C.A.A.R.S Rescue

C.A.A.R.S (Carers Anonymous Animal Refuge Sanctuary) is a pro-life voluntary refuge sanctuary.

C.A.A.R.S is a dedicated pro-life animal sanctuary in Wolverhampton, operated by volunteers and designed to provide a complete rescue and shelter facility for all homeless, distressed, abandoned or unwanted pets in the West Midlands.

During their stay, C.A.A.R.S ensure that each animal is treated for any sickness or injuries, ensuring it's well looked after before it's paired with a new home. If you adopt from the shelter, you can rest assured knowing each animal has had extensive vet checks, flea treatment and any initial vaccinations.

Vouchers are available to cover the cost of neutering and the next veterinary consultation, giving you a little help when you first adopt.

C.A.A.R.S is a completely non-profit organisation, supported solely by charitable means and ran by volunteers.

With a standard procedure in place for all potential adopters, C.A.A.R.S ask that you take a look at this criteria:

Ideally, the members of the household that will be living with the new pet should visit the rescue, including any other dogs you may have.

If you are thinking of re-homing a puppy we strongly recommend them not to be left alone for long periods of time, the time older dogs can be left varies according to the dog in question, its nature and temperament.

We ask you to fill in our Home Check form to confirm that the animal will be kept securely and appropriately, we have a home checking procedure that basically is to ensure you have a secure rear garden with a suitable secure fence depending on the type of dog, also to check any hazards which may be present.

We sometimes have dogs that have lived with other pets and would be suitable for a shared or communal garden please ask.

We do not re-home an animal if you are about to move house or go on holiday unless proper boarding arrangements are made.

If it is a cat you want, we need to know if a cat flap will be provided, if not how the cat will seek shelter in bad weather we do sometimes have indoor cats who would be very happy to live their lives in flats etc.

If you live in rented accommodation we will need you to sign to confirm that animals are allowed.

We have a pro neutering policy and we provide a voucher to cover part of neutering costs for any animal old enough will be neutered, if you are re-homing a pup or kitten you will be asked to have the animal neutered once the pet is of a suitable age to do so. We do not home animals to households where they may be exposed to other animals may which represent a risk.

If re-homing a puppy we will, strongly recommend your enrolment to a puppy socialisation class or training group.

Obviously, space at the rescue is at a premium and a full kennels/cattery could literally mean life or death to some other needy animal, therefore we do not hold animals that have been reserved indefinitely please advise us of any delays. We ask that you collect during our opening times 9am-4pm.

Rabbits are highly social animals and are happiest living in neutered, bonded pairs or groups. Except in very rare circumstances, we would prefer that a rabbit that was going to have company. C.A.A.R.S is unique in that it is a pro-life shelter and will never kill an animal, instead preferring to take in and care for as many animals as possible until they can be rehomed.

For more information on C.A.A.R.S and their animal shelter in Wolverhampton, check out their website.