Backlash begins over 'bedroom tax' as MPs stand firm

Controversial “bedroom tax” being introduced as part of a raft of reforms today will help make the benefits system fairer, government ministers have insisted, in the face of a backlash from thousands of council tenants.

Residents protesting against the bedroom tax outside Wolverhampton Civic Centre, in St Peters Square
Residents protesting against the bedroom tax outside Wolverhampton Civic Centre, in St Peters Square, in April

Chancellor George Osborne and Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith dismissed criticism that they said made the shake-up sound like “the beginning of the end of the world”.

They launched a fightback as 660,000 social housing tenants with a spare room began to lose an average £14 a week in what critics have dubbed a bedroom tax.

It is part of a package of welfare and tax changes coming into force this month which critics claim will hit poor families and the disabled especially hard.

Changes to council tax benefit will see bills for an estimated 2.4 million households rise an average £138 a year with two million paying for the first time, an anti-poverty group said.

The system has been handed to town halls to operate from today.

On April 6, working-age benefits and tax credits will be cut in real terms with the first of three years of maximum one per cent rises – well below the present rate of inflation.

Two days later, disability living allowance (DLA) begins to be replaced by the personal independence payment (PIP), which charities say will remove support from many in real need.

And later in the month, trials begin in four London boroughs of a £500-a-week cap on any household’s benefits and of the new Universal Credit system.

The welfare changes were coming into force after dozens of protestors took to the streets in the Black Country to campaign against the introduction of so-called bedroom tax.

Protests took place outside Wolverhampton Civic Centre and Bloxwich Market.

In Wolverhampton, George Marston, a nursery nurse from Old Fallings Crescent in Low Hill, said he was set to lose £15 a week due to the changes.

The 56-year-old father of two said the move would also hit his disabled sister Susan, of Moathouse Lane East in Wednesfield, who had begun to suffer depression because of a host of other changes to her benefits for being disabled. He said: “It’s just daylight robbery from the poor. Some of these ministers should take a pay cut themselves instead.”

Sandra Talbot, a mother of two, from Oak Street in Chapel Ash, said the only spare bedrooms in her house were those that previously belonged to her husband Graham, who died in 2011, and her son Jason, who died from Hogkin’s Lymphomalast year.

Mrs Talbot, aged 56, said she had asked to downsize to a smaller council home as she was on the breadline, had her phone line cut off and had not yet even been able to afford to pay the remaining £80 to take her son’s ashes home.

The former carer for her husband, who is now unemployed, added: “I will refuse to pay it. I can’t afford it. I am struggling to feed my daughter and myself at the moment.”

Shadow chancellor Ed Balls said that, according to the Institute of Fiscal Studies, the poorest 10 per cent of households would lose an average of £127 under the changes.

“It’s appalling, it’s shocking, it’s immoral, it’s shameful, it’s a disgrace.

“The bedroom tax is possibly the worst, most cack-handed and massively unfair piece of policy-making I’ve ever seen,”

A coalition of churches yesterday said vulnerable people were paying a “disproportionate price” for the Government’s austerity drive and attacked its whole approach.

The Baptist Union of Great Britain, the Methodist Church, the United Reformed Church and the Church of Scotland accused ministers of manipulating figures to vilify the poor.

Kay and Baz White live in a three-bedroom council house in Low Hill and want to move to a smaller property, claiming they will now be £48 a month worse off.

They have only been receiving housing benefit since Mr White, 33, lost his job as a delivery driver and warehouseman in November. Mrs White, also 33, used to work for Co-op Financial Services as a sales administrator but was made redundant in 2011.

Mrs White, of Millington Road, said: “We don’t want to be on benefits and we are both actively looking for work.

“We have asked about moving to a two-bedroom house but Wolverhampton Homes does not have any available.”

But Mr Osborne said that the welfare changes would “ensure that the welfare state offers the right help to those who need it, and is fair to those who pay for it”.

“Of course, if you listened to the shrill voices of the Left you’d think that every change to the welfare system, and any attempt to save money, marks the beginning of the end of the world.

“In reality, we are just restoring the original principles of the welfare state – that those who can work must work, and a life on benefits must not be more attractive than working.”

Ending what ministers call a “spare room subsidy” would address the “scandal” of a million people living in overcrowded conditions and millions more on waiting lists, they said.

