Boy, 7, dies after being knocked off scooter by security van

A seven-year-old boy has died after being knocked off his scooter by a security van outside a supermarket.

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The boy, named locally as Mitch Clifton, collided with the van at the car park entrance to a Co-op store in Cheslyn Hay. The air ambulance was called but the little boy died at the scene last night.

Police are now appealing for witnesses to the tragedy in Landywood Lane at 5.45pm.

The driver of the white Mercedes Sprinter security van, a 45-year-old man from Cheshire, was spoken to by police. He was unhurt.

Landywood Lane was closed off when the Midlands Air Ambulance was dispatched and to allow officers to carry out investigations until around 8pm.

Police spokesman Peter Bate said the little boy’s family had been informed and were being supported by specialist officers.

West Midlands Ambulance Service spokesman Steve Parry added: “Crews arrived to find a young boy had been involved in a collision with a van.

“Unfortunately, despite the best efforts of ambulance staff and a doctor nothing could be done to save the boy and he was confirmed dead at the scene.”

Flowers have been left at the scene and thousands of tributes posted online.

One floral tribute read: “RIP in loving memory of Mitch who was tragically killed. An angel to the sky.”

Nearby residents said the busy street and access to the Co-op made the area “an accident waiting to happen”.

A 27-year-old Cheslyn Hay man, who asked not to be named, said: “This particular part of the road is a nightmare to cross. It’s absolutely tragic for someone to go so young.”

Fellow Cheslyn Hay resident Stewart Smith, 37, said: “The area has been an accident waiting to happen. The shop is really busy.”

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Comments for: "Boy, 7, dies after being knocked off scooter by security van"


i think that what the residents said was correct, an accident to happen on the road. i give my love to the family of Mitch.




It is a bad exit,

you cannot see these little kids on their scooters when they are using them.

It is tragic for the little lad, his parents but also for the driver too and his family


I believe that there were restrictions stipulating no deliveries during peak times when the development was being planned. These restrictions were not adhered to shortly after the store was opened. We tried to appeal against the development as our community felt it would be too dangerous and would only be a matter of time before there would be an incident.

The death of Mitchell has hit our community very hard and I feel it could of been avoided, my heart goes out to his family.


As a parent of a 7 year old boy in Cheslyn Hay, again the access and this particular road has always been an accident waiting to happen.

Prayers and thoughts I send to the family.

Local Resident

Abslutely tragic - there's no pedestrian access to the store from the main road and cars fly in and out of the limited car park at speed. Get a large van in the way and no one can see muchat all - let alone a 7 yr old on a scooter. It's just as the other residents have said: a tragedy waiting to happen.


It was a stupid place to put an enterance to a car park, on such an awful junction. It was always going to be an accident waiting to happen. It's just a shame it did happen.

Sincere Condolances to the family and thoughts with the Driver too.


absolutaly tragic my heart goes out to the family of this poor young boy xx

martin lloyd

they never opened the top gate exit till a few weeks ago they should make it one way in one way out god bless little mitch and all family my heart is with you


i agree they should open the other gate and have one way in and one way out,i live in the road opposite to the co-op and they use it as a rat run to avoid the one way system, another accident waiting to happen .


I could not agreemore an accident waiting to happen, as a mother of 3 young children one in Mitchels class at school there is nothing safe about this carpark!

My heart goes out to his family hearbreaking r.i.p little man x

antony j

sad beyond words....


cheslyn hay is becoming a complete nightmare with all the traffic that passes so tragic something needs to be done before its another person that loses their heart goes out to the family of mitch x


I agree, I have lived in Cheslyn Hay for 11 years now and the amount of traffic has increased loads.


Has a mother of three children my heart goes out to the family a young life lost. Something needs to be done on this corner it is far to busy and dangerous.

Local Cheslyn Hay Resident

I have lived in Checlyn Hay my whole life and ever since the CO-OP opened a few years back, it has always been known as one of the busiest places on the village. Cars are constantly flying in and out of the entrance with little care and consideration for other drivers and pedestrains. My best wishes go out to Mitchells family as well as the driver.


My heart goes out to everyone involved in this tragic accident. RIP Mitch, gone way to young.


We have warned our children time and time again about playing near to the Coop as vehicles speed in and out of the entrance on a regular basis. Many vehicles rush out of the carpark to beat the traffic turning into and out of the main road. Having a busy shop entrance so close to a very hectic road junction only goes to prove how very little value our commercially minded planning department has for the lives of the people their approvals affect.

Once again it would appear that commercial values supported by a blinkered planing regime have destoyed the life of not only young Mitch, but many other friends, family and acquaintances for many years to come. Very sad day for all. God Bless young man - rest in peace. x

Landywood Lane resident

Completey agree. I live just up the road from the shop, the road is a nightmare to cross. The road has a 30mph speed limit which is never adhered to - cars fly up and down the road going at least 50.


XX Cheslyn Hay XX

Tragic waste of a young life,

When this happens on your door step it feels like a family member even if you don't know them.

Ad previously said its a accident waiting to happen, very busy corner and as an adult you feel like your running the gauntlet to cross the road.

Some residents also use pathments by the CO OP as their private parking passes blocking views from Sutherland Rd.

