Wolverhampton Oceana sold to relaunch under new club name

The former Oceana nightclub in Wolverhampton has been sold and will reopen as an entertainment venue under a new name, it has been announced.

Wolverhampton’s Oceana nightclub is playing host to a series of parties over the festive season
Wolverhampton’s Oceana nightclub is playing host to a series of parties over the festive season

The new venture, which is due to launch in September, will create 60 jobs.

The club in Bilston Street has been taken over by Stephen Thomas, the founder of Luminar. It will undergo a £500,000 refurbishment on lighting and sound before its relaunch.

Mr Thomas, chief executive of new owners No Saints Group Limited, said that the site won’t just be a nightclub but will host live music acts, comedy nights and offer free hire for charities to host fundraisers.

Business leaders hail nightclub’s reopening as a welcome boost - See today's Express & Star

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Comments for: "Wolverhampton Oceana sold to relaunch under new club name"


Create 60 jobs? 50 strippers, 9 bouncers and a barman.


We live in interesting times!


Polish & Turd springs to mind

the truth

WOWWWWWW, Heard the guy who runs this is having his clubs shut down for violence. wonderland sutton!!!

PJW Holland

As usual the minnies are out.

This is splendid news indeed. How crass can some people be?

the tykester

wolverhampton is more bothered about nightlife which after previous early hours experience leads to drunks and trouble, while walsall regenerates its town centre with cinemas,restaurants etc, wolverhampton degenerates into lowliness, come on wolverhampton council change your way of thinking


finally and cant wait i have never been to oceana before but when this new entertainment venue opens this september hopefully i wanna give it a try and see what its like but shame its not going to look like what oceana used to look like from the inside but i do want this to become a nightclub for definite