CCS Midlands

Staffordshire based manufacturer of aluminium bi-folding doors.

Having been in the trade for 15 years, the company pride themselves on their competitive prices and customer service.

Provide your measurements and CCS can do the heavy-lifting for you, designing your Bi-Fold Doors to the optimum dimensions for your specific requirements. All Bi-Fold Doors are manufactured in the company's own factory. This means that CCS have complete control over quality.

Aluminium is light, strong, durable and flexible making it the perfect material for window and door fabrication. UPVC can expand and retract which will cause problems over a period of time and altogether look an inferior product. For these reasons, CCS favour aluminium across their product range.

Recognising delivery as a crucially important part of the process, CCS don't leave to third party carriers. They have their own purpose built vehicles and drivers that are as particular about quality as you'd expect.

For further details on the range of products and services available, visit the CCS Midlands Ltd website.