Midlands dog attacks see 300 in hospital over year

More than 300 people across the Black Country and Staffordshire were admitted to hospital after being attacked by a dog over the course of a year.

Angry dog

Figures released by Health and Social Care Information Centre show there were  a total of 323 people who required urgent medical treatment between February 2013 and January 2014 as a result of a bite or strike by a dog.

In Wyre Forest 79 people needed urgent treatment for bites while in Sandwell and West Birmingham there were 68 reports of dog bites and strikes and in Dudley there were 49.

In Walsall 31 people needed treatment after being attacked while in Wolverhampton 23 people were admitted to hospital and in Cannock Chase 22 people received injuries from dog bites and strikes. In Stafford and the surrounding area 18 people visited hospital.

Earlier this month 31-year-old Karl Jones of Barnard Way, Cannock, was given a 12-week suspended sentence and banned from keeping dogs for 10 years after two people were bitten by his Staffordshire Bull Terrier in separate attacks just months apart.

Researchers at the health data service found the rates of hospital admissions were three times higher for people from poor areas compared to their wealthier neighbours.

There were 6,740 hospital admissions for dog bites nationally – an increase of six per cent on the previous year.

Kingsley Manning, chair of the Health and Social Care Information Centre , said:

“Our statistics also show that hospitals have dealt with more admissions for bites and strikes by mammals compared to last year.

As we head towards the summer months, when admission rates for dog bites are at their highest, these trends may be worth further study by healthcare organisations and public sector bodies.”

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Comments for: "Midlands dog attacks see 300 in hospital over year"

Stearmans overhead kick

Not surprised, The owners of the my dog will rip your dog apart let them run loose 50 yards away from them swinging their lead in one hand and talking on a mobile in the other, So annoying.


Probably most dog attacks are on people who deserve it. There is much less publicity about dogs that are attacked by humans. I've yet to see a nasty dog. Wish I could say the same about humans.


You are utterly, astonishingly wrong. Children maimed and killed by these appalling attack dogs deserved it did they? Every day one of these dogs hurts somebody somewhere and you think it's OK? I know people can be cruel to dogs but that is no reason to defend the owning of these offensive weapons. These owners and the cretins like them are also usually the ones responsible for the mountains of dog mess we have to avoid on the streets every day.

These dogs are just a symbol of chavvy aggression, no more or less. Get rid, by any means possible.


Of course I deplore any attacks like the occasional ones as you describe. These make up a handfull nationaly each year.

The majority of dog bites are just that, and are usually attacks on intruders or tormentors.

I meet dozens of dogs daily when walking my own and have been doing so for mre than 30 years and have yet to see an aggresive one.

Our previous dog was a Staffordshire Bull Terrior which was snatched from druggies who were using her as an ashtray. Despite that cruelty inflicted by humans she remained typical of the breed - very playful, loving human attention and very gentle - until she died at 18 years old in her sleep.

Even Pit Bulls, if raised properly, are docile gentle dogs.

I suspect most of the bad dogs have bad owners and bringing back the dog licence could help ensure that bad owners do not have dogs.

Popular dogs, because of the higher population, tend to head the table of bites by breed.

30 years ago the dogs heading the table were labradors.

Your post seems to be very bitter an twisted.

Lastly responsible dog owners clear up after their dogs and fortunately that is most owners. Most dog fouling is on social housing estates where they seem to roam unattended.

Annie Bro

Maybe u should seek help?

After all, many serial killers start out being cruel/harmful to defenseless creatures before moving on to defenseless females;

I'm sure you must be 'joking' of course,we wouldn't want an Albion fan to be seen as a bully or coward, or both, would we?

Annie Bro

Crikes, there's some odd & illiterate folks on here! Or are their hounds posting for them?


And your point is?