Cleavage shot to promote Birmingham pub’s real ales sparks storm in a D-cup

Pub bosses sparked a storm in a D-cup when they advertised their special drinks promotion featuring a real ale using a saucy photo of a barmaid’s cleavage.


The picture shows the pumps for their guest ales, Joule’s Blonde, produced by Market Drayton-based Joule’s Brewery, and Butty Bach, which is made in Herefordshire by Wye Valley Brewery.

Not provocative – Lucy Wedge
Not provocative – Lucy Wedge

But in the background of the promotional picture is barmaid Lucy Wedge, 22, who can be seen wearing a low-cut black vest top behind the pumps from the neck down. The image was posted on social media on April 9 along with the phrase “come get a #realale from a #realwoman”.

But pub bosses at The Victoria pub in Birmingham city centre faced an angry backlash from unhappy customers complaining about the “sexual objectification” of women, with the image receiving 37 complaints online.

Regular customer Annie-Marie Hopper, 34, said: “It was a very tasteless and old-fashioned way to shamelessly promote the pub. They should be ashamed they have reduced themselves to this very blatant sexual objectification of a young lady in such a sexist manner.” The pub has since removed the snap from its Facebook account and apologised, but it is still visible on its Twitter account which has 5,506 followers.

Barmaid Lucy, who lives in Birmingham, has hit back over the issue and said the picture was not provocative and simply a way to promote two excellent ales.

She said: “It wasn’t like ‘pose by this pump with your boobs out’. I leaned in and she took the pic and to be honest I was more concerned it was going to be embarrassing as everyone would know it’s me by my tattoo.”

Owner Julian Rose-Gibbs, 40, said he was aware of the issue, but said if it had been left up to him the photo would not have been taken down.

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Comments for: "Cleavage shot to promote Birmingham pub’s real ales sparks storm in a D-cup"


So who cares?

If she was wearing something a bit more revealing then maybe but she just wearing what she'd be wearing at work anyway. No ones been bothered to force coke to change the diet coke adverts.

What are we going to do make every woman in the country cover up and wear a veil. No.


I wonder what proportion of those complaining actually felt they had a valid argument, or whether they just felt a desperate urge to be trendy by creating traffic on social media. That seemed to be the case recently with some sociology students from Birmingham; they were in awe over the fact their flash mob had forcefully rescinded a certain college’s policy on removing veils for security reasons. Then it’s back to their mid-morning mocha choca’s as they debate what else ELSE they can use to put themselves on a pedestal inside their pampered, self-absorbed bubble. People like this – and those forcing women to wear veils - are always proclaiming the virtues of living in a liberal society…as long as it’s on their terms. You see their true nature whenever they discover they can’t get what they want. We are sexual beings, we are beings of mass consumption.. put two and two together. Stop banning things because a minority of self-important people gleefully seek to be offended whilst at the same time, reaping (and raping), the benefits of living in a progressive, western society. Hypocrites.


Did anyone force the young lady in to having this photo taken ?

Well according to the artical the answer is no. So as she is not doing anything illegal I fail to see why others who chose not to dress like Lucy and don't wish to be involved in such promotional campaigns feel they should enforce their will and ways on people who do.


This is no different than those idiot students banning the sun. She looks nearly as nice as the beer and is dressed absolutely right for her job. Shame they took the photo down.

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