LETTER: Sad day if Scots leave the union

A reader discusses Scottish independence.

Scottish First Minister and SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon
Scottish First Minister and SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon

Just a reminder to the Scottish leader, who was not very long ago being investigated for something or other and got off, about responsibilities.

She wants to take her country out of the UK.

Can Scotland afford to pay the fair price for this action? The UK as a whole had to pay the EU millions of pounds to get out of a link-up with them.

Scotland joined the UK in 1707 because at the time, they were in debt. To be brutally honest we bought Scotland by paying off their debt. Robbie Burns, their famous poet, wrote at the time (of Scottish MPs): “They bought and sold for the English gold”.

Certain countries would like a further break-up of Britain, after Southern Ireland got self rule years ago.

Scotland had a referendum not long ago, and saw sense by not deserting old friends and allies. We will both be weaker by breaking this link.

England did not invade and conquer Scotland in 1707. Very many thousands of Scots have come to live and work in England over the years and we get on well. A sad day if they want to divorce us.

Graham Griffiths, Bilbrook

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