only word i can use for them is SCUM.

express and star yes your £1000 may help but why not up it to £5000 (think of the kudos)? because at some point you have to appeal to the SCUM mentality of "sod you jack im looking after number one" and they turn on their own people.but at some point they will brag to someone who will not think twice about reporting them..

when they DO find them and they WILL find them the clocks ticking.wait till a match day and put them in the center circle and announce their name and what they had done and leave them there for 10 mins then walk them around the outside of the pitch letting them suffer the verbal abuse from the REAL wolves fans giving them something to think about when they are locked up away at night away from mommy.

i as a REAL GENUINE wolves fan like the other 20/30/40/60/100s of thousand REAL GENUINE wolves fans want to say sorry to nick and all his famly and you are in my prayers

The Flying Winger

Great Post, If only that could be done, if only


Just read on another sorry is that the police are to blame and they allegedly didn't see anyone? Well I'm sorry but they must be blind, every game there is aload of police, always in twos, all the way up to kwikfit,don't blame the police! It's just a scumbag group of idiots!


In every Society there are bullies, usually they are cowards too, hunting in packs where they outnumber the quarry. Now, thanks to Political Correctness, punishment is a telling off or some other such nonsense. If these thugs are caught, they should be sent to a 'Boot Camp' environment, FAR, FAR away from Mommy and Daddy, chased from very early morning until late evening, for say 18 months to 2 years. Oh, blow me, I've just described NATIONAL Service ! And WE hadn't hurt anyone before we got that 'punishment'. How in the name of God have we allowed this utter saftness ?