Work to pave way for new Wolverhampton Mander Centre department store

Wolverhampton's Mander Centre will be partly demolished to make way for a new department store as part of its multi-million pound transformation, plans unveiled today revealed.

The Mander Centre, Wolverhampton
The Mander Centre, Wolverhampton

An application has now been submitted for the first phase of work on the revamp of the city shopping centre.

Owners Delancey are now asking for planning permission to demolish the south western corner fronting Bell Street.

Centre manager Nicholas Pitt today said work would include a ‘reconfiguration’ of the existing centre.

“It is an exciting step,” he said.

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Comments for: "Work to pave way for new Wolverhampton Mander Centre department store"

PJW Holland

This sounds like very good news. It is all the more interesting because this is exactly where the Mander Centre should be concentrating its initial efforts. What a shame, though, they appear not to be taking the opportunity to re-establish the cooperation that used to exist between them and the Wulfrun Centre. I believe the two centres should be marketed as one and perhaps the space over Bell Street used to provide additional shopping space... but that is only me.

A good name for a combined centre? How about Hill City?


PJW for President !


Interesting name, but I suspect a foreign businessman will take ownership and want it quickly changed to Hill Tigers. :)

PJW Holland

They might also think about creating a bit of character in the centre by re-introducing the old street names that were removed when Queen Victoria visited. How about Boblake for what is now called Mander Square? How about Tup Street, Cock Street etc.... Wolverhampton is a City with a history. Perhaps it is time to celebrate that rather than trying to be coy about it.


Interesting comments about restoring old names, can we start by renaming Market Square with its true title of Bricklin Croft, and why not use stylish old Wolverhampton town centre pub names like the Swan and Peacock, Bull and Mouth, Star and Garter while my favourite would be The Reindeer shopping centre for a joint Mander and Wulfrun Centre or Stafford Place and which is where the Beatties clock is,

PJW Holland

I suggested Boblake because the bottom end of the Mander Centre lies on Boblake (as it used to be known).

There is a spring there. I wonder if the present owners of the Centre realise they are digging up one of the sources of the River Smestow. When the Mander Centre was originally constructed you could see the (substantial) stream below the surface.

I agree about Brickiln Croft. While we are at it why not restore the name to the part of Great Brickiln Street that has been renamed Pitt Street, resore the route and enable traffic to reach the City Centre?


Work needs to start ASAP, the council need accept this planning application ASAP so work can start immediately. Lessons should be learnt after the council dragged their feet with the Summer Row mess.