Work of a Wanderer: Wolves father and son recreate the iconic Molineux in lego!

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Wolves' iconic Molineux stadium has been lovingly recreated in Lego.

Wolverhampton Wanderers' iconic stadium is recreated in Lego.

Wolverhampton Wanderers' stadium has been put together brick by brick by Paul Morton, 39, from Bristol.

Mr Morton, originally from Leicestershire, put it together for his seven-year-old son, Max.

Seven-year-old Max with Paul Morton (right) with the Lego Molineux.

Mr Morton said: "My dad was born in Cradley Heath and he grew up in Halesowen and that's the Wolves connection.

"It even went back through to his dad so I'm a third generation Wolves supporter.

"I've got a seven-year-old boy who is football mad and back in the spring he was playing with his football figures game.

"He was having a play around and I thought I would build him a grandstand and put a few players on it and his face lit up.

"I thought if I got the right coloured bricks I could make something a lot more real. I noticed some other people on the internet have attempted this before so I looked around and just went about it from there.


"Bit by bit, stand by stand, it took over three months.

"I enjoyed it. There was no football. It was the off season and I built it before the World Cup.

"It was fun to build and it was kind of relaxing thing to do after a night at work, so I did that over the course of about three months and it's fair to say my boy did three parts himself and he is proud and chuffed.

"I built Molineux in particular because I'm a lifelong Wolves supporter. It's my club."


Mr Morton said it took "about 2,400 bricks" to build the old gold and black's stadium.

He said: "I saw a box of Lego and it came to me on evening.

"To the nearest hundred, it took about 2,400 bricks. Not that I was counting.

"There was a lot of research involved. I looked at the stadium from different angles and I have been there various times before.

"I had to order the exact colour and number because I didn't want to just buy an amazing volume because of the cost. I only wanted the bits I needed.

"The stadium stands out.

"We're in our rightful place in the Premier League."

Mr Morton said his son loved the model and already has a Wolves shirt.

He said: "He's a Wolves supporter. He's got the new shirt. Although we live in Bristol we have not been there yet. It's one that's on his list.

"Max is looking to get some Wolves players now we're in the Premier League but the only sell the top division players.

"He's not playing with the stadium because I don't let him in case he knocks it down.

"My son has got it from me and a it's a generation thing. We live within a five minute walk from Bristol Rovers but I've converted him over to Wolves, I think.

"He's a bit mesmerised by Ruben Neves. Neves is his favourite player."

"I'm going to make a little perspex box for it and it'll go pride of place in his room. His little two-year-old brother, Stanley, knows that he's not able to touch Molineux."

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