Wolves in Switzerland: Nathan Judah and Tim Spiers' Day four diary

By Nathan Judah | Wolves | Published:

After a 3.30am finish the night before, I was thrilled when the alarm clock went off at 8.30am this morning.

Today was always going to be a tough turnaround following a night game, post-match reaction, a Wolves podcast and training the next morning - but we love our job!

No time for breakfast, a quick 20 minute drive to the.....(ring, ring) change of plan, 'the players are having a gym day, go to their hotel.'

And so we did, we drove higher and higher and higher until we came across what can only be described a Bond-like super-mansion built into the mountain.

For anyone who saw Wolves' accommodation last year in Austria, the was the equivalent of trading in a Volkswagen Passat and leaving the garage in a Bentley Continental GT.

The view of Lake Geneva and the city below just took your breath away - it was easily up there with the most beautiful locations we have ever recorded.

John Ruddy spoke about competition for places as Wolves prepare for the imminent arrival of Rui Patricio.

Tim and myself in stone


And there was also a first interview for speedy winger Ryan Giles who not only impressed last night, but also in the way he carried himself throughout the conversation with Mr Spiers.

TS: Enjoyable interviews with both players and Ryan was eloquent, exciteable and loving life. Hopefully it'll be a great read later this week.

Both Tim and I were stunned how articulate, well spoken and humble the 18-year-old was. Ryan has his feet well and truly on the ground and he took his first team chance with both hands - congratulations!


Due to different schedules for the players, we had been about four hours on the hotel balcony - but there are worse places to wait!

Wolves in Switzerland: Tim Spiers and Nathan Judah update - July 11

TS: The view was absolutely stunning. The pre-season facilities I've seen for Wolves have always been good but they've taken it a step forward this year.

There's nothing the players can want for.

Taking it all in

After a couple of coffees and a water came to 28 Swiss Francs, we had passed on the opportunity to purchase more beverages throughout the morning and afternoon.

So we were both gasping heading back to 'Chez Spudah' to get some supplies for the night - apparently there's a game going on?!

I even went crazy and bought four small bottles of Heineken light! I'm just a born risk taker.

The afternoon and early evening was all about getting as much work done as humanly possible until the big kick-off at 7pm.

Spiers thinks we'll get beat, but I have faith in the boys!

Before the tears

TS: After half a bottle you started slurring your words. I was very concerned about it going to extra time as after all four bottles you'd be ready for A&E.

Fortunately you soaked up the alcohol with the most unsuitable football snacks ever...fruit pieces, pistachio nuts and haribo sweets. I was embarrassed to be sat with you to be honest.

You did make up some masculinity points with a half time fly killing spree. We've been besieged with the things all week but between us we must have swatted at least 10 before the second half. Best thing to happen all night.

Okay....we've just watched the game, Tim was right....he did a lap round the garden when Mandzukic netted the winner!

Proud of the boys - this England team is likeable group of Millennials - they've got a bright future under Gareth.

Bring on the Euro's, keep this squad together and add one more special player - Mr Conor Coady!

Nathan Judah

By Nathan Judah

Digital Sports Editor for the Express & Star and Shropshire Star


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