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Our fans hold nothing back as they pore over a desperately disappointing evening at Molineux.


What's your verdict on the match? Make no mistake, this was garbage - especially when you consider the players signed and money spent. But the blame lies with no one other than the manager.

The first time I even heard the South Bank was on 62 minutes...that said I was asleep for the first 45.

Before I fell asleep in the first half I can remember Jed Wallace missing a chance that I would have been substituted for in my Dudley and Cradley league days, and thinking that the excellent Coady and Prince just needed some creativity alongside them. I think that disappeared with the rain.

In fairness to Danny Batth and co I thought the defence were excellent. That all changed on 72 minutes when they gave Barnsley three bites at a cherry they eventually devoured.

This was poor, and all down to a manager making too many changes when they weren't needed. How can you get consistency when you keep changing the team?

He doesn't understand English football and the Championship is not the place to learn. I like Walter but I also liked Stale and if he doesn't learn fast he will be going the same way.

On 65 minutes I wished I was the owner of a Grey Toyoto Yaris so I could have returned to my car immediately.


We agonised about whether could we make it to the chip shop in Wordsley before it closed at 10...this was resolved when the second goal went in and by the time we had negotiated three flights of stairs from WV1 we had the joy of watching the third go in.

Lose on Saturday and Zenga will be gone by Christmas.

Who played well - and who didn't impress? Good performance - Coady and Prince tried all night. Poor performance - Walter your job is on the early September.



What's your verdict on the match? Well Mr Zenga - a very harsh lesson that is close enough to the start of the season to enable you to take very good note.

It was a fairly even first half with both sides happy to shoot at will but mainly from the edge of the box or just outside.

Jack Price effectively ran the midfield and was inexplicably withdrawn at half time, which left the midfield open and exposed far too often.

We clearly needed a good holding midfielder but again Romain Saiss was nowhere to be seen and as we were pushed back the defence followed the midfield into crumbling.

Richard Stearman was absolutely dire and torn apart at will. Barnsley were quicker, stronger and played as a team rather than our individuals.

Things will not get a great deal better until we pick the best team and stick with it, allowing for a maximum of one or two changes, or wholesale changes for cup games only.

Time to wise up Wolves - and quickly.

Who played well - and who didn't impress? Ivan Cavaleiro and Helder Costa looked very promising when introduced and Bodvarsson was good throughout.


What's your verdict on the match? To be honest I was quite happy with the starting XI. Having not lost at home to Barnsley for 25 years I was fully expecting a Wolves win.

But I left the ground in shock. Many of those leaving around me were too. Most were in a daze -and quite a few were swearing!

The screens at Molineux suggested it was to be a 4-3-3 formation...well, it wasn't. We set up as 4-5-1 and this was the root of our problem. Bodvarsson was too isolated and wasn't as sharp as before the international break. He was making runs, but tired quickly.

The midfield were lacking in urgency throughout; they didn't move the ball forward with either pace or accuracy.

That said, was I the only one there who still thought we would go on to win at 70 minutes? It was when Barnsley replaced both forwards that things changed dramatically. Our defence never coped from that point onwards.

What followed was a capitulation.

Our defence were like statues for the first goal - that was poor. The following 17 minutes were shambolic. As a team we defended so badly that I'm finding it hard to find words that are printable!

No tracking back, no marking, halfhearted tackles and a back four who appeared in a daze is the best I can do.

Easy to sum up though - no character. I agree fully with Zenga's post-match comments.

After four games we had made a good start to season, but now after seven games it seems a poor start. This was a wake up call.

However there was still a massive overreaction by fans on local radio and social media. This squad is still in its pre-season and Zenga is still finding out about them.

I'm concerned that we didn't recruit a natural leader to be captain on the field. I do not believe Batth is good enough either as captain or a player at this level, and can see this remaining to be an issue.

Who played well - and who didn't impress? I felt Price did well in the first half in the holding role but understood why he was replaced in order for more creativity. Oniangue also had a reasonable 70 minutes.

The rest were simply inept.


What's your verdict on the match? We were over-stretched all game, he made five changes (again), we were heavy on forwards, low on midfielders, played 4-3-3 first half...and then 4-2-4 after half didn't feel good.

We're far from a settled line-up and deep down we must know this is not the way to play in the Championship.

It seemed every time we lost the ball (and that was often) Barnsley were back on the attack. Maybe this was down to lack of challenges, maybe the formation...but more likely the way we set up.

I honestly thought not one player let us down, however the lack of leadership was worrying when we ultimately went behind. Did we then just stop playing?

Onto Newcastle then, they only won 6-0 away... cripes...!

Who played well - and who didn't impress? Bodvarsson was full of running, aggression and good touches. He had poor service all night though.


What's your verdict on the match? A tough pill to swallow - but a much-needed wake-up call.

There's no point dissecting the game as there isn't much to say bar the fact it was an appalling performance.

The one thing that stuck with me from the first half was the chances we didn't take. Particularly the two that Wallace squandered by taking the shot himself instead of playing in Bodvarsson.

A new manager is always going to take time to bed in and set his ways. We've had a lot of new signings and, as Zenga said, he wanted to give everyone a chance.

However, enough has to be enough with the changes now. Everyone has had a crack of the whip and a chance to prove they deserve a spot in the starting XI.

The Jackett group have had their opportunities and, for me, a lot of them have blown it.

Wallace was awful last night and I have no idea how he made it onto the pitch for the second half. If Batth and Stearman are going to be the centre half partnership, they better learn to work with each other again very, very quickly.

And if Batth wants to stay on as captain, he needs to gain some leadership qualities very, very quickly.

A gutless captain does nothing to help a sinking ship. Coady needs to be consistent, he's really starting to come on but he needs to put in a performance every game.

I imagine after last night a fair few of them have made it an easy decision for him, but Zenga has to be ruthless and find a team and a formation that works.

At only seven games in, of course there is plenty of time to get it right. Zenga just needs to sort it now and stop juggling. We had enough of the team line-up lottery last season.

On a side note however, I think the calls for Zenga to go are absolutely ludicrous! Patience being a key word here.

I've seen Zenga is making them go in on what should be their day off, and I really hope he lays down the gauntlet.

Losing is acceptable if you've given your best. Letting your heads drop and the floodgates open at the back is not. Last night was shambolic and there's no other way to put it. Watching your team give up is heartbreaking.

Find that passion and play for that badge. That's the only way you're going to keep fans on side, it's as simple as that.

Zenga needs to pick his best XI and stick with it. I expect it will be a massively changed team again on Saturday for Newcastle, and it will need to be.

But if we play like we did last night, I fear a much bigger hammering is on the horizon.

Who played well - and who didn't impress? I do feel for Jon Dadi. So many times last night he was just calling for the service to be there when he got into space, it just wasn't coming.

He was the only player to look genuinely heartbroken at the end and he's the only player I can say I believe played well.

Coady had a poor game, the back four were unorganised and, once Price went off, they were left unprotected from midfield.

Wallace was very poor and Iorfa seems to have lost his mojo completely. Mason gave it a good go up front but it just wasn't happening for him.


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