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A positive approach to body image is something that is really important to me.

With the take-off of the wonderful world of social media, we have instant access to almost anything, but it can also be used negatively, brining torment and despondency to many.

Young people who are already going through the trials and tribulations of being a teenager, now have the confusing world of 'likes' to contend with. It would seem that our youngsters are led to believe by their own generation, that having the most likes on photos on Facebook and Instagram is indicative of how beautiful you are as a person, instantaneously impacting popularity and your place on the social food chain. This, in turn, influences confidence and self-belief and this simply should not be happening. The worst part is that most are probably unaware that this link is being made.

This constant comparison they make between themselves and others impacts their confidence and positivity and worst of all, begins to eat away at their inner beauty – stopping so many from portraying their beauty through their smiles.

This is something I want to change.

I would use the Miss England platform to run workshops across the country and, if I'm lucky enough, across the world, to encourage teenagers to truly see what is beautiful and more so, what is beautiful about them. I want to help inspire them to have the confidence to SMILE, to open that window to their inner self and show the world who they are and what makes them as an individual beautiful.

One of my favourite quotes (I love it so much, it's pinned to my picture holder in my bedroom) is:

"Smiling is a universal language – it conveys an open heart and true kindness no matter where you are in the world."

And it is that simple. Though you may not understand a person's mother tongue, the ability to smile conveys your inner being and a message of peace and understanding.


And what's even better than a smile? A confident one!

Winning Miss England would allow me to graciously follow in the footsteps of the Miss England beauty that is Carina Tyrell. And, like her, and the many Miss England beauties before her, I would use my title to travel the world, experiencing new cultures, all the while having the universal language of a smile. Carina has graced India and America with her beautiful presence and is never seen without her smile; brightening the days of the many she meets along her journey.

Sometimes, life isn't always kind and countless people across the globe have daily struggles and pain that seems unfathomable. I believe that a smile is powerful enough to change this and to change the world.

Smiling is contagious and has the ability to calm fear, insecurity and hurt; not only in yourself but in those around you. I want to make a difference and I know that if I smile, the world will smile back.

On the Miss England finals day, along with all of the wonderful glitz and glam, the excitement, and no doubt the nerves, I will keep true to who I am and convey my own inner beauty.

The best make-up any girl can wear, is her smile - there is no beauty equal to the one that comes from inside you.

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