Wolves Trust are hoping for a working relationship

The message from the Wolves 1877 Trust to Jeff Shi is clear – consultation is key.

The first meeting of the Wolves 1877 Trust
The first meeting of the Wolves 1877 Trust

After disbanding the Fans' Parliament and setting up the Trust – now almost two weeks ago – the new organisation has now completed their first meeting.

Sat in The Emerald Club on the outskirts of Wolverhampton, three hours of discussion came and went as the new era got underway.

Independent of the club – in a way the Parliament never achieved – the Trust joins a long list of trusts up and down the country in fighting to get the voice of supporters heard.

Part of their mission now is to get executive chairman Shi to the table regularly.

"Five years ago Fosun bought the club and it was a great day in the history of Wolves. They've taken us to places we've never dreamed of," said Neil Dady, a former Parliament chairman who sits on the Trust steering group.

"Jeff Shi came to three Fans Parliament meetings. In the Ask Jeff questions he said he'd been to 11 or 12 meetings, but that's not the reality.

"Governance in football in changing and consultation – discussion before the fact – is important.

"It's important because of VAR, the European Super League. The game in this country would have been decimated by the European Super League. That threat was real, it happened.

"Consultation at a club level and national level is essential. 75 per cent of Premier League clubs have supporter trusts in place."

The key word throughout the meeting was 'consultation', with members desperate to put their questions to Wolves' hierarchy.

Many questions have been asked this week, too, after the club announced they were scrapping loyalty point sales windows for home games and asking members with the most points to fork out an extra £20 to get an exclusive window for six games this season.

That move caused fury among the supporters and was thrust upon them quickly, via an email, without any consultation with the wider fan base – the perfect example of what Dady and the Trust want to avoid.

He added: "I understand the need to get tickets for people that can't get to Molineux. I understand we have to create a way to get young supporters to get to come to Molineux, because we're – season ticket holders and members – blocking them.

"But that also involves consultation. They made a decision about membership and loyalty points in isolation.

"We have to find a way but the way is not to make loyal supporters suffer.

"We have a great club with investment coming in, but what if we finish 13th next season and the season after. Look at Southampton, their supporter base drops off on a Saturday.

"Look at Molineux, we know our history, we have 15k-20k of hardcore fans. The club are ambitious but they have to reward the loyalty of supporters.

"We know have 65 members signed up in 10 days and we need to build on that to help make a difference."

That same message was echoed by chairman Sam Payne. With their first meeting out of the way, it may have been in front of a humble-sized crowd, but the Trust are eager to keep growing and open up conversations with the club.

"We wanted to be able to have dialogue with the club and talk to them about current issues," Payne said.

"The only way to do that is to get the voice of the fans and then take it to the club. Let them work with what we've told them and then come back to us to go to the fans again."

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