Wolves Fans' Verdict v Manchester City: Outclassed!

Our Wolves supporters share their thoughts on the 4-1 defeat at Manchester City.

Gabriel Jesus of Manchester City and Romain Saiss of Wolverhampton Wanderers (AMA)
Gabriel Jesus of Manchester City and Romain Saiss of Wolverhampton Wanderers (AMA)

Clive Smith

Last season the two City games were real highlights of our season. For twenty minutes this time around it was a case of it's 'the hope that kills you'.

You could understand the logic behind our team selection and it worked to a degree. Nuno showed plenty of faith in Hoever - it was a tough ask.

Ironically the opening goal came from our left side while our weakness appeared to be on the right. I expected Semedo to help support Hoever but he seemed to be in no man's land and City had a free man on the touchline for all of the first half. From there the forward ball either side of Hoever into our box constantly opened us up.

Like many other teams who play City we lacked possession and were thoroughly out played. With our front two facing our goal they had few chances to get and keep the ball. At the break we were still in the game however thanks to Patricio and after VAR bizarrely managed to spot an armpit offside.

On the hour mark it was like watching England again. A free kick, Coady in the box, and a clinical finish. You couldn't make it up.

Unfortunately that was as good as it got. City constantly attacked and we gradually tired. All our covering, closing down and tackling had taken its toll. High balls into our box we could deal with but the fast passing on the ground was too accurate for us to keep in check.

The last ten minute made the scoreline seem harsh but we had been well beaten.

Our organisation had been good and we have played that way often in the past. When we come up short it is because our forward passing is not accurate enough, particularly once we cross halfway, and our ball retention is poor.

Patricio was MOTM and the scoreline did not reflect his performance. Moutinho was our best besides. Traore and Neto struggled to influence the game in a positive way while everyone else was overworked and, without eyes in the back of their head, needing to concentrate for every second. Neves and Moutinho helped protect the middle but we were frequently exposed down the flanks.

Clive of Burton

Adam Virgo

No shame in losing to a Manchester City side that had won 20 in a row before our game. It was more about how negatively we set up for the majority of the game which made little sense.

No one was expecting us to out-possess Man City or to go and attack them constantly but during the first half it would have been nice to at least string together a few passes.

We were sat so far back that whenever we won the ball we couldn’t counter or progress forwards in the slightest.

We were lucky to be going in at half time only 1-0 down. Second half I’ll happily give some credit for how we dealt with the pressure early on and us committing more men forward resulted in the free kick which we scored from.

Fantastic delivery from Moutinho and Coady of all people nodding home the equaliser.

At this point we did the right thing by putting City under pressure and hitting them on the break as they were taking more risks to get back in front.

We were doing fine until they scored the second goal which was down to a couple of individual mistakes, first from Adama running into trouble but then Semedo having no awareness of the defensive line and playing Kyle Walker onside.

Once the ball got to Walker, three of our own players were bunched far too close together and no one was aware of Gabriel Jésus who had an easy finish. At this point it was going to be incredibly hard to get back into the game as it was coming to the last 15 minutes, mental and physical tiredness plays some part so City could take advantage of that.

It was a little frustrating to concede two goals so late on but Patricio also made a few top saves to keep us in the game at times.

Even at 1-1 it was going to be difficult to contain them for half an hour without conceding because they were bound to create a good chance eventually.

I just felt the first half put us in a difficult situation, especially as we were chasing the ball for long periods which would have had some effect us.

The quicker this season ends the better, the way we’re playing is nothing compared to the Wolves of the last two seasons, it feels like we’ve lost our identity somewhat.

Obviously losing Jiménez has some effect but it can’t be an excuse for everything, we’re not the only club that gets injuries to key players.

I just want to get through the rest of this season without anymore long-term injuries, trying to finish mid-table/top half if possible and then looking to improve the quality in specific areas.