The three-year, real-terms cut was a hard but “necessary” decision to save the taxpayer £2 billion a year as part of austerity deficit-reduction measures.

He added: “What we’re doing this coming week is making welfare fairer, helping to create jobs, and making sure you can keep more of what you earn.”

Under the controversial “bedroom tax” rules, people in council or social rented housing will lose 14-25 per cent benefit if they have one or more spare rooms.

Pensioners, foster carers and parents of armed forces personnel are exempt.

But, as more than 700 people in the region scramble for smaller homes, Labour claims that there is only suitable housing for fewer than one in 20 of those affected.

Shadow work and pensions secretary Liam Byrne said there was a huge shortfall in smaller properties.

Mr Byrne said: “This wicked bedroom tax is going to rip neighbour from neighbour, force vulnerable people to food banks and loan sharks, and end up costing Britain more than it saves as tenants are forced to go homeless or move into the expensive private rented sector.

“It is the worst possible blend of cruelty and incompetence. The Government must think again and drop this tax now.”

A group of leading churches has also branded the Government’s cuts to benefits as “unjust”, saying the most vulnerable people are paying a “disproportionate price” under austerity measures.

The Baptist Union of Great Britain, the Methodist Church, the United Reformed Church and the Church of Scotland have criticised the public perception of people in poverty. They say politicians have misrepresented those on benefits.

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Comments for: "Backlash begins over 'bedroom tax' as MPs stand firm "


I think the government is doing the right thing by putting the welfare system back to what it was meant to be. The dole was meant to be temporary not a way of life.


The government forced people to make dole the way of life, by destroying the job market and stubbornly refusing to raise minimum wages to acceptable standards. They then capped benefit increases to ridiculously low level, and continue to spend £BILLIONS on their own interests. The money they claim to be saving doesn't even take into account the administrative overhead (same for the ATOS debacle). The welfare system isn't even providing an adequate number of smaller homes (why do you think the housing waiting list is so huge in Sandwell?). The only way to beat the system is insist on having large families and multiple wives - won't THAT do this over-crowded isle a lot of good. The welfare system is is being used to forgo the welfare of British people in favour of looking after overseas interests, so as to ensure British can't do anything about it. Look beyond the smoke-screen, Amanda.

brian wilson

no i havany never made any response before


What you on about?

simon j

Just a thourt but if this is about overcrowded homes to free them up.under the new rules they will not b clased as overcrowded as there kids have to share a room under the new rules any way. Am I right

on the street ( soon )

look the government won't drop this it's easy money for them. never mind the untold millions in unpaid tax by the rich or the people who work for themselves and declare very little you know ,the bloke down the road earns 100 quid a week drives a bmw and goes on holiday twice a year


Benefits are easy money as well & by the way stalking is against the law unless you got that much spare time.


This bedroom tax is cruel as there are simply not enough one bedroom flats and houses around. Each council should have funding to build the new one bedroom homes required and until such time as smaller accommodation can be provided no bedroom tax should be asked of people waiting for new homes.

Separated parents should also have an additional bedroom to cater for when their children come to stay.

Disabled children should also have their own room as should children who fight and don't get on. Disrupted sleep will harm a child's education and psychological welfare.

Many spare rooms are no bigger then box rooms. The size of spare rooms should be taken into account. Tiny rooms which hardly fit a bed should not be counted as spare rooms.

This government seems to throw new laws together without thought to cater for all the different circumstances.

Peter Oldham

Simply question; Why should we as Tax and Council Taxpayers subsidise say a single person living in a three bedroom house, even if they have lived there all there lives. If they want to keep living in the house, and no one is suggesting they move, they have to pay for it, pure and simple. If they cannot afford the rent then move and release their house for a family to move in that has a three bed entitlement.

My wife and I are a pensioners who have worked for 50 years and bought our house but all of our children (4) now live in their own houses. Our income over the years has been used to buy our house and save for our retirement not spent in the betting shop, designer gear and the pub and please don't tell us this isn't an untypical description of the types of people involved because we made our living selling them the beer, fags, scratch cards and the like.

Neil Harding

Very good question. Homeowners have been subsidised 1.4 TRILLION POUNDS by taxpayers in last 2 decades as land prices rose. It was a free windfall to homeowners who did NOTHING to earn it. Land prices are TOTALLY determined by taxpayers spending on schools, roads, hospitals, community projects & other infrastructure. Time for bedroom tax on homeowners where vast majority of underoccupancy is.