Our hearts go out to all the family & friends of Mitch xx

XX Tragic XX

Cheslyn Hay Baggie

Couldn't agree more about the parking on the pavement and the obstructed view from Sutherland Road. These people have room on their drives. It is just plain ignorance towards others.

I have seen mothers with pushchairs have to walk in the road to avaoid them.

The Police do nothing. They should be ticketing them.

Local Resident

Very sad for all . God Bless Mitchell . Need pedestrian crossing here to slow traffic madness in general especially for shoppers who use the coop and in and out entrance would also help.

James newton

So sad to hear this news. My condolences go out to the family.

Cheslyn Hay Resident

Sincere condolences to the family on such a tragic loss, what a shame that a young life was taken in this way.

I agree with all the comments that this is the wrong place to have a busy car park. I remember that there was a lot of local objections to the plans before the Co-op was built, however, they fell on deaf ears or perhaps ears that didn't want to listen at the council. It is a great shame that it has taken something as tragic as this for everyone to be able to say to the council "told you so". I hope the council don't just hide away now and ignore the danger that still exists.

Another Cheslyn Hay Resident

I have lived in Cheslyn Hay now for many years, and of latter years the traffic, parking, etc has just got worse and worse.

The village is constantly used as a short cut for many, which at present is made far worse by all the roadworks happening by Junction 11 & Featherstone all the time. Before long there will be another fatel accident outside the school as it is a complete joke the way traffic builds up outside there everyday.

Many a time I have witnessed drivers having arguements because neither will give way to the other. Parents parking on the pavement outside the school gates causing more problems for the traffic to see whats coming the other way...and so on. I could rant and rave forever, but at the end of the day a poor lad has lost his life and a family their son.

My heart goes out to this lads poor family and the van driver. This could so have been avoided if the CO-OP opened the exit route for cars, van and trucks. Making it a one way in and one way out.

So simple to do


words cannot describe how the family must be feeling i knew mitchell he was a lovely little lad wouldnt hurt no1 and such a shy little lad, that has been an accident waiting ti happen on that car park of the co op, myself and my family will be there to suppirt our neighbour at this sad time. RIP mitch the angels will look after you now little one sweet dreams babe<3 love always<3 xx

Cheslyn Hay Baggie

Absolute tradegy. My thoughts are with the family. I am also thinking of the driver, as if it was myself I would be heartbroken, if it had happened to me.

I agree the amount of traffic has become progressively worse but things aren't helped when folk constantly park on the roads and the paths when they have room of driveways.

Look at the car parked on the pavement most days on Landywood Lane on the opposite side of the road towards the Co-Op. The junction of Sutherland Road and Leveson Avenue is also an accident waiting to happen. The Network Rail van parked there is a joke when he has a empty driveway he could use.

We all have a part to play in trying to make things better traffic wise and being considerate to our neighbours in the village.

Cheslyn Hay Resident

I am in total shock about the tragic loss of this little boy. This should never have happended. Once again, planning permission has been granted to improve the commerical financial climate without any thought being given to public safety.

I only moved to Cheslyn Hay in April this year and therefore use the COOP in question as my regular convenient supermarket. I always approach and leave the supermarket carpark with caution, but on a couple of occassions I have narrowly missed being hit by another car either coming onto or leaving the carpark due to the other driver driving too fast and without caution. Such drivers should be ashamed for having no consideration for other peoples safety.

The carpark should be closed until further notice until the Cooperative organisation can find a more safer solution for providing customer parking or else before long we will have another unnecessary injury or fatality.

My thoughts and prayers go out to Mitch's family and friends and to the security van too.

R.I.P little man. God bless xx

Tania Gibbons

RIP Little man, what happened is tragic & heartbreaking the sky gained another angel... Such a sad day :( xxx

a mom from school

My heart goes out to Mitch's family. I'm so sorry to hear this news.

Such a sad and tragic situation.

God bless Mitchell.

betty hackett

I am so sorry to hear this tragic news i only knew the family for a short while but that road including the entrance to the co op is a nightmare to just try and cross. I t definatedly was an accident waiting to happen cars screech in there they reverse without really watching behind they dont seem to see people trying to cross over to the other side of the as the pedestrian have to have your eyes and wits about you all the time. I quite often go up there with my three grandchildren and the cars will not give way to you even when you are halfway across the little bit of path that claimed mitch so tragically .Heaven has gained a family has lost.


I agree that the co-op should close its car park until something is done about it. Also I think it's shocking that they reopened after the road was opened again surly out of respect they could have remained closed?

The road is a nightmare which is why so many objected to the shop in the first place. It should never have been built!

My thoughts are with the poor little boy's family. R.I.P


This is devastating news. Cannot begin to imagine what the family is going through.

The local residents need to try and get some petition started to have a pedestrian crossing put in and sleeping policeman up the whole lane to stop the cars speeding down there. We need to avoid this sort of tragedy happening again!!


always somebody elses fault!

We do not know the facts

It was a tragic accident

It is difficult to see kids on scooters

I feel desperatley sorry for child and driver and both of their families

But dont start blaming each other/residents/somebody else

get the facts first

tragic accident - what can be done to prevent anything like this happening again

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