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Mick McCarthy opens his heart to fans

Mick McCarthy today delivered a heartfelt message to Wolves fans as he declared: "I want to do better for you".


Mick McCarthy today delivered a heartfelt message to Wolves fans as he declared: "I want to do better for you".

The Molineux chief has always insisted he has never felt under any pressure, even after chairman Steve Morgan's dressing room rant following the Liverpool defeat.

Loyalty, faith and commitment rank high in McCarthy's list of desirable human qualities.

And, as he prepares for Sunday's Black Country derby, the pressure he feels is to deliver success to those who have stuck by him through the difficult times, in particular the Wolves staff and supporters.

"I put pressure on myself but I feel for the support I get," said the boss.

"The fans have supported me in great numbers – and the majority have as well.

"So I want to succeed for them and for the people I work with, for all the staff.

"I don't feel bad because of the pressure. The reason I feel bad when we lose games is because of the fans who support me, the people who work at the club - all the people who give me that great support.

"For all of them, I don't want this to be anything other than a Premier League club.

"That's what I feel bad about, that it's not going better. It's about letting people down.

"I just feel I'd like to do better for people."

McCarthy admits he feels a real sense of duty to those he works with – and those who shell out hard-earned cash to pay his wages.

"I feel the pressure to do well so this club grows and gets better and people all stay in their jobs," he said.

"They're all good fans too because they all pay their money but I want to succeed so they can all support a Premier League club.

"But if you ask me if I go home and worry about my job and my career, then the answer is no.

"I don't like losing, or the position we're in."

And the manager, who turned 53 this week, insisted any criticism he receives doesn't bother him.

"It's not the few thousand who shout abuse at me that make me feel bad," he said.

"It's the really supportive ones and my staff and the players I feel bad about."

Saturday's welcome 2-1 win at QPR was only Wolves' second victory in 10 Premier League games and McCarthy only wishes results were better to drown out the dissenting voices.

McCarthy believes pressure is relative – and is suffered by those much less fortunate than him.

"There are loads of people under pressure – people who can't afford to have their heating on because it's too expensive," said the boss.

"And I mean that – I'm not being glib about it.

"What I'm trying to say is that I actually count my blessings.

"People say to me 'you're unlucky', well, no I'm not – I've been a Premier League manager for the last three years, I had 500-odd League games as a footballer.

"So I'm not unlucky, it's been brilliant – what a fabulous, lucky career I've had.

"I could walk round with a hangdog expression on my face, but that's not me - I tend to look at the positive side."

Looking ahead to Sunday's game, McCarthy said: "I recognise the importance of it, for me, the players and the fans.

"But as a manager you have to be above all that and manage the game, not the occasion.

"Hopefully last week's result will kickstart the rest of our season."

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