Costly cabbage shocks shopper at Tipton Asda

With food prices slowly on the rise, Dudley pensioner Jean Hudson thought nothing of her high shopping bill until she left the shop.

Cabbage 1 PM 28
Jean Hudson, of Sedgley, who was charged more than £53 for a cabbage due to a barcode error at Asda, Gospel Oak Road, Tipton

The 61-year-old from Sedgley had been out doing her weekly shop with her husband Graham at Asda Tipton in Gospel Oak when she realised she had been charged more than £50 for a small cabbage.

She said: “We were at the checkout and we went to pay and my husband said that the bill was a little steep, but I didn’t think anything of it to be honest.

Cabbage 5 PM 28
The receipt showing the £53.55 cabbage

“It’s not unusual for us to spend a little more if there is a deal on. We had bought extra items including biscuits and a few items for the Tipton Food bank and coffee for my son, so I thought nothing of it, but my husband kept grumbling about the amount all the way out of the shop and across the car park.”

She continued to walk towards her car, but she had a nagging feeling and checked her receipt. To her surprise, instead of paying 30p for the small cabbage, she had paid £53.55. “I wasn’t angry, more amused at first,” said Mrs Hudson, who said the mistake had not put her off shopping at Asda.

“We went back to the customer services and showed the lady my receipt. She was more shocked than I was and seemed very concerned.”

The store gave Mrs Hudson a refund and a £2 voucher as a gesture of goodwill. “Although I found the whole thing rather humorous, some people may not have noticed and could have paid over the odds,” said the grandmother-of-four.

A spokesperson for Asda said: “A system glitch meant that the cabbage was scanned at the wrong price. We’re sorry for any inconvenience caused and we’ll ensure this doesn’t happen again.”

This is the second time the supermarket chain has been caught out by a pricing error.

Last week John Brown, from Heath Town, was charged £453.19 for five items that should have cost less than £5 during a visit to Asda on Jack Hayward Way, Wolverhampton. The 37-year-old was also given a refund and gift card.

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Comments for: "Costly cabbage shocks shopper at Tipton Asda"


A £2 voucher as compensation?! What a bunch of skin-flints.


Yep, always check your receipt. On another note, I'd say that this store is one of the worst stores I've ever shopped in. The layout is bad for a start: lethal pedestrian crossing on a blind spot; poorly-designed entrance/exit that resembles a cattle farm; bike racks that leave cycles prone to damage by trolleys; disabled parking that is a nightmare to squeeze into; taxi 'parking' that is woefully inadequate; upper store layout that seems to think you can cram 100's of shoppers into narrow isles that are clearly insufficient. Then there's the yocal element with ASDA's clientele. Oh what wonderful examples of Tipton they are. Don't get me wrong, I actually like some of ASDA's stuff (their salmon and cheese spread is nice), but that store.. I hate it..and so do many others it seems. A lot of the staff do work very hard and are very helpful, polite..but the store itself should be leveled and replaced with something not designed on the back of a beer mat.


Just also like to add, who on earth designed the help desk are? You've got customer care, a news isle and a semi-automated till (1 for ALL customers), all rolled into one, without proper segregation. It's absurd. Iv'e seen no end of arguments and confusion over it, because staff are forced to constantly hop between services asking people if they want this or that. The simplest thing becomes a headache. It's the same for the entertainment section; it used to be so much better until, despite having a bigger area to play with, ASDA decided to cram their stock into limited isles. They MUST have known the consequence of this especially around busier times of year. You cannot get INTO these isles, let alone OUT, and you're constantly having to move to avoid other people. I mean come on ASDA, really, why do you think people are going to stick this..because it's Tipton? Many consumers will simply go elsewhere. Prices are OK on many products and service is often very quick and helpful, but this store is so badly let down elsewhere. If you don't get run over with a car you get run over by a trolleys dashing between cramped isles. It really is a cabbage of a store.

Dave W.

Whatever you do .... don't shop at Lidl in Bilston , every time I shop there I get charged more at the till than the goods are priced at on the shelf , and woe betide you if you complain to the management .

I too

Morales from the story:

1. Do not trust computers to be correct

2. Always compare shelf prices to the amount charged as it is scanned. Wait to pack and slow the machines down. You have the right to check as items are scanned! Do it

3. Slow them down and they will have to employ more people -simples

4. Only notify the staff if the monetary error is to the shops advantage

6.We all make mistakes but computers will make more because they are programmed by humans and trained by humans. Oooops educated, nah trained. Of course it is 5 :() Zippy

Others? please add.


Asda make far more mistakes on your bill than any other supermarket and you are often made to feel as though you are a criminal, especially if you have mistakes several days running. I have now stopped shopping there for that reason.

Sainsbury and Waitrose make very few mistakes and provide a better shopping environment albeit at a slighly higher cost.


Cannock Aldi is not much better at the checkout. The other day we were trying to put the items in the trolley and the lady scanning them was going that fast items were simply being pushed off the end of the counter and dropping into the trolley. I was going as fast as I could but some of the items were bottles of wine so I just thought to myself carry on love cus if one of those bottles smashes I will just say I don't want these now and walk out the store leaving the lot there so they can clean it all up. Message to Aldi ask your miserable staff to smile now and again.

Dave W.

You should try Lidl at Bilston , the checkout is so slow that a queue forms half way down the length of the supermarket with only one member of staff serving , then all the customer gets for a long wait is change slapped down on the counter and if you are really lucky you will get a grunt from the checkout operator. This supermarket has to be the most CUSTOMER UNFRIENDLY supermarket in the Wolverhampton area .


I like this ASDA branch. Yes, the Car Park is not great, but the store is just the right size for me. I find going to the huge stores such as Great Bridge a chore. I don't visit Aldi or Lidl because they don't have the choice I like and there are customer service issues.

As for this example, well I always keep a running total in my head as I go around and know pretty quickly if there has been an issue.


I wonder how many of these "system glitchs" have happened in the past and people haven't noticed. I wonder how many are added "accidentally" on purpose.

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