Blog: How could Gwyneth beat Kate in the best dressed stakes?

How could anyone top our Duchess of Cambridge when it comes to putting an outfit together? asks Louise Jew

Gwyneth Paltrow and Kate Middleton
Who do you rate best dressed - Gwyneth Paltrow or Kate Middleton?

As far as Lou’s Women are concerned she always gets it just right, no matter what the occasion.

But Gwyneth Paltrow recently beat her into runner-up position in a magazine poll to be named the “World’s Best Dressed Woman”.

As Kate hit the headlines for what should have been a private state of undress – disgracefully intruded upon by a long range lens – it’s a shame she didn’t get her rightful place as the global queen of style for what she wears in public.

Dressing well is about looking the part no matter what the occasion and in a way that’s appropriate to your role.

Kate is far from cutting edge in her fashion – but then, she’s a princess and shouldn’t follow the likes of Lady Gaga or super models as trend setters, even though her figure and flawless complexion would give any of them a run for their money.

Her diamond jubilee tour of south east Asia, with a fragrant display of light, crisp and fresh outfits, set off her English rose looks to perfection.

Each time she steps out on the world stage she displays an effortless, modest chic elegance that puts the more daring and flamboyant fashionistas into the shade.

Gwynnie does look great – most of the time – and also follows a classical style.

But her attempt to make black leather shorts fashionable ended up looking just cheap and tacky.

Meanwhile, our Kate just never puts a foot wrong – even with her trusty patent nude court shoes, which go with anything and everything.

I invested in my own pair – albeit for under a tenner from Primark – and they are the first pair of high heels I’ve felt comfortable in for a long time.

Find out what other Lou’s Women think – and have your say – below.

Wombourne conservationist Sheena Hamilton says: “Lots of women are better dressed than Gwyneth Paltrow, who are probably unknown. It’s a personal taste. I think Kate Middleton is very well dressed – very the part.”

Zumba teacher Lou Thomas says: “I’ve no idea what Gwyneth Paltrow dresses like – I’ve got no interest in her. But Kate Middleton always gets it right for whatever the occasion. And I think it was an outrage that she was photographed topless while she thought she was in private. It’s totally different to Harry, who stripped off in semi public.”

Tennis ace Pat Bailey says: “How ignorant am I did not even know Gwyneth had won it. I would have voted or our lovely Kate. Quite honestly I think I should have won it, not sure why - but I am sure you know why.”

Job hunter Holly Dodd, who has just graduated with a first class BA Honours in English Language and Literature, says: “Often the women I admire the most are those who go for styles that I would never wear myself – I bow down to the fearless fashionistas, the likes of Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and Jessie J. Of course I adore (what women doesn’t!) the elegance and understated refinement of Kate Middleton’s wardrobe. She is the queen (if not for real yet!) of dressing with sophistication, modesty and style- something I myself hope to emulate now I am officially an upstanding adult, alas no longer a student!”

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Comments for: "Blog: How could Gwyneth beat Kate in the best dressed stakes?"


No woman, not even Kate, could have pulled the cape the way Gwyneth did at the Oscars. She's an artist and takes lots of risks. Sometime, it pays off handsomely. Kate is very safe. Anyway, People is an American magazine so I suspect most of us voters live in America. Don't believe gossip rags that print how she's hated in her homeland. We love her. The Duchess still came in 2nd though. For a foreign magazine, that's not so bad.

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