Then with fans back hopefully things can be a lot more positive, I know it’s a lot to wish for but we can only hope I suppose.

Rob Cartwright

An awful first half; but for all their possession and our lack of initiative, Man City only managed one shot on target and were ahead courtesy of an own goal!

Man City were relentless for the entire game. They attacked us continually down our left hand side and we could not keep hold of the ball. Johnny and Dendoncker were going to be busy.

Semedo appeared lost in a more advanced position. Dendoncker had a torrid time, even though there was no blame attached to him for the own goal.

The fact we were only one down at half time was a minor miracle in itself; so still in the game.

Man City continued to be on top initially. The substitution, on 55 minutes, changed things for Wolves with Silva replacing Johhny. Immediately, both Traore and Neto were looking more of a threat. Silva is learning fast too and will be ready to start soon.

Between 60 and 80 minutes, we were really in this game. With our first goal attempt we found an equaliser, from a Moutinho free kick finding the head of Coady. It looked for a short period that we could spring a major surprise.

We were attacking with intent and on occasions were outnumbering the City defence on our counter attacks.

This was to be short lived though. Thinking about recent visits to Etihad, I think we really missed our fans in this game. The equaliser could have been a turning point.

On 80 minutes, Traore lost the ball in no man's land and Man City broke fast down their right and scored.

Otasowie also lost the ball on edge of our box for the third, as we entered added time.

This score was probably a fairer reflection of the game, though we had just gifted them two goals.

The fourth goal was harsh, in my opinion.

We had a much improved second half performance, yet conceded three further goals. The greatest frustration is the way we played in the first half, yet we conceded only once. Wolves man of the match was Rui Patricio which says it all.

We go to Villa Park next and I have no clue as to what the team or tactics will be!

John Lalley

This examination was always likely to prove beyond our pay-grade and so it proved, but regardless of the emphatic final score, Wolves came tantalisingly close to pinching their most unlikely point of the season.

We spent the majority of the evening chasing shadows and there’s no disgrace in that against this sublime Manchester outfit.

We were near to buckling on frequent occasions but held on sometimes desperately but always tenaciously, showing resilience and determination in the face of a relentless barrage of outstanding offensive football.

City’s first-half domination was absolute; quicker, stronger, more inventive and simply dimensions ahead in terms of pedigree and talent.

They are an irresistible, awesome outfit; the only apparent weakness appearing to be occasional drifts into complacency.

City’s elaboration meant that after an entire hour of scintillating control, their self-indulgence allowed an outclassed Wolves to level the game with our first excursion into their penalty-box.

Remarkably, Wolves seemingly galvanised had a brief spell of ascendency; Traore well placed blazed hideously over the bar and then compounded the error by shelling possession in a highly dangerous area in our half when better options were available.

Defences needlessly stretched, we paid the ultimate penalty and the pity was that with time dwindling,

Wolves with their luck apparently in were fighting heroically with Patricio inspired and Coady defending by example as if his life depended on it.

The problem all evening was that there was simply no outlet for an overworked backline.

City smothered us from the outset, swarming and pressing menacingly in the faces of our midfielders and we like so many other teams facing such pressure could not retain a modicum of possession.

Finally, deflated by the avoidable nature of the second goal, we capitulated and made two more errors to be left well beaten but not deserving of the depressing final margin.

Harsh indeed, but this City outfit are currently pushing the boundaries of quality playing the game to its ultimate standards. Worthy Champions.

Russ Evers

Well we huffed and we puffed but we couldn't blow the house down. A strong defensive first half which meant we had little if no attacking threat but a definite improvement offensively second half.

All in all we lost quite heavily but only against the best team in Europe by a country mile with two of their goals in the last minute/injury time.

If you are being ultra critical, the first three City goals were down to individual errors but they deserved their win and had class oozing from every department and whilst we worked them hard, they won at a canter.

Nice for Conor Coady to grab a goal but bigger fish to fry on Saturday

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