More 20mph limits in pipeline for Midlands towns

Councils across the Black Country say they will consider more 20mph limits after Birmingham City Council prepares to roll out its own scheme across much of the city.

20mph speed limit sign

Council chiefs in Birmingham are preparing to pilot a scheme that will eventually cover around 90 per cent of the city’s roads.

In the Black Country, one of the largest schemes will soon see the introduction of a 20mph speed limit to much of West Bromwich Town Centre.

Speed restrictions will be introduced to High Street, Carters Green, Dudley Street, West Bromwich Ringway, on roads around the New Square complex and on some of the roads in the Lyng estate.

Councillor Maria Crompton, Sandwell Council’s cabinet member for highways and environment, said: “Road safety is a priority and we have 20mph speed limits and zones in place across the borough. As part of this drive, we are about to introduce a 20mph zone in West Bromwich town centre.

“Not only will this protect road users and pedestrians, but also add to the big improvements already made to the area and encourage shoppers and other forms of transport.”

Sandwell Council have also confirmed that they are looking into other schemes across the borough in the coming years and are already in talks to reduce speeds in accident blackspots.

In Wolverhampton, 20mph zones have been introduced in more than 20 places to lower vehicle speeds and reduce road casualties.

Walsall Council has also committed £25,000 to assess their own 20 is Plenty scheme that will see similar speed restrictions trialled across Walsall borough within the next few months. Walsall Council already has 20mph limits in place on 550 roads. Dudley Council has already introduced 20mph speed limits outside 11 schools in the borough following proposals drawn up by council bosses.

In Staffordshire, Councillor Simon Tagg, cabinet support member for transport and connected county said: “Rather than imposing a blanket 20mph speed limit across all residential areas, we will consider each individual community’s needs.”

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Comments for: "More 20mph limits in pipeline for Midlands towns"


We have a 20mph speed limit zone in sandringham ave short heath, Ive yet to see anyone do 20mph, Its clearley marked on the roads 20mph yet drivers are so thick to notice them, Its always been a case that someone as to lose there life before drastic measure's are taken.


No no no! Even more speed bumps to damage your car. If someone would've said 30 years ago that we would be building curbs in the middle of the road they'd have thought you were mad!


Who said anything about speed bumps?


I have no problem in councils imposing 20MPH limits in areas around schools.

However the motor car. bus or lorry have been designed over many years to operate at their most fuel efficient around the 30 - 50MPH. For these vehicles to be slowed down to 20 require them to operate in a lower gear thus increasing pollution levels that would increase health problems such as asthma.

The same can be said about speed bumps most younger drivers I have witnessed passing these obstacles speed up and down somewhat aggressively again increasing pollution.

If councils think that by implementing these measures they will increase people to give up their car and g on public transport then they are in for a big disappointment. Most people I know would rather travel 15 miles or more just to avoid paying car parking so if you own a business in the high street of West Bromwich brace yourselves for a drop in trade.


Old News (again) Get with it E & S. These limits (or at least the signs) have been in place for a few weeks in West Bromwich Town Centre


I wondered when Car hating Sandwell would be getting involved, this will give their traffic warden gestapo more chance to put the parking tickets on your car because you are going slower ! More cash for Don Darren !


Interesting thing is how will they be enforced? The general consensus (even from the Police) is its VERY difficult !


They should talk to the Highways Agency. They've successfully kept the speed on the M6 below 10mph since the dawn of time so must have some ideas for how councils could do the same.


Would designing & developing a more 20mph road network be more an efficient way to make the public travel more & also revolutionised & expand the rail network & make the road network more safer & the tram networks expanded more rapidly & also more people traveling safely to work & not getting injured every day & congestion now causing a massive problem to everybody across the UK everyday & would expanding all car parks with all railway stations help the capacity problem to sort a major problem out & where we are also grinding to a halt everyday & would a high speed rail network also help in these kind of situations & also better marketing techniques & operating procedures & operating techniques with a rail network which are putting the traveling public off in this situation because of this situation we are now getting the economy now in across the UK everyday!


arthur are you are real person or a bot?


All well and good but can we also have the opposite too. There are also many roads out there that are set to 30 but are perfectly safe to be 40.


Must be an election coming up..


I think it all culminates in an abhorrent place to live. You try getting anywhere in Sandwell: gridlocked roads almost all day; speed-ramp penalising the majority; roads that are simply too small even for single-file traffic. All this made worse by the government's insistence on allowing even more people into the country, and more people to procreate in the name of their cult/religion or whatever. This barbaric, out-dated form of planning is driving decent people people away. You can't move anywhere without being severely inconvenienced and it just adds layers of stress upon stress. And cycling..public many parts of this dump these things are a complete and utter JOKE. I've traveled the States and elsewhere in Europe and some places are as bad as this - but I found that most places have caught up. This region was never cut out to accommodate so many people, with or without cars. It's an over-crowded cesspit that's still living, driving, and working, in the last century.


So no, I do not think this will have that much of an impact. It's a PR stunt born of desperation. Some people will still drive above the limit, but most people will be lucky to maintain this speed even on roads that have higher limits. This is the real problem, don't you think: congestion. These 20 mph measures make is sound as though we're living in the state of Ohio, with bigger roads and less population density. That we all have a choice as to what speeds we can get upto. Sandwell people know what Sandwell roads are like: clogged, and badly-designed, with measures that penalise the majority and let the minority of idiots basically get away with murder. But why expect anything better than half-hearted measures from a region like this, a government like this. The only reason you're reading it is because that government both locally and nationally is failing. Tey are desperately trying to clutch at straws to make it look like they live in the real world. They do not. They don't give a damn about speed limits unless they can rake in tax from the gullible.