Why should the taxpayer have to pay for all the young girls who get themselves pregnant in order to get a house? Why should they have to fund all and sundry who come to this country with no intention of contributing, only to sponge? Why should the sick, disabled and unemployed (through no fault of their own) be made to suffer for the sake of the unbalanced system and mistakes of others? How about holding accountable the ones who actually REALLY have caused and who contribute to this farcical financial mess the country is in?

Why should a person or a family be penalised for something that is not their fault and is out of control? Why should they be forced out of their HOME while some selfish, intentional single-parent teenager waits in the wings like a vulture to swoop in and have everything handed to her on a plate? Same goes for families who come over from other countries just because they know they will get looked after. But oh no, we can't say anything against them because we get labelled as 'racist'.

Where the hell does the government think the poor are going to get the money to live?? "Get a job"? Really? If you're genuinely disabled? Well hard luck, you will be penalised, victimised and made to feel like you're some sort of criminal. If you're fit and able to work, well tough luck that there aren't jobs there for you, you're expected to get one anyway. Just how - make one up?

And if you're a hard-working husband and father who has always toed the line, paid your bills and done all you can to provide for your family? Hard luck. If you can't make up the shortfall then you will be forced to leave your family home through no fault of your own.

Add to all this the unbalanced, unregulated car insurance prices, the ridiculously high fuel prices, the greedy price hikes in the supermarkets - just WHERE is the money supposed to come from? Oh yes, we're now expect to pay some of our council tax ourselves now. Great. That's really going to help matters. Whereas MPs who don't need help or concessions are time and again exempt from paying what everyone else has to pay, conveniently having a blind eye turned to them when they do things that would have your average poor man on the street hung, drawn and quartered for the same offense.

Oh yes, the BBC tax, that no-one actually needs or wants, yet the amount of spin and lies out there making people think that they must pay it even when they don't have to. The illegal, unlawful and despicable behaviour of the BBC who employ Capita to work a protection-racket style system of persecution and victimisation. Sure, you can decide to not watch live broadcasts but will 'TV Licensing' leave you in peace? No. Imagine if someone like the DVLA took the same approach to 'check' as to whether you own a driving license just because "everyone owns a car" and then hounded you until you just gave up and bought one.

Just WHERE is all this money supposed to be coming from?? This government seems intent on plunging this country into poverty and ruin. Richard Littlejohn wrote a book called "To Hell in a Handcart". This saying is more applicable now than ever before. Little wonder that honest, decent people are leaving the country in droves.

How about, you people who bleet on about how right, proper and correct the government's behaviour is, actually put yourselves IN the situation of those being persecuted? How about you yourself experience first-hand what it feels like to be an east target, constantly victimised through no fault of your own? How about you see how you wonderful and easy it is to be forced just uproot and move out of your family home and 'downsize'? How about you have consistently higher outgoings than incomings and wonder just how you're going to be able to feed your family, let alone pay for all these ridiculous, draconian government hikes? How about you actually go through a winter (and, indeed, spring currently) where you can't afford to put the heating on because - oh guess what? - of the ridiculous, greedy price hikes from the utility companies?

Actually experience for yourself what it's like to be at the hard end of the iron first of this government and its cronies before you go mouthing off complete twaddle.


People from othjer countries "know they will get looked after" because they see how well looked after the benefit claimants are in this country, maybe limiting benefits will decrease immigration which is what you want because there are no jobs.

People who work are always persecuted by the tax man.

Agree with the BBC thing, I don`t watch it and I have to pay for it. The BBC should be avaliable on subscription and puchased by those who want it.


Good point. Recent news shows parents on welfare system with upto 17 kids in social housing! that includes child benefit, free schools, free meals, free health care, hosing benefit etc..Will they ever break out of the welfare system? do they want to? They should not be allowed any payments for 3rd kid and any under age pregnancy costs should be met by parents not the NHS.

Welfare system is for those who cannot fend for themselves not for an easier way of life. They should get food vouchers that cannot be used for fags, beer and betting and as for this extra bedroom tax, just house claimants in high rise tower blocks out of the way and have the rent taken out before anything else.


Camerons caring society??


