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Wolves in Alicante: Nathan Judah's tour diary - Day 9

Day 9! Day 9!! How has it gone this fast? Time flies when you're....working till 1am!

Tour diary
Tour diary

But with two full days to go, there's still plenty of action to get our teeth into until we board our Jet2 plane on Sunday afternoon.

A semi-early rise this morning and it was a quick espresso, swig of water and back out into the 34-degree heat for a gruelling 7k.

Give me water

I've definitely used our base as a warm-weather training camp, however maybe the odd cerveza or four may have negatively affected the final results.

At the start of the trip, I said it was great to have a training partner to push me out here - unfortunately the young Mr 'Keen by name Keen by nature' has been anything but that over the last three runs.

Opting for some cornflakes and a coffee, I've only had Abba Gold to assist me recently. Still it's a testament to us oldies that we still have the energy compared to the 'young bucks' of today!

LK: I've done two runs but work has to come first and today it certainly did. Preparation for interviews and writing an analysis-style piece were on the agenda. However, I can also say my desire to run has also definitely depleted! I was planning a gym session today but our schedule with interviews got moved forward. Still, I can't complain!

A quick bit of lunch (toasted Serrano ham and Manchego sandwiches) and it was back to Wolves' basecamp the day after the 'Battle of Benidorm!'

I still can't get over just how crazy that game was - one that will definitely live long in the memory.

As good as it has been to speak to the players and watch training and the matches over here, one of the definite highlights has been having a sit down and getting to know individual members of Bruno's backroom staff.

All six of them have been very insightful and passionate in their roles at the football club and today Liam was lucky enough to interview club physio Rui Fuste and strength and conditioning coach Sean Miller.

LK: Following on from our 'series' of interviews with the backroom staff, this was another enjoyable one. To get an detailed insight into so many departments is fascinating, and hopefully the readers agree. Judah makes some important points below on the thankless task they sometimes face, but in reality they do a fantastic job. It was funny, too, to have Conor Coady interrupt the interview to have a good laugh with us.

The medical department sometimes get a bad rap with injuries and it's often a lose lose situation.

A bad injury to a player and fingers are pointed at the team, a player comes back later than expected, fingers are pointed at the team.

In reality, the medical department is there to make these athletes as strong and physically fit as possible, but no one can have any indication or input in preventing an on-field injury.

It is then their job to get the player back on that grass in an amount of time so that they're 100% healthy and not in fear of re-injury.

The relationship and respect between the department and Bruno was there for all to see.

It is always a difficult balance between the manager wanting a player back as soon as possible and when the player is actually safe to do so.

But as I have just mentioned - there is a mutual respect there and that's essential.

The interviews continued thick and fast, as the duo left, in walked £20.5m man Nathan Collins.

He is a BIG BOY!! Softly spoken off the pitch but the Irish international definitely finds his voice when he's on the grass!

He's loving it out here - it's a big change and a bit of a whirlwind going from a potential season in the Championship with relegated Burnley to signed, sealed and delivered to Alicante in the space of 48hours!

But Collins is genuinely excited at battling for a place in the starting line-up - something he doesn't take for granted despite the fee paid.

Make no mistake he's going to be a huge asset to Wolves this season.

LK: Nathan Collins was an impressive young man to speak to and from what we've seen on the pitch, he will serve Wolves well. It's always great to sit down and chat with a player and he quickly became relaxed and opened up, which is essential. More to come from the chat with him.

The daily video followed and back to the training ground to observe an evening session with the squad ahead of the clash with Besiktas.

It's basically our last night here, as tomorrow we'll be finishing late after the game - so I couldn't control Liam - he's heading to the strip - someone look out for him!

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