Concern grows over future of Dudley waste pile

Fears were today growing that a towering pile of waste overlooking homes will remain in place for months despite a court ruling punishing the company’s director by sending him to jail.

Piles of rubbish on land off Moor Street, Brierley Hill.

The Environment Agency said there are no plans to use taxpayers’ money to pay for the clean up at Refuse Derived Fuel Ltd, in Brierley Hill. The agency’s environment manager in the Midlands, David Hudson, believes the clean-up will cost between £500,000 and £750,000. But campaigners are demanding a swift resolution to the situation which has blighted their homes for four years.

Firm director Robert McNaughton was jailed for six months when a suspended prison sentence order was activated by the High Court sitting in Birmingham on December 23.

He was found in contempt of court for failing to meet orders to clear the waste on the site, in Moor Street.

RDF Ltd, and Mr McNaughton as the firm director, are still required to clear the site by February 17.

The Environment Agency has been given permission to pursue an order to seize McNaughton’s assets in a bid to push through the clean-up operation.

But while the agency today said they were having talks with the landowners to initiate the process, they admitted that clearing the site ‘is going to take some time’.

In a statement, the Environment Agency, said: “We believe that those that are responsible for the site and the waste should pay for the clearance.

“Accordingly our intention is to press the landowners and Mr McNaughton to do that.

“Sequestration is part of our response as it may allow us to force Mr McNaughton to do the work.

“If the public purse were to be used to pay for clearance of waste we believe that this would encourage others to abandon waste sites in similar fashion.”

Ward Councillor Rachel Harris, who has helped led the campaign calling for the site to be cleared, said: “I’m calling on the Environment Agency to work with the landowners and the council and anyone who is left in RDF to finally move this forward and clear the site.

“Local people have waited and waited for this to happen, it has to happen now.”

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Comments for: "Concern grows over future of Dudley waste pile"

What's the worst that can happen !

Mr McNaughton maybe in jail, but he is laughing in the face of the law, local residents and the tax payer that will end up picking the tab up for this mess.

He was driving around in a brand new Mercedes, not his of course, and has stripped the site of the assets in order to feather his nest in preparation for his release.

Anyone that has seen him will confirm that his few months in jail is seen as a very small price to pay for the money he has made out of this pile of rubbish.

He should be given a shovel and wheel barrow and made to move every last bit of this mess himself and push it to the nearest tip via Brierley Hill high street.

He and his crocodile skin shoes would make a very interesting sight !


Have they tried calling Big John? He really puts a shift in. Support local business!


Its a disgrace that this has been allowed to go on for so long. Its clear to anybody who has driven past it that the vast majority of this waste cannot be used as fuel as it is not suitable for burning and only fit for landfill. This site has just been used as little more than a legal flytip to avoid landfill tax. And what part do Brain Hill's play in all of this? They are clearly the contractors that have been bring the waste to the site. Surely they are partly responsible for this mess. Try calling in Big John, quick cheap, they load big or small, will only take a few trips for them to have it sorted. Think of them as the A team for removing rubbish. This is all before we get to the obvious health hazards to the poor residents who through no fault of their own have to reside by this. And its yet another blow to the town of Brierly Hill. How is the town expected to attract visitors and new traders with this mountain a stones throw from the high street stinking out the place.

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