People who work care and GIVE in service and tax and N.I and ACCEPT that their pay is frozen/reduced and taxes increase to help.

What have people on benefits given to society? do they volunteer at local food charities, help clean litter, work in schools in your free-time or at your local hospital which provides your care? NO, why because it involves the "get-up-and-go" that you will find exists in employed people in the U.K who are the majority of voters. I`m all for the reforms


when will people wake up these scum bag millionaires of the consecrative party are going to finish what thatcher failed to do and that is put the working and unemployed people in their place. the result of the next election result will not bother them

if they loose, they will have done enough damage to people. and do not think the labour party will change things, they will not.

there is no socialist people in the labour party now, Blair seen to that with no opposition. most of what the Tories are doing was

muted by labour, remember the honourable Caroline flint who suggested people who don't work should not be given council homes. and the liberals well what bracket do you place them in, (lying turncoats with the principles of lice) all you can do is keep your head down and hope you can scrape through relatively unscathed.


Out with this goverment its that simple

Stephen Ball

Is not social cleansing similar to ethnic cleansing ??




I am a fultime working mother with grown up children who are penalised by the tax in their own houses, they didn't ask for the extra room in their house. I have also seen for my self a young mother just had her 2nd baby, had to walk out of a relationsip because of domestic abuse had her housing benefit reduced becuse her children were young enough to share a room. didn't matter that they were housed in safety..The poll tax helped to bring down Margarete thatcher, you attack peoples homes, families homes yet you government all live in splender with spare rooms and space......


I only have 2 bedrooms and am 'entitled' to 3. My daughter is 11 and my son is 15.

If I am given one of the 3 bedroom houses that someone has been forced to vacate then I will be forced to do the same in a couple of years when my son leaves home.

This now means that no council tenant has a safe tenancy.

Council estates will develop into slums due to a transient population of tenants with no secure homes. What tenant will bother to make a council house into a home when they will all be thrown out.


Jane your remarks are so sane and logical. I am presuming you don`t get paid £2,000 per week either, unlike our political masters. The council estates will become ghettos with transitory populations who have no interest in building communities. The Tories will have finished Thatchers job and destroyed society. Welcome to Camerons Big Society!


I have said the same thing on the forums. Tenants will have no incentive to keep their homes and gardens decorated and well kept. What's the point of it if you're only going to have to move in a few years? You'll have these families where they continue to pop out babies every few years just to stay in their house. People only working part time will have to find new jobs every time they move, and children will have to change schools and make new friends all over again-repeatedly! Not to mention the expenses of moving, and having to start again with new carpets, curtains, furniture etc. It's an economical disaster. We're damned if we do, and damned if we don't!

liam Burrows

'Controversial “bedroom tax” being introduced as part of a raft of reforms...'

Should read:

'Controversial “bedroom tax” being introduced to torpedo the hopes and dreams of an entire generation...'

Easy mistake to make. After all, there are a lot of millionaires saying it.

Julina you have got a fab point that i didnteven think about, yea no one will care

Miss x

I have a 3 bedroomed house. I have my bedroom, my son has his, and the other is for my daughter who is 14 and stays every week-end and every holidays BUT I have to pay bedroom tax it's criminal as it is used by my daughter has her personal belongings in AND is slept in every week-end and holidays but because her dad gets child benefit for her I still have to pay this tax even though we have joint custody but it's not set in writing. THIS IS SO SO WRONG THE POOR GET POORER AND THE RICH GET RICHER. THIS IS CRAZY AND NEEDS STOPPING

Julie Balfour

I can not understand how this can not be challenged legally, when you get your a secure tenancy this means you have a home for as long as you need it, it's not just a building, people invest in their homes spend money improving them over years. With this unworkable policy these homes are no longer secure they are temporary and people will have to move every couple of years if their circumstances might change and what about the law which states how much you are suppose to live on? The working class take pride in their homes and rarely move unlike the MP's that usually have 2nd homes and holiday homes, usually funded by the tax payer, how is that fair. One rule for them and another for us. Scrap this ill thought through policy only someone who hasn't got a clue about living in the real world would come up with something that is so vicious. What a bloody shambles. If these are the sort of people Eton, Oxford and Cambridge are spitting out what hope do we have they're a load of bloody imbeciles.


Probably can`t be legally challenged now because people have to PAY for a lawyer and not rely on another benefit called legal aid.

lisa leggett

I think bedroom tax is awful my dad and mum have seperate rooms as health and they are forced to pay for 2 spare rooms instead of one and are going to find it hard i think the rules are disguating and needs rethinking 25% is a lot for 2 rooms a week makes me angry as it is affecting there health with worry makes me so mad bet goverment couldnt live like that losing over a weeks money in one go everything goes up its disgraceful


Why don`t you move in with them, use the spare room and care for them?

Anthony Brown

Can I just point out what this Coalition Government has done. Over 14000 people earned in excess of £1,000,000 in the UK. Yes thats 1 million pounds plus. For every 1 million pounds a person earns they will be exactly £42,500 better off due to a tax cut. Now lets surmise that all those 14000 people earned just 1 million pounds, some obviously earned alot more, lets do the sums, 14000x42500=£595,000,000. That is five hundred and ninty five million pounds less paid to the taxpayer, and because of the bedroom tax the Government hope to save £480,000,000. So they give the rich people a tax cut, and recoup it by this iniquitous ill thought out policy of the bedroom tax. This ill thought out policy is not going to save 1 penny. They have already given it away to a small select number of people who don`t need it. How on earth can this be fair?

robert price

bedroom tax ... it is a disgusting move ... and verging on Nazi ism

how can they even think of this ... there are not enough houses ... build some ...

i never thought england would stoop so low as this .

it is making me feel sick .. and those mps were robbing us blind ...

£1580.00 a week ..after tax.... . I D S

im just finnished with this place... GET OUT OF EUROPE ... save or money for us ... stop giving it away India for example.

pay mps very much less money. take our cash out of ripoff banks .

set up peoples banks .. run fairly

pay mps a rair wage ... 3x minimum wage ...thats it ...

nazi ism

Sarah Goodwin

Please sign and share Petition for a Motion of No Confidence in The Condem Government


I`m not going to sign it because I think its a good idea!


i have worked all my life mostly 7 days a week,some times 14 hours a day when my wife was rushed to hospital with a illness which cannot be cured,ihad to make a choice. we are both 57 years of age last september she came out of hospital and ihad to resign from work to take care of her.we have no complaints from the nhs they have been a godsend,so were they get the idea that i am a scroonger and idler i dont know.i try to make my wifes life a easy as possible keeping her from the latesf benifits change.perhaps the government should sit down and talk to people who struggle ,but thats life i suppose we just have to think,that there is always someone worse off

n thomas

how will the councils cope if everyone decides to downgrade to a smaller property ours dos;nt have enough one or two bedroom proprties


It's already happening. There is a dire shortage of housing. Worse, the government hasn't even calculated the administrative overhead. It just gets worse by the day. They're squandering public money and destroying public confidence, and in the end nobody is going to have the confidence to go out and spend. From all angles, this wretched coalition is nothing more than a cancer to this country, one that's been allowed to fester until it's too late. The damage is significant and will remain significant long after these muppets have been booted out.




Typical con-dem cowards taking from the poor to line millionaires pockets-what cam and co. want us to believe is that it's labours fault we're in this mess but it was the bankers of the world that got us into this mess-rich people like the con-dems and it's the poor of this country that's paying for their mistakes and they're still taking millions in bonuses! as for the bedroom tax it's diabolical they know there aren't enough smaller places its just persecution! anybody commiting suicide over what this government is doing and people dying over their cutbacks and freezing to death Cameron and co is directly to blame and should

be done for manslaughter as it's directly their fault-Not Labour or anybody else! and if I D Smith can live on

£53 a week he's thick we have workers paying over £100 a week just to go to work-this government should be kicked out in shame - time for HRH to call for a general election before there's anarchy.


Bring on a revolution because by God we need one! The rich get richer whilst the poor get poorer! People have had enough of the rich and there WILL BE A BREAKING POINT!!!


Yea, revolution, people who work should earn more than people on benefits

Kat Stan

If the churches are so upset, perhaps they should cough up the necessaries from their tax-free coffers?


"Thousands of council tenants" pictured above. I work full-time & don`t earn £500 a week & people are upset at having benefits capped to £500 a week! Don`t see any benefit claimants taking a pay cut or paying more into a pension, just a seamless transition from one handout to another.


Do you really think benefit claimants waltz into some Post Office once a week and come out waving £500? You are falling for the right wing propoganda. My daughter works a part-time minimum wage job, and receives a small council tax reduction. She can`t find another part-time job to raise her earnings because there aren`t any. A part time job in Poundland offering the minimum wage recently had two hundred applicants. Now she may have to move from her house because she has a small boxroom which means she will need to find an extra £14 a week. She can`t find a smaller property because there aren`t any. Where is your compassion? I find your ignorance astounding.


I find peoples expectation of getting something for nothing astonishing especially when it affects them which includes not getting a full-time jod because it will reduce benefits Ignorance is not asking your children to live with you when they need you!


Please tell me where these full time jobs are? Not in Derbyshire that is for sure. I will be glad to pass the information on to the people I know who are desperate for full time work. Meanwhile I don`t understand your reference to children. Could you clarify?


Tax evasion costs far more than the benefit system. But, no, that would be taking the politician's money wouldn't it? Can't have that.


I am 24 years old, I have a good income and yet I can't afford to move out of my parents home, I can't afford this as my wages have pretty much stagnated for the last three years whilst inflation runs rampant. I have absolutely no sympathy for anybody who gets a free ride on the system and then whinges about having to pay a measly £14 a week on average in bedroom tax.

allan wenman

This new cruel measure is so unjust it is unreal.........IDS says it will encourage people to work more hours....What hours....There are no more hours to work!!......People who are working in low paid jobs and claiming working tax credit are desperate to work more hours...The employers want low paid low hours workers......How can anyone move into smaller accommodation when there is none...There is nowhere to move to......Not so long ago if you had a 15 year old and a 8 year old of different sexes sharing a room you would have social services on you case straight away and now suddenly it is ok just so the government can cut your housing benefit!!....What about the Disabled who have had rooms in their council houses adapted to suit their special needs....They are now classed as having extra bedrooms and will be crippled by these savage cruel cuts......Why should they have to move to accommodation totally unsuited to their needs........The unemployed are not to blame for having their jobs taken away from them....I was made redundant and lived on my own money for a year before claiming benefits and have been lucky enough to find a job....This crisis was caused by the sheer greed of the Bankers....The unemployed,the disabled and the people working in low paid jobs and having to claim working tax credit & housing benefit are being demonised by this cruel government to take the blame for this crisis....Yes there is benefit fraud.....But It is such a tiny amount of the benefit being paid out to needy people..........The civilisation of a society is judged by the way the most vunerable members of that society is treated.....That is what the welfare state is for.....These cruel measures will lead to deaths in this country make no mistake about it......I am ashamed to be English,ashamed of all of the political parties for allowing this to happen and ashamed of the British Public for allowing this to happen!!...It is a national disgrace!!


Look at the timing. This government is all set to allow a torrent of immigrants come 2014. This government supports people who have huge families, all claiming benefits. It wants to fragment and dissolve the host, Christian culture. It's doing exactly what Hitler did only it's using a foreign interest to do it's bidding. It is like a missile out of control, intend on ripping up everything in its path. The people of this country should protest en masse but like in this picture, so many moan but so many are prepared to stand up and be counted.. you solve that, like the French do, and things will change very quickly, make no mistake. Time this country started growing a pair and looking after itself. Stop this anarchic charade and start looking towards a brighter future.

Mr Angry

Let's not forget who got us in this mess in the first place..."it was the rich" being greedy not the unemployed or needy. "what are the rich doing to help?" awarding them-selfs a tax cut!..correct me if i am wrong but have they not been dipping there hands into the pot of free cash with there 60K food bill for one week at the parliament, expenses and there 2nd homes mortgage free...paid by the tax payer. It does not take a mathematician to see who takes up more of the resources in this tightly squeezed society.


Well i think if u goin get anything in the uk u need about 3 bloody jobs n i still strugle !!


In the chancellors speech he stated that he has reduced the cost of a pint as he thinks its unfair. The reason for being unfair he said was that he thinks ppl should not be punished because of others irresponsibility to alcohol. So why should ppl like myself and thousand more be punished and penalised because of other ppl irresponsibly to having more kids than they can accommodate. I chose not to have anymore as it would av been unfair to bring another child into a place I could not accommodate the room for. Maybe we should promote save sex rather than saying don't worry u can av as many kids as u wish and we will accommodate for them for u by kicking ppl out of there homes.