Phil Ofosu-Ayeh: The inside track on Wolves' new signing

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Wolves have made their third signing of the summer in Phil Ofosu-Ayeh - but who is he?

Phil Ofosu-Ayeh (Photo: Thomas Rodenbücher)

Luke Hatfield spoke to Jonny Walsh, co-host of The Score and Bundesliga editor-in-chief for Vavel to get a bit more information on the 25-year-old right-back.

What kind of player is Phil Ofosu-Ayeh?

Ofosu-Ayeh is a wing-back who likes to get forward and attack.

While it could be said that he leaves his flank open at times, when playing with Gustav Valsvik and Saulo Decarli, he’s had the licence to go forward more.

That said, he is as comfortable in defence as he is in attack.

Does he have a game which could suit English football?

He is physical and quick, two traits that fans like to see when players opt to make the move from abroad to England.

Much is made of the physical nature of English football and Ofosu-Ayeh should have no trouble influencing games out wide.


At six-foot tall, he is no slouch in the air and is keen to do his fair share of the defensive work.

Just how good is Ofosu-Ayeh - he's obviously made an international appearance, but is he good enough to make more?

I think so. He’s just 25 and has plenty of time to grow and hit his peak.

Should he do well with Wolves then I’m sure he can force himself into the reckoning at national team level.


The latest Ghana squad seems somewhat experimental and had it not been for this move, perhaps he would have been able to force himself into the team.

What would you say are his main strengths and weaknesses?

His attacking game and the physicality are two key aspects of his make-up.

We’ve seen more and more tall and strong forwards end up out wide to create a miss-match with the full-back, but it’s hard to see that happening with Ofosu-Ayeh.

All-round, he is a very sturdy defensive player and shouldn’t have too much trouble once he gets bedded into the Wolves’ squad.

His concentration can be lacking at times, which results in him being out of position on occasion.

If he can be curtailed in that sense, then his defensive output should improve accordingly.

Are Wolves getting a good deal with him on a free? Or could he be something of a flop?


Aside from the adage that you get nothing for free these days, Ofosu-Ayeh is a real asset.

He has reportedly turned down FC Union Berlin to join Wolves, which is a statement in itself given how well they did last season and their aspirations going forward.

Only time will tell if he turns out to be a major success but he has the key traits most look for in a wing-back to be a hit.

Can you give us a brief rundown of his injury history (if possible), is he an injury prone player?

Before moving to Eintracht Braunschweig, Ofosu-Ayeh had been relatively injury free.

He had missed just six and five games in the two seasons previous with Rot-Weiβ Erfurt and MSV Duisburg, then missed just two with VfR Aalen in his first Bundesliga campaign.

However, after missing eight in 2015-16, knee and a niggling Achilles problem meant he missed 16 games last term.

In your opinion, is he the kind of calibre player to help a team into the Premier League?

I certainly think he can add something to the Wolves’ side.

It’s hard to find a mix between attack and defence at full-back nowadays and Ofosu-Ayeh does that admirably.

With the right coaching and time, he should develop further and become a key part of the team in their bid to get back to the Premier League